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Common Services Technical Experts Roster September 29, 2004 Annex 6.

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1 Common Services Technical Experts Roster September 29, 2004 Annex 6

2 Outline Objectives 12 Areas of expertise Access to the Roster Roles of key players Registration Flowchart

3 Objectives Provide country offices with easy access to expertise in various common services areas Enhance sharing of common services knowledge and best practices CT requested a referral list of technical experts

4 Twelve areas of expertise 1.Banking services 2.Common administration of UN House and CS Unit 3.HIV/AIDS in the workplace program 4.Hotel arrangements and conference/workshop facilities 5.Information technology and management, communications (VAST/ radios) 6.Procurement and contractual services 7.Workshop facilitation and staff learning 8.Teambuilding 9.Transport services and fuel 10.Travel services 11.UN documentation and research center/ archives 12.Warehousing and logistics (regular and emergency)

5 Access to the Roster Expert Search 1.Who can search? -Public vs CSE only 2. Registration Process –Invitation-only (password protected) –Experts must be recommended by UN Staff

6 Key Players 1.Technical Experts 2.CSEs 3. HQ Reply to queries from CTs (emails/ calls) Make referrals to relevant doc./ other experts undertake missions/ participate in CT workshop Identify experts & recommenders, and inform Roster Manager (HQ) for data entry Send invitation to experts; Ensure correct data entry; Manage recommendations Identify experts at HQ level & register them Maintain membership data/ resolve any technical issues with developer Roster Mgr

7 Registration Flowchart Roster ManagerCSEs Technical Experts Identify experts in their region, provide justification, & inform Roster Mgr Request CV update by- annually Register proposed experts and send e- invite AcceptRequest additional informatio n Complete on-line CV Review CV & ensure correct data entry Update CV

8 Technical Expert bounda

9 Roster Online CV Serge Bounda UN Documentation/ Research Centre/ Archives I have 14 years of experience in this field and have worked in the libraries of UNEP, UNOG, ICTR, ILO, WMO and WHO….. Save for LaterSave & SubmitClose

10 CSE/ Recommender Barnaby Jones Dear Mr. Jones, Thank you for recommending Mr. Bounda. As part of a quality check, we request your assistance in providing us with a brief explanation for why you have nominated Mr. Bounda. To enter your brief explanation, please click on the following Link: Kind Regards, The Roster Manager

11 Recommendation Barnaby Jones Sergio Bounda Sergio has extensive experince in…... I highly recommend him. Tks. Barnaby. SubmitCancel

12 Search criteria Expert Search Search by Key word Region/ CountryLanguage ---Select Region/Country------Select Language--- Search experts Reset Expert Search Thematic Experience ---Select Type of Thematic Experience---

13 What we need from CSEs 1.Identify experts 2.Provide justification for selection


15 END

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