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NuPECC Meeting Director’s Report October , 2012 Sevilla

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1 NuPECC Meeting Director’s Report October 05 - 06, 2012 Sevilla
Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD

2 2012 Programme of Activities
16 Workshops 2 CM’s 1 DTP 1 TALENT School 20 Events

3 2012 Programme of Activities
Still to be run

4 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Exclusive and Diffractive Processes at High Energy Proton-proton and Nucleus-nucleus Collisions Organizers: Antoni Szczurek (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAN) Rainer Schicker (Physikalisches Institut, Universitaet Heidelberg) Wolfgang Schaefer (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAN) # of participants: 39 Structure and Reactions for Exotic Nuclei (SARFEN) Collaboration Meeting Organizers: Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL) D.S. Delion (IFIN) J. Dobaczewski (U of Warsaw - U of Jyväskylä) H. Goutte (GANIL) S. Lenzi (INFN Legnaro) P. Magierski (Technical U of Warsaw) J. Okoliwicz (IFJ-Krakow) A. Petrovici (IFIN Bucarest) # of participants: 14 N. Pillet (Bruyeres-le-Chatel) A. Poves (U. Autonoma Madrid) W. Satula (U of Warsaw) E. Simpson (U of Surrey) J. Toivanen (U of Jyväskylä) P. Van Isaker (GANIL)

5 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Beautiful Mesons and Baryons on the Lattice Organizers: Matthew Wingate (DAMTP, Univ. of Cambridge) William Detmold (College of William and Mary) C.-J. David Lin (National Chiao Tung University) # of participants: 26 Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium Organizers: Steffen Strauch (University of South Carolina) Chaden Djalali (University of South Carolina) Ulrich Mosel (Universität Giessen) # of participants: 40

6 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Drell-Yan Scattering and the Structure of Hadrons Organizers: Paul Reimer (Argonne National Laboratory) Oleg Denisov (INFN Torino) Marco Radici (INFN Pavia) Oleg Teryaev (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna) # of participants: 37 The Nuclear Dipole Polarizability and its Impact on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Organizers: Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg) Achim Schwenk (TU Darmstadt) Witold Nazarewicz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Peter Von Neumann-Cosel (TU Darmstadt) # of participants: 43

7 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Electro-Weak Probes: from Low-Energy Nuclear Physics to Astrophysics Organizers: Doron Gazit (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Sonia Bacca (TRIUMF) Sofia Quaglioni (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) # of participants: 28 Initial State Fluctuations and Final State Correlations in Heavy-Ion Collisions Organizers: Matthew Luzum (IPhT CEA/Saclay) Hannah Petersen (Duke University) Andrew Adare (Yale University) # of participants: 32

8 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Scattering Amplitudes: from QCD to Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and back Organizers: Andrei Belitsky (Arizona State University) Gregory Korchemsky (CEA Saclay) # of participants: 42 Spectral Properties of Complex Networks Organizers: Dima Shepelyansky (Lab Phys Theorique CNRS, Toulouse) Nelly Litvak (University of Twente) Thomas Guhr (University Duisburg-Essen) Guido Caldarelli (CNR, Rome) # of participants: 39

9 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting Towards a Resolution of the Double Beta Decay Problem Organizers: Sabin Stoica (Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucarest) Mihai Horoi (Central Michigan University) Jouni Suhonen (University of Jyväskylä) Kai Zuber (TU Dresden) # of participants: 25 Many-body Open Quantum Systems: From Atomic Nuclei to Quantum Optics Organizers: Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL) Wolfgang Schleich (University of Ulm) # of participants: 34

10 Scientific activities at ECT
Scientific activities at ECT* in Workshops and 1 CM from January until the present NuPECC Meeting EDM Searches at Storage Rings Organizers: Hans Stroeher (Forschungszentrum Jülich) Andreas Wirzba (Forschungszentrum Jülich) William Marciano (BNL) Yannis Semertzidis (BNL) Mei Bai (BNL) Frank Rathmann (Forschungszentrum Jülich) # of participants: 52 NOTE: Total number of WS’s and CM’s run so far in 2012: 13 Total number of participants so far in 2012: Planned scientific activities at ECT* in 2013 At the 60th Meeting of ECT*’s Board on Sep 29, new proposals for WS’s and CM’s have been approved total # of approved events (WS’s + CM’s + DTP) is 20, i.e. at the limit of what ECT* is able to handle

11 ECT* Doctoral training programme and TALENT school in 2012
DTP: April 30 – June 15 “The 3-dimensional Nucleon Structure” 15 Students and 6 Lecturers TALENT: June 25 – July 13 “Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory: Computational Many-body Methods for Nuclear Physics” 22 Students (7 MSc and 15 PhD) and 4 Lecturers (M. Hjorth-Jensen / C. Johnson / F. Pederiva / K. Schmidt) Total time: 45 h lecturers 45 h exercises 2 weeks final work assignments ~ 170 h = 7 ECTS Total cost: ~ 50 k€ (ECT* part: ~ 19 k€) ^

12 Conclusions on TALENT (see also the detailed report by Morten Hjorth-Jensen (MSU U of Oslo) on the ECT* web page: and more general information at Great success of the first TALENT course In 2013 altogether 4 TALENT courses may be run: “Nuclear forces” at the INT (approved): R. Furnstahl and A. Schwenk “Nuclear astrophysics” at MSU: M. Hjorth-Jensen, S. Reddy and H. Schatz ”Nuclear reactions” at GANIL: F. Nunes and J. Tostevin “Density functional theory and self-consistent methods” at ECT* : P. Ring, P. Schuck, S. Bogner, G. Orlandini, N. Schunck, D. Vretenar and Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Project coordinator). The proposal has been discussed at the meeting of ECT*’s Scientific Board on Sep 29 but a decision has been deferred.

