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Towards transnational funding of Nuclear Physics Research Infrastructures and associated equipments GANIL-SPIRAL2 AGATA ISOLDE-SPES-ALTO JYVL-LNL-LNS-

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1 Towards transnational funding of Nuclear Physics Research Infrastructures and associated equipments GANIL-SPIRAL2 AGATA ISOLDE-SPES-ALTO JYVL-LNL-LNS- GANIL--GSI Eastern Network JLAB FAIR ALICE-LHC

2 ERA-NET for Research infrastructures Objectives To contribute to the development of the European Research Area by improving coherence across Europe of such programmes/activities To help developing EU Programmes and Policy for research infrastructures (Very important in relation with future calls in Particular for FP8 aligned with our needs!!!) Eligible partners are only programme owners (National/region/ministries/governments or Research councils and funding agencies managing research programs)

3 List of NuPNET Partners (18 partners repres.14 countries) Partner no. Country Short namePartner Partner 1FCNRS-IN2P3 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - Institut National de la Physique Nucléaire et de la Physique des Particules Partner 2DPTGSI Proje kttr ä ger des BMBF f ü r Hadronen- und Kernphysik, GSI Partner 3DBMBFBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Partner 4IINFNIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Partner 5SPFECYTFundacion Espanola para la Ciencia y la Tecnologia Partner 6SPMICINN Ministerio de Ciencia y Innovac ion Partner 7BFNRSFonds National de la Recherche Scientifique Partner 8BFWO VFonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlanderen Partner 9BGINRNEInstitute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Partner 10FCEACommissariat à l'Energie Atomique Partner 11CZNPI ASCRNuclear Physics Institute - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Partner 12FIHIPHelsinki Institute of Physics Partner 13GRGSRTGeneral Secretariat for Research and Technology Partner 14HUNKTHNational Office for Research and Technology Partner 15NLRuGRijksuniversiteit Groningen Partner 16PLNCBiRNational Centre for Research and Development Partner 17ROIFIN-HHNational Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Partner 18UKSTFCScience and Technology Facilities Council

4 Objectives Acquire a mutual and better understanding of the Funding systems of nuclear physics infrastructures and associated equipments in Europe that is needed for future collaborations. Identification of joint activities to be implemented in the framework of NuPNET. Establish procedures and funding for transnational common activities (variable geometry) Launching of one (or more) joint pilot activity Long Term Goal Establish a sustainable action beyond this project (A Standing Committee with directs links with ESFRI, EU-RI, EU- Programmes EU-Countries Representatives)

5 The NuPNET strategy: Success through a stepwise approach 2008-2009 Information exchange and Census of resources for Nuclear Physics Funding Bodies (WP2) Agreement on an Action Plan for Infrastructures (Resource and financial Action plan of Agencies) (WP3) Implementation of pilot projects of the Action plan WP4 Implementation of pilot projects of the Action plan WP4 2010-20112009-2010 18 participants are Funding agencies and ministries From 14 EU countries

6 The NuPNET strategy: a combined Management Structure

7 Appointed Leaders of NuPNET

8 List of deliverables -Status

9 Actions since the kick-off March 2008-Aug 2009 Period of the First Activity Report NuPNET Kick-off meeting on 27 March 2008 in Paris Co-ordination Committee (CC) meets for the 1st time on 19 May in Frankfurt. During this period, 5 CC meetings have been held. The EU transmits the draft Grant Agreement (beg. July 2008) Official run of the WP2 Questionnaire (sent to NuPNET Consortium) 1st NuPNET Open Days on 8 Sept. in Athens: Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria 1st Governing Council on 13 Oct.2008 in Madrid: Appointment of the elected Chairman: M.N.Harakeh (KVI Groningen) The EU signs the final Grant Agreement (14 Oct. 2008) 2nd NuPNET Open Days on 30-31 Oct. 2008 in Darmstadt: Germany, Belgium, NL, Finland

10 Actions Sept.2008 – Aug. 2009 1st pre-financing received at CNRS/IN2P3 (14/11/2008) A Web site for NuPNET: Analysis of the completed Questionnaires by WP2 3rd NuPNET Open Days on 12-13 May 09 in Milan: France, Italy, Poland, Spain,UK – Starting work for WP3 – List of opportunities 24/07/2009: submission of Del. D2.1 Census of Funding Aug./Sept. 2009 – Transfer of 2nd instalment of pre-financing In addition: 8 Papers and articles in several journals and magazines Reports EU meetings+Intl Committees (NuPECC,ESFRI,OECD,ECT*,FP7,I3) Timely submission of 4 deliverables: D1.1, D1.2, D2.1 and D1.3

