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© Health Assist Tennessee, 2010. Our Saying at the agency Regarding healthcare in Tennessee, there is only one consistency Change.

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1 © Health Assist Tennessee, 2010

2 Our Saying at the agency Regarding healthcare in Tennessee, there is only one consistency Change

3 A statewide nonprofit organization helping Tennesseans overcome barriers to health care

4 Agency Overview 1994: Established as TennCare Consumer Advocacy Program, a service of the Crisis Intervention Center Services offered in English & Spanish 1998: Expanded to serve newly arriving Refugees Added services in Arabic and Kurdish, then Bosnian, Somali, and Vietnamese 2005 forward: Became an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the name Health Assist Tennessee with a designation Continued expansion of services, staff, and language capacity

5 2010 Programs, Services, & Products TennCare Consumer Advocacy Program Advocacy for Children in State Custody Health Care Navigation for the Uninsured AccessTN Income Verification

6 Who We Serve Adults and Children (all income levels, all types of insurance) Newly arrived refugees and immigrants Social workers and case managers Care providers, pharmacists Other nonprofits Legislative staff

7 Health Assist Tennessee We can help our clients, funders and contractors through: case management and monitoring information and referral bilingual assistance & medical interpretation data tracking, reporting of trends

8 Our Languages American Sign Language Amharic Arabic Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Dinka English Farsi Kurdish Portuguese Somali Spanish Vietnamese

9 The Numbers: 2009 60 employees handled 29,656 Information and Referral Contacts (calls, emails or letters) For complex or urgent issues, counselors opened 2,891 cases. FY2008/2009, outreach and education efforts reached over 12,000 people through 130 presentations and events around the state. HAT medical interpreters provided over 2,111 interpretations to approximately 1,900 individuals with Low English Proficiency (LEP)

10 Advantages of Nonprofit Status Able to retain pure patient/consumer advocate status Fairly quick turnaround of proposals and patient education collateral Able to build diversity of revenue streams Collaboration appeal to corporations and other nonprofits

11 Challenges of Nonprofit Status Recession tests ability to survive with such little financial cushion, much less research or invest in new revenue streams Available budget for salary and benefits makes it more difficult to compete with corporate and government sectors for quality employees Sustainability is expected Restricted impact on policy at the legislative level

12 Advantages of State Funding Advantages: Once contract is in place, consistent payment Vendor status opens other doors to other contracts Predictable reporting requirements Allows us to offer state health insurance

13 Challenges of State Funding Potential loss of funding and programs No control over size of contract despite insurance and cost of living increases Political environment can impact funding

14 How State Contracts Benefit Clients and Improve Advocacy Outcomes State contracts have allowed us to: Build rapport with policy makers and stakeholders Point out issues and trends that affect clients Advise the state and MCOs with regard to readability and cultural sensitivity of letters and publications for clients State contracts add legitimacy to the agency in the eyes of other state agencies and potential collaborators.

15 Strategies to Survive Dedicate time and focus to diversify revenue streams Focus on agency strengths and your point of difference Think outside the box for ideas Use your employees greatest strengths Gather a wisdom council Get as much education as you can get Ask others who are doing well for advice

16 HAT Revenue Streams Interpretation and Translation Services Cultural Competency Trainings DERBy (data tracking program) Corporate partnerships/collaborations Childrens Book: Tomorrow Im Going to the Doctor © Run for the Uninsured – Country Music Marathon team and Fall 5K

17 Artwork from Im Going to the Doctor© Michelle McRae, 2008

18 Opportunities for Sponsors Michelle McRae, 2008

19 Web-based Data Entry Reporting Based System that helps consumer assistance programs and other nonprofits collect, track, analyze and report data; Currently being licensed to MHAP; Considerably more flexible and less expensive than commercial data tracking systems;

20 Transitions This conference is all about transitions. For Consumer Assistance Programs, this is when our help is most needed. This is our time to shine!

21 For More Information: Betsy Dooley Director of Business and Program Development Health Assist Tennessee (615) 313-9841, ext. 290


23 © Health Assist Tennessee, 2010

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