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Vienna SOM David Nabarro: Next Steps paper 7 th June 2006.

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1 Vienna SOM David Nabarro: Next Steps paper 7 th June 2006

2 Task List Part 2 Task 1: Complete June 2006 progress report and circulate to nations via their representatives to the UN in New York

3 Task 2: Prepare December 2006 progress report to include more detailed mapping of progress by country- and region, as well as global, monitoring and analysis of progress: 2.1Develop and establish consensus on indicators of progress; 2.2Set up monitoring system (involving national authorities, UN system, World Bank); 2.3Receive data, analyse results and share draft one of second report by early November 2006 2.4Prepare draft 2 on the basis of comments received from countries by early December 2006

4 Task 3: Ensure that the following questions are addressed through appropriate technical mechanisms (with policy issues fed in to next partnership meeting): 3.1What are the best approaches to use for compensating developing country smallholders whose chickens are culled? 3.2What are the circumstances under which avian influenza vaccination would be recommended, in poor communities, for control of the H5N1 virus in poultry (and what precautions should be adopted)? 3.3What are the most promising approaches for testing and maintaining overall pandemic and disaster preparedness (including schemes for early pandemic containment) in individual countries and regions? 3.4What are the best practices for improving coordination within countries, regionally and internationally to improve synergy and efficiency among different bodies that offer external assistance (including civil society and private entities)?

5 Task 4: Provide an update on the intended contributions (to the AHI response) to be made by different agencies, funds and programmes within the United Nations System, together with their implementing partners, and ways in which they are coordinated: 4.1indicating their potential impact and comparative advantages 4.2covering FAO, WHO, UNICEF,UNDP, OCHA, WFP, UNHCR, IAEA, ICAO, WTO, ICAO, IFRC and other partners.

6 Task 5: Establish a functioning resource centre to enable easy access to a choice of communications resource material suitable for different contexts that can be accessed from anywhere and is designed to support effective information programmes.

7 Task 6: Explore ways in which the partnership give greater visibility and support to addressing the key scientific questions – specifically around vaccines and diagnostics (IAEA etc)..

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