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UNAIDS Unified Budget & Workplan A tool for Results Based Management

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1 UNAIDS Unified Budget & Workplan A tool for Results Based Management
Session Organizer: Glenn Mittermann, Chief, Planning & Performance Monitoring Unit UNAIDS Secretariat Global Staff Meeting 3 & 4 May 2004

2 Purpose of session Understanding the UBW & how it contributes to results Share ideas how to make the UBW a more effective results tool

3 Topics Covered Essentials of Results-Based Management UBW 2004-2005
UBW performance monitoring & reporting UBW Brainstorming – improving the UBW

4 The Essentials of RBM

5 Results-Based Budgeting (RBB)
“Results justify resources” “X” $ = “Y” Result

6 Results-Based Management (RBM)
RBM is RBB plus regular monitoring & feedback reporting in depth evaluation accountability staff performance “results culture”

7 Key concepts Inputs Activity Output Outcome Monitoring
Performance indicator In-depth evaluation

8 RBM Framework Strategic vision Objective Inputs / resources Evaluation
Indicators outcome outcome Monitor output output service service External factors Assumptions Inputs / resources Adapted from UN Secretariat, 1998 & J. Mueller, WIPO, 2001

9 Key Elements Logical Framework Causal linkages
Objectively verifiable indicators Adapt to the organization Client orientation Adapt to mandates, structure, funding & other realities Basic principles Use Logical Framework in entire planning & mgt. cycle Building blocks: inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, impact Causal linkages; OVIs Beneficiary/Client orientation; consultation w/ stakeholders on results Systematic monitoring agains indicators; Evaluation. Strategic, Programme, Project, Office & Individual levels

10 Key Elements Planning with Partners Planning & reporting tools
Monitoring & evaluation Complementary management measures Concept goes beyond RBB Strategic Planning in partnership with Stakeholders Integrates management measures: Delegation, decentralization, indicator-based monitoring, feedback & reporting, evaluation.

11 Remember Focus on results Modest Realistic Simple Consistent
Management commitment !

12 UBW 2004-2005: Structure & scope

13 What is the Unified Budget and Workplan? (UBW)
Two year joint plan Secretariat, Cosponsor, joint activities Programme priorities Objectives & results Global & regional / intercountry

14 Foundation of the UBW UNGASS Declaration of Commitment PCB decisions
New Environment: Continuing spread of HIV Impact on more Countries Humanitarian crises GFATM; World Bank’s MAP

15 Structured by UNGASS Building Capacity & Leadership including Human Rights Prevention & Vulnerability Reduction Care, Support & Treatment Alleviating Socio-economic Impact & Addressing Special Situation Research & Development Resources, Follow-up, Monitoring & Evaluation

Interagency activities UNAIDS Secretariat

17 Thematic Areas Gender Condom programming GIPA Education sector IDU
MSM OVC Sex work Young people Care, support & treatment Condom programming Education sector PMTCT World of work Governance & development planning Evaluation

18 Components of the Unified Budget and Workplan
Core budget: Funds for Cosponsors, UNAIDS Secretariat & Interagency work to implement Programme Coordinating Board decisions. Cosponsor regular budget resources for AIDS (Global & Regional) Supplemental budget: Additional resources provided by donors directly to Cosponsors to expand AIDS activities. Cosponsor Country Level AIDS Resources are outside Unified Budget and Workplan

19 UBW 2004-2005 Priorities Help countries scale up response
Improve UN support to national partners Strengthen strategic info. capacity Expand response of development sector Sustain leadership & forge partnerships Increase UNAIDS accountability

20 Core Budget 1998-1999 to 2004-2005 250.5 190 140 120 32% increase

21 Core Budget Secretariat, Cosponsors & Interagency
120 91.2 87.4 83 Secretariat 85.7 65.2 73.6 Cosponsors Interagency 30.1 41.8 22.6 Assumes $ million funding for

22 Cosponsors’ own resources for HIV/AIDS
Cosponsors’ resources Increase Global / regional $68 million $111 million 63% Country level $495 million $818 million 60%

23 UBW results orientation
UNGASS GOAL PCB Decision UBW Objective UNSSP Objective Cosponsor result Indicator Cosponsor result Secretariat result Indicator Indicator

24 Example of UBW result UNGASS: “strengthening and acceleration of efforts to prevent new infections”. UBW objective: “promote the scaling-up of effective prevention programmes for young people”.