11 WP2 -Results – NuPNET members FUNDING of NP 515M /year

12 WP2 - First Results –NuPNET STAFF EMPLOYED Total 5,918 Country PhD Students Physicist s Fixed Term Physicist s Tenured Total Physicists Engineers / Technicians Comparison with NuPECC survey 06 Estimated ratio of female / total researchers BE 583738 133 21Updated15-33% BG 32128 52 9Updated30% CZ 194016 75 12Updated15% DE 440330 1,100 500Updated *10% ES 6135119 215 15Updated35% FI 613524 120 25Updated20% FR IN2P3 9221301 414 466Updated30% FR CEA 142050 84 204Updated25% GR 10 35 55 15Updated33% HU 14 59 87 26As in NuPECC13% IT 70204354 628 295Updated30% NL 42531 78 55As in NuPECC 21% (40% for PhD Students) PL 15088203 441 109Updated15-20% RO 9928213 340 85As in NuPECC36% UK 1125363 228 31As in NuPECC10% Sum 1,2459411,864 4,0501,8685,918 30.7%23.2%46.0%Total PhysicistsSupportTotal

13 WP2 - First Results – FP6- Support to NP

14 Actions Aug 2009 - Today and Beyond A) 15 Dec. 2009 - Submission of Deliver."1st Activity Report (WP1) B) 14-15 Jan. 2010 - GC2 Meeting in Budapest C) Jan. 2010 – WP1 – First NuPNET CD containing all reports.. D) April 2010 – Submission of List of Opportunities (WP3) E) May 2010 – WP1 Launch of the NuPNET Intranet F) June 2010 - WP3 Deliverable Report on formal and legal barriers G) June 2010 – WP4 Deliverable Co-operation Tools H) June 2010 – WP2 Deliverable Compilation of Census Results I) June 2010 – WP3 Deliverable Funding Action Plan J) Summer 2010 – Publication of the NuPNET Report 2010 K) Oct. 2010 – WP4 Deliverable Selection of Joint Activities

15 After long and fruitful discussions at the GC2 meeting in Budapest and in CC meetings of the work done by WP3 (Angela Bracco) a document was issued listing the opportunities for joint activities for NUPNET. NuPNET List of Opportunities FAIR: (FACILITY FOR ANTIPROTON AND ION RESEARCH) R&D for CBM, PANDA, NuSTAR and APPA (on silicon detectors, diamond detectors, silicon photomultipliers, neutron and gamma detectors and gas-detectors for ions) SPIRAL2: The next generation of Radioactive Ion beams facilities of ISOL type for Nuclear Structure and reactions and Nuclear Astrophysics. For this facility developments and constructions of instrumentation (for the specific instrumentation projects S3, NFS, PARIS) are proposed. ALICE: Phase of Nuclear Matter and High-energy Heavy ion collisions (data taking -analysis and detector-upgrade) R&D at ISOL facilities oriented toward EURISOL: Ion-source, target and instrumentation developments at SPES, HIE-ISOLDE, ISOL@MYRRHA, SPIRAL and SPIRAL2. AGATA (European Gamma tracking Array AGATA): operation of the first phase and items for the other phases Nuclear Astrophysics Instrumentation Hadron Physics with electromagnetic probes (JLAB) Nuclear Theory Evaluation and support of nuclear data base ENSDD

16 Under EURISOL_R&D one can envisage the following activities: Target-ion-source developments Instrumentation: Detector development, separator, secondary targets Development of the physics case Under the envelope Detector R&D (common to a number of facilities) one can envisage the following activities: High-resolution, high-rate silicon detectors (including experimental integration) Large-area diamond detectors (TOF, beam monitors) Micropatterned gas tracking detectors (GEMs, Micromegas detector) Si-photomultiplier technologies Neutron detectors Gamma detectors for different facilities Gas detectors for nuclear astrophysics and Nuclear Structure List of Opportunities (contd)

17 Actions Aug 2009-Today and Beyond For the few coming months, elaborating a common Funding Action Plan, a methodology on the selection of trans-national Pilot Actions (Call procedure,COMMON PEER REVIEW FOR SELECTION, FUNDING AND AGREED ON A MOU WITH INTERESTED PARTIES) Conclusion of this process a List of possible joint actions to be funded are among the main challenges for NuPNET and therefore actually being discussed. What actions will NuPNET fund?? Goal: Decision at the GC3 meeting in Paris on 14-15 Oct. 2010

18 Thank you for your attention

19 NuPNET Work packages overview WP1: Management, coordination and communication ( Fr -IN2P3/CNRS) -Overall Management &Coordination of NuPNET (IN2P3-CNRS) Communication and electronic tools (Romania) WP2: Systematic exchange and networking(DE,GSI) - Systematic exchange of information on funding modalities and administrative procedures (Gr/D) Action Open days - Census of present European Nuclear physics resources (D/Gr/Ro) Action Questionnaire -Links with other bodies in nuclear physics (D) -Integration of new associates (Nl)

20 NuPNET Work packages overview WP3: Funding action plan (Italy, INFN) - Analysis of current funding of European nuclear research projects and identification of opportunities for NuPNET (I) -Investigation of formal and legal barriers for a future European cooperation (Pol) -Funding Action Plan: Establish common evaluation procedures and standards for common transnational projects for funding infrastructures of nuclear physics (CEA-Fr) WP4 Implementation of trans-national joint activities ( Spain, FECYT) Task 4.1: Use of existing agreements (Bu) Task 4.2: Mechanisms for joint activities at a trans-national level (E/UK) Task 4.3: Test implementation of a coordinated trans-national pilot activity (E)

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