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Overview of the productive Safety Net Program

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1 Overview of the productive Safety Net Program
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Food Security Coordination Directorate

2 Background The Government of Ethiopia launched the New Coalition for Food Security in Ethiopia in 2003 Since 2003 , the program has been under implementation in 290 chronically food insecure woredas

3 Core objectives of the Food Security Programme
Enabling 8.29 million chronically food insecure people to attain food security Significantly improving the food security situation of 6.71 million additional food insecure people

4 FSP has three components…
Resettlement Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) Other Food Security Programme Presentation focuses mainly on PSNP…

5 PSNP PSNP is a multi-donor funded program designed to address short-term consumption gaps of chronically food insecure households through the provision of multi year predictable resources.

6 Objective of PSNP To provide transfers to the food insecure households in chronically food insecure woredas in a way that prevents asset depletion at the household level and creates asset at the community level.

7 Development partners PSNP is implemented by the Government of Ethiopia with the support of: DFID EC WORLD BANK CIDA SIDA RNE WFP USAID Irish Aid Describe progression (of asset building) from very poor CFI (who are afraid to take credit for fear they cannot pay it back, so need a smaller, cost-shared starter loan) to CFI (who can obtain credit on normal terms) to transitionally food insecure who have just graduated from the PSNP and who still need support building assets. Describe cost shared loan: way of subsidizing the credit for households who are afraid they wouldn’t be able to pay back a full loan without subsidizing the interest rate. A certain portion of the first loan will be a grant, while the other portion will be a loan on a the same terms as other clients.

8 Direct Support Public Works
PSNP Components Direct Support Public Works

9 Direct Support Ensures support to households who lack labour, have no other means of support, and who are chronically food insecure DS beneficiaries can participate in light community works such as community child-care centre at public works sites or nutrition education

10 Public Works Under the Public Works component :-
Labor intensive activities will be designed to provide employment to food insecure households Sustainable community assets will be developed Natural resource base and social infrastructure will be improved Watersheds will, be developed properly , and this will help in increasing productivity and improving livelihoods

11 Public Works Activities
Soil and water conservation Water harvesting Small-scale irrigation Water supply schemes Afforestation Rural infrastructure development Construction of social services Access to markets is critical for households to increase their incomes and build their assets. Past projects in Ethiopia have demonstrated the importance of a market-driven approach to livelihoods strengthening, even when working with food insecure households.

12 Percolation ponds for water harvesting, recharging underground water table

13 Gully Reclamation Work

14 Check dams for water harvesting

15 Reforestation

16 Water harvesting

17 Mini dams and river diversions

18 Health Post Construction

19 Bridge Construction

20 Road Construction

21 School Construction 3/27/2017

22 Impacts to date Delivery of timely transfers to poorest citizens in rural areas PSNP played a critical role in responding to the crisis Productive Public works Constructed : . Productive assets are created for communities (primary schools, health services, potable water, FTC, Rural feeder roads) Household food security is improved Progress towards graduation: . More than 524,000 people became food self sufficient who were food insecure in 2006 PSNP has shown a measurable impact on beneficiaries livelihoods as measured by income and assets

23 Some lessons learned PSNP demonstrated value of shift away from humanitarian response system to more development oriented approach Year on year improvements on timely transfers Capacity to implement overall programme is improved


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