25 Example UBW result Result: “by 2005, life skills education for young people is adopted as in-school core curriculum”. Indicator: “# of countries with in-school life skills core curricula adopted and implemented”. Result: “increased knowledge and awareness of young people on HIV/AIDS and how to access and use condom”. Indicator: “Increased condom use (correct and consistent) by sexually active young people”.

26 Extract from costed results matrix
UBW Area Agency Key result Description Indicators Cosp. Resources Core UBW Suppl. UBW Total Building capacity and leadership including human rights UNICEF Work closely with ASEAN, Asian Pacific Leadership Forum Initiative (APLF), civil societies, affected communities and UNICEF senior staff to mobilize high level commitment on HIV/AIDS from leaders in the region. Ensure all country programmes in the region have comprehensive HIV/AIDS strategies and policies.  Number of leaders (from Director General level and above) by country & sector trained and participated in APLF initiative Number of UNICEF country programmes with HIV/AIDS as one of its core components to effectively address the 4 MTSP priorities in HIV/AIDS   100,000  375,000  475,000  - Expansion and strengthening of Regional Buddhist Initiative and extension to other faiths and religions. - Continuing development of UNICEF Hope and Help Campaign targetting affected people and communities and service organizations - Strong UNICEF advocacy & support for the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS in the region. Number of countries with policy, programme, and financial assistance towards people living with HIV/AIDS  250,000  80,000  225,000  555,000  Maintain critical core of staff and capacities in the ESA regional office for enhanced HIV/AIDS learning and capability in the region, including familiarity with overarching HRAP/CCD approach and HIV/AIDs operational strategy.   - Analysis of country response - Number of countries with systems for reporting on progress towards UNGASS and MTSP goals around HIV/AIDS  300,000  1,070,000  1,370,000 

27 Performance monitoring & reporting

28 Performance monitoring “deliverables”
Increased transparency across Joint Programme Better-grounded fund raising Sound basis for re-programming Strategic development of next UBW

29 Agreed principles for UBW performance monitoring
Secretariat leads joint performance monitoring exercise Cosponsors & Secretariat responsible for internal monitoring & evaluation CCO mechanism more involved in performance monitoring Involvement of evaluation offices & CEWG Two sets of reports: for PCB (shorter) & internal use (comprehensive)

30 Performance monitoring challenges
Multiple agencies Mutual accountability Country level

31 UNAIDS UBW Database Computerized database Transparency Decentralized Comparability

32 Reports - Internal Cosponsor reports - Annual country reports
- Annual update to PCB - Biennial report to PCB

33 The Future UBW

34 UBW Principles DOC; 5 functions; 3x5 etc. Joint Principle Results Agency / Sect. key results

35 Linking key results to principal result

36 Priorities, results, resources
UBW Consultations Global consultations Priorities, results, resources Regional cosponsors & secretariat Regional consultations Convening agency - IATT * Geographic * Thematic Results, roles, gaps

37 Conceptual framework Principle result Key results Budget
targets Key results Budget Indicators by Principle result by Agency

38 UBW 2006-2007 Process Identify 19 principle results
Agencies’ internal analysis Regional consultations Identify agency key results Reconcile / finalize

39 Challenges Maintaining country level focus
Achieving collective deliverables Demonstrating value added

40 Making the UBW a more effective tool for RBM

41 Can I get more money for UCCs?
Should it include country work? Can I get donor money? Can I get more money for UCCs? Can we strengthen country role?

42 UNAIDS Secretariat Global Staff Meeting
Thank you Merci Gracias Spasibo Shukran Tapadh leibh Shukriya Toa chie Grazie Danke Asante Mahalo Wa'-do Day fon UNAIDS Secretariat Global Staff Meeting 3 & 4 May 2004

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