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Cheryl Fish-Parcham Families USA January 28, 2010.

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1 Cheryl Fish-Parcham Families USA January 28, 2010

2 Claim denied – not medically necessary Claim denied – benefit not covered Claim denied – pre-existing condition Insurer wont sell due to pre-existing condition Insurance cancelled Charged too much Subsidy problem

3 Some states provide for internal and external review for claims denials in some plans; NAIC has developed a model law for states. These are usually reviews of medical necessity. ERISA provides for internal review of claims denials in employer-based plans

4 Notice of rights when plan decides against you or after you finish internal review May skip internal review in emergency or if plan doesnt decide in 30 days You can request external review within 4 mos External review org (panel of medical experts assigned by insurance dept) reviews info from carrier, doctors, and you

5 External review org makes decision within 45 days (faster in emergency) Carrier promptly complies if reversed

6 Many states: Can only appeal HMO decisions, not binding on plan, plans select own external reviewers, can only appeal costly claims, etc. NAIC weaknesses: E.g., slow; too much weight to carriers re whether case moves on; no face-to-face hearings; no LEP requirements Only appropriate for medical review Low success rate without assistance

7 Timelines for urgent, concurrent, pre-service, and post-service claims decisions Written notice re reason for denial, plan care guidelines, review procedures, court rights Can submit written evidence & review and copy plan evidence Appeal within 180 days to person not involved in original decision; consults medical expert Plan can have 2 levels of appeal before court

8 No external review except court in self- funded plans (though employer can reverse TPA) Many people cant afford lawyers and court

9 Senate: Internal and external review for all plans, initially building on NAIC and ERISA standards and: Culturally/linguistically appropriate Right to present evidence and testimony Binding on health plan House: External review established by new Commissioner; de novo

10 Not just medical – Did the person know? Did they commit fraud? Is treatment really related to pre-ex? Would insurer have sold the policy? State best practices: Insurance dept always reviews prior to rescission Appeals processes, right to present evidence

11 House: Independent, external review of recissions Both: Eventually, medical underwriting and pre-ex exclusions are prohibited

12 Individual complaints – insurance dept sees whether approved rate was correctly applied SOME states have rate hearings for SOME carriers

13 States can apply for grants to enhance rate review procedures; left to states re how theyll conduct rate review and resolve consumer rate disputes before Exchange begins

14 DOL – reviews for plans 20 or more HHS – reviews for government plans and mini-COBRA Paper review – you can submit documents, they can call you with questions Determination within 15 days of receipt

15 Details left to rulemaking Senate: Secretary to establish procedures (with other federal agencies) to hear and make decisions Help available through consumer assistance/ombudsman programs

16 Senate: $30 million first year to establish, expand, support Independent office or ombudsman in coordination with regulator/consumer assistance org Helps consumers with appeals, enrollment, tax credit, rights and responsibilities Collects data; reports re enforcement needs

17 Trade, industry… community and consumer- focused nonprofit, chamber of commerce…insurance agents and brokers….. Public education/outreach – culturally appropriate Enrollment help Refer to consumer assistance/ombudsman for further grievance help No $ from insurers for enrollment in a plan

18 Your state can establish programs now! Workshop on Saturday…. Resources on central/consumer-health-assistance- programs.html central/consumer-health-assistance- programs.html

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