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Metadata and Search at Boeing Julie Martin Library & Learning Center Services

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1 Metadata and Search at Boeing Julie Martin Library & Learning Center Services

2 Boeing Metadata Standard In place since 1997 Specifies Seven Mandatory Tags 5 from Dublin Core 2 Boeing-Specific Other DC elements are optional Additional Boeing elements are optional

3 Boeing Mandatory Elements Element NameElement Description TitleThe name of the resource. SubjectKeywords or phrases that describe the subject or content of the resource. Keywords should be chosen from the Boeing Thesaurus, a controlled vocabulary defined by Boeing Library Services. CreatorThe person(s) primarily responsible for creating the intellectual content of the resource; e.g., author, engineer, artist, photographer, illustrator. DescriptionA textual description of the content of the resource, including abstracts for document resources or content descriptions for visual resources. DateThe date of publication or last update ValiduntilThe date the material must be re-validated or removed (Boeing addition to Dublin Core). OwnerThe name of a person accountable for this information. He or she will modify or remove it as needed and is duly authorized to carry out this role (Boeing addition to Dublin Core).

4 Element NameElement Description RightsThe level of rights for access available to users for this particular data. Boeing values: "open" (default), "proprietary," "limited," "exportcontrolled," "copyrightrestricted." PublisherThe person or entity responsible for making the resource accessible in its present form or media, including presenting, formatting, and distributing the content. TypeThe genre of the resource, such as planning or program directive, schedule, report, process metric, Java applet, etc. Identifier String or number used to uniquely identify the resource. For example: Boeing "D6" number, memo number, information bulletin number. UserRolesRole(s) of the intended user (Boeing addition). RobotsIndicate to visiting Web Robots if page should be indexed, or links on the page should be followed (Boeing addition). Boeing Optional Elements

5 Element NameElement Description ContributorsThe person(s), such as editors and transcribers, who have made other significant intellectual contributions to the work. FormatThe data representation of the resource, such as Postscript file. Relation Relationship to other resources. SourceResources, either print or electronic, from which this resource is derived. LanguageLanguage of the intellectual content. Coverage The spatial locations and temporal duration of the resource. Boeing Optional Elements

6 Tools to Support Metadata Metatag Builder

7 Tools to Support Metadata Document Property Update A suite of Boeing-developed software programs that enable a person or application to manage (create, update, and delete) and retrieve (read) the document properties and document meta-data embedded within a variety structured document formats DPU Features Centralized/Localized Property Catalog Rules-based metadata/property update Proxy (stub) file support for unsupported document formats Supports the use of xml templates to promote reuse.

8 General Issues Only about 5% of web pages contain metadata Time/effort required to add metadata Lack of skill in applying metadata Promotion of Content Culture Happening slowly Need to feel the pain before being willing to invest in processes and tools. Need to see visible ROI on investment

9 Technology issues Integration of standards-based metadata support into authoring and editing tools Integration of vocabularies with tagging tools Simple drop-down lists to complex thesauri Tools and processes for managing multiple metadata element sets and vocabularies.

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