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Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures

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1 Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures

2 Why FACE? To lower complexity of procedures for managing transfers of cash to Implementing Partners To reduce transaction costs for Implementing Partners Point 2 in answer. One system for all. This reduces the administrative burden on implementing partners.

3 What does FACE do? Certifies expenditures and provides a basis for the disbursement of funds for the next period Serves as a request to spend, a verification of what was spent and an invoice Permits disbursements quarterly, not on a transaction basis Supports cash transfers, payments and reimbursements

4 What does FACE do? (cont.)
Requires no supporting documentation (e.g. invoices, receipts) Same format by all ExCom Agencies, all partners Cash disbursed, but not utilized - reprogrammed

5 AWP & FACE: Links FACE is aligned with the AWP and focuses on recording requests/expenditures at the activity level. These activities are specified in AWP In general, the entity who signs AWP is the entity who signs FACE. This is where the level of “delegation” for signing the FACE is agreed by all parties

6 How to use it? Request for funding using a FACE is accompanied by an itemized cost estimate based on individual agency guidelines FACE is to be used for Direct Cash Transfer, Reimbursement Direct Payments The normal disbursement cycle of FACE is quarterly The itemized list which accompanies the FACE is negotiated at the country level and depends on the nature of the activity

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