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JOINT PROGRAMMING Ratidzai Ndlovu UNFPA Deputy Representative.

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1 JOINT PROGRAMMING Ratidzai Ndlovu UNFPA Deputy Representative

2 Background Increased pressure from donors to enhance collaboration at country level. Initial guidance note of 2000 no longer operational Revised GN finalized and endorsed by UNDG Management and Programme Groups December 2003. Full commitment from four ExCom. Some Specialized Agencies can only concur but wont be able to agree with all the elements in the GN. Necessity to engage more in JPs

3 JP Objectives Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational activities of the UN system Reduce transactional costs

4 Main elements of revised GN: Distinction b/w joint programming & joint programmes. Clarifying main elements of a Joint Programme. Importance of programmatic rationale. Operational guidance, including on 3 fund management options: parallel, pooled and pass- through OR a combination of the 3. GN will be reviewed after one year

5 Parallel Fund Management

6 Pooled Fund Management

7 Pass-through Fund Management

8 Emerging Challenges GN cannot address all cases or solve all issues. Need to internalize guidelines. Regional level training and support. Regional quality control to see if JPs are emerging from CCA/UNDAF process. Establish inter-agency support. Web page, concrete examples. Different Indirect costs or overheads. Different reporting formats.

9 Emerging Challenges – cont Incentives: Coordination takes time. Need to recognize efforts in Performance Appraisals and reward and oversee efforts in this area. GN should be issued in French and Spanish. Review if elements of JP Guidance Note need to be incorporated in CCA/UNDAF. Differing methodologies and procedures Agency capacities at country level Visibility Time for coordination efforts

10 Joint Programming: SWAPs Like JPs SWAPS aim: – to improve coordination, effectiveness and efficiency in supporting national goals – to reduce transaction costs for government Common interface with government/SWAPs: –Each agency manages its own disbursement –One agency manages disbursement of more than one agency


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