13 Final remarks on some matters concerning the ECT* staff
Administrative staff: Serena degli Avancini and Susan Driessen obtained tenure “stabilizzazione” in 2009 Gian Maria Ziglio is on a 2 years tenure track that started in 2011 and he will receive tenure on January 01, 2013. Researchers: Dr. Daniele Binosi obtained tenure within Phase 1 (2007 – 2010) of the so called “Piano programma stabilizzazioni” in 2010 Dr. Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos obtained tenure within Phase 2 ( ) of this programme in 2012 on the basis of “scientific and organizational needs, merits and competence” Junior Postdocs: (i) ECT* may lose one (or more ?) positions because of the present financial situation of Italy (ii) ECT* may be able to fill a position only in case of “a new project cofinanced by funds from outside”

14 Present structure of ECT* (Oct 2012)
Director Achim Richter Research Staff Asst. to the Director Administrative Staff Technical Staff Senior Research Associates Junior Postdocs S. Driessen (part time) Visitor Program Travel of researchers Annual Report I. Campo (part time) Workshops and Collaboration Meetings B. Curro’ Dossi Systems Manager for the ECT*, Hardware and Software for Administrative of Research Staff and Visitors Dr. D. Binosi Dr. A. Diaz-Torres Dr. L. Scorzato Dr. D. Triantafyllopoulos Dr. M. Cristoforetti Dr. A. Idilbi Dr. V. Mathieu Dr. A. Mukherjee Dr. P. Stransky S. degli Avancini Budget, Doctoral Training Program, European Projects, Guest House G.M. Ziglio (part time) Workshops, Web Master, Annual Report, Technical Support to the Director T. Ingrassia (part time) Accounting Assistant, Contracts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Call for Positions M. Meneghini Maintenance support manager

15 Visiting Scientists (outside Workshops) at the ECT* in 2012 and 2013
2012: 9 Short term visitors: Cesar Fernandez – Ramirez (Spain), David Ibanez (Spain), Mauricio Martinez-Guerrero (Colombia), Leticia Palhares (Brasil), Fabrizio Palumbo (Italy), Andrea Quadri (Italy), Marco Traini (Italy), Jochen Wambach (Germany), Wolfram Weise (Germany) 6 Visitors (1-6 weeks): Jean-Paul Blaizot (France), Gautam Gangopadhyay (India), Arturo Gomez-Camacho (Mexico), Dieter Heiss (South Africa), Gwendolyn Lacroix (Belgium), Günter Wunner (Germany) 1 Long term visitor: Georges Ripka (23 April – 04 July) from France 2013: Victor Efros (Russia)

16 Real Expenditure within ECT* BUDGET 2011
(and provisional costs for 2012) The main expense chapters:

17 ECT* Budget and status of funding

18 How might 3rd party funding of ECT* be improved ?
Presently 16 European funding agencies / institutions contribute to the operation of ECT* (MoU: 100 k€ k€) The US is often contributing directly to workshops with organizer(s) from American Universities/Research Labs Countries with 50 users: Austria (51), Russia (52), Switzerland (91) ? Users (33) from Norway (11) + Sweden (22) ? ANPhA countries: Japan (156) + India (16) + Australia (12) + China (10) + Taiwan (5) = 199 visitors

19 Implementation Plan 2013 of the ECT* requested
by the FBK Dear Prof. Richter and Prof. Weise, the moment is quickly approaching when FBK ought to present the Implementation Plan 2013 for formal approval by the Board of Directors. In order to streamline the writing and editing process, a description template was set up for units and centers. We wish to remind you that - in compliance with rules set forth by the local government - the document must be written in Italian. However, a translation in English (tables excluded) of the Italian text may be added (as to make it more accessible to an international readership). Once compiled, the description of your center should be sent back to before OCT. 31, 2012. Best wishes Andrea Simoni Contents: Summary and vision Publications Objectives 2013 Front Edge and New Initiatives Funding Budget Remarks

20 FP7/HP3 and FP7/ENSAR ECT* reconsidered together with the FBK administration a new (more durable) calculation of the so called Unit Cost for Transnational Access to be discussed soon with HP3 Project Coordinator Carlo Guaraldo. The 2nd Collaboration meeting of the JRA07 THEXO will be held at ECT* October 22-24, 2012. Functions of the outgoing ECT* Director (AR) in HP3 and ENSAR should be taken over by the incoming ECT* Director (WW) as of November 01, 2012. The invaluable help of Administrative Assistant Serena Degli Avancini and Senior Research Associate Dr. Daniele Binosi in managing both FP7 projects for ECT* is very much appreciated.

21 Farewell Event for Achim Richter
ECT* - a European Research Centre within the FBK 19 Ottobre 2012 Fondazione Bruno Kessler Via Santa Croce 77 | | Trento Aula Grande Welcome & opening Massimo Egidi, President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Kegelstatt Trio, KV498 Andante - Menuetto Ron Wehrens, Piano Pietro Franceschi, Clarinetto Achim Richter, Viola 10.25 ECT* within FBK Achim Richter, Director of ECT* 10.35 ECT* and the future Wolfram Weise, Next Director of ECT* - Technische Universität München 10.50 ECT* within Europe Angela Bracco, Chair of the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee and Member of ECT*’ Scientific Board 11.05 Personal remarks Sandro Stringari, Università degli Studi di Trento 11.20 Max Bruch Two pieces for Clarinetto, Viola and Piano, op. 83 Andante con moto Allegro con moto 11.35 Reception

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