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Business Plan for Implementation of Common Services Middle East and North Africa Region.

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1 Business Plan for Implementation of Common Services Middle East and North Africa Region

2 Country Selection Approach Countries with no common services (9) Countries with 1-2 CS (6) Countries with 3 or more CS (5)

3 Country with No CS Limited UN presence Lack of capacities Lack of knowledge Lack of interest Scattered office locations Non-functioning UNCT and/or OMT Security/Emergency/Crisis Situations

4 Countries with up to 2 CS Lack of interest or knowledge of CS Not seen as a priority Lack of resources ($, HR, etc.) Scattered office locations Lack of proactive leadership to promote CS Weak UNCT and/or non-functioning OMT

5 Countries with 3 or more CS Existence of some level of commitment to and knowledge of CS Some form of governance framework in place Potential to improve the work of the OMT and UNCT Quality and effectiveness of CS to be reviewed

6 Objectives Collect, confirm and update country profile information Assessment of the CS situation in the countries Marketing CS as a corporate priority Advocating for CS workshop as a tool to promote, implement and enhance CS – engage UNCT/OMT commitment to support and fund workshops

7 Objectives cont. Conduct (??) workshops covering up to 20 countries Identify resources and expertise available within the region to support CS initiative

8 Strategies Focus on countries that have shown commitment and potential Enhance support to countries with little or no success in CS Achieve a bigger and faster impact through sub- regional or country grouping for workshop implementation; e.g. Amman for COs, ROs, and Iraq Ops. Focus on CSs with higher $ savings and value generation

9 Action Plan – MENA Region (1 October 2004 – 31 December 2005) ActivityResponsible CSETimelineResourcesIndicators of Success Inform FOs of CSE and TORAZ2 Oct.Letter/e-mail sent to all RCs and agency heads Develop and distribute questionnaire to update info in country profiles AZ, DK, CPNov.% response to questionnaire Update country profile in locker room AZNov/DecWGUpdated profiles Determine priority countries to be assessed; develop mission plans (TORs), scheduling & assigning team members for country visits AZ, DK, CPDecRC/OMTMission plan TOR List of priority countries established and shared with WG Undertake assessment missions to meet and discuss CS with UNCT/OMT AZ, DK, CPJan./Feb.WG and RC/OMT ($)Mission report(s) Analysis of mission results and developing priorities for implementation of CS AZJan./Feb.Input from DK and CPSummary of findings and recommendations Development of schedule and location of workshops; i.e. based upon individual country or sub- regional grouping(s) or size AZ, DK, CPFeb.RC/OMT/WGWorkshop schedule Resources mobilized Endorsement by UNCTs recvd Develop implementation plan for each workshop event AZ, DK, CPFeb.RC/OMTImplementation plan(s) shared with UNCTs Conduct the workshop (s)AZ, DK, CPMarch-Nov.Facilitator from UN College & RC/OMT ($) Country-specific CS action plans and new/enhanced services implemented; functioning governance framework in place in each country Biannual reporting to WGCSP and UNCTs/OMTs AZ, DK, CPJune and Dec.Report(s) posted on locker room Develop work plan for 2006 – including M&E of country specific activities AZ, DK, CPDec/Jan 2006OMTsPlan approved by WG and UNCTs

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