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DC8: Architecture WG day 2 Architecture breakout group Sigfrid Lundberg (NetLab) Dan Brickley (ILRT/W3C)

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1 DC8: Architecture WG day 2 Architecture breakout group Sigfrid Lundberg (NetLab) Dan Brickley (ILRT/W3C)

2 Putting it all together... The lego click. We need architectural consistency across our specifications (HTML, XML, RDF) to support... Proposed Agent core / agent qualifiers (structured) dates and coverage deployment of agreed qualifiers representing new qualifiers and extensions

3 Proposed Architecture WG: DCMI: finding stuff using metadata dc-arch: The objectives of the working group are to discuss and develop a model, strategy and roadmap for the practical deployment of Dublin Core metadata using mainstream Web technologies (XML/RDF/HTML). (for discussion...)

4 Drawing together discussions... zMerge activities previously scattered between... zDC-implementors (deployment!) zdc-schema (conceptual modelling issues) zdc-datamodel (models and syntaxes...) zdc-ac (reversing the brain drain?)

5 Main activities zMake technical discussions visible outside dc-ac (eg. To RSS community, W3C groups etc) zRoadmap: visible tasklist and plans for deployability zongoing development and documentation activities (more on this later...) zFocus on implementability: what to say to developers who want to use DC

6 Topics for discussion zHow to make sure the work gets done? ySmall practical steps, not a grand architecture yadmit possibility of failure - some things may be too hard, or research topics yDCMI as community: explore IRC channels etc., as aid to progress tracking yImplementation focus: we all need this stuff to do our day jobs

7 For discussion today... zWhat resources do we have? Who can spare time to... yreport on implementation experience ydeveloper FAQs, issue lists ywork on specs, proof of concept implementations zWhat experience do we have? How consistent an architecture can we expect to have? How can developers for use (X)HTML but be RDF friendly... etc

8 A lot of work to do zCan we live with the proposed charter? zDoes the draft tasklist look ok? zDo we want to talk details now? zPossible time-consuming topics: yupdating our RDF representation of DC-Q yprinciples of good qualification: is this an architecture question, Usage group, DC-AC?

9 notes zRoland – update of rdf model spec zDiscussion Haspart etc. – useful to represent nested structure. Hard in html, but rdf and xml allow this. Implementing the lego metaphor.

10 Discussion… zIn addition to nesting, also need `linking zOnce we had URIs as possible values for all 15; qualifiers don`t reflect this. zThis requirement came out of several groups at dc8, need for pointers, eg. To authority records.

11 … zOld (current) rdf and dc doc was designed before rdf schema was designed; it does work that can be done with schemas. zLinking: what to point to; issue of exchanging authority records, granularity of those. Is there scope for DC advise on this… or engage in discussion with potential authority file providers (eg. Syntax…)

12 … zMissing out on potential of rdf for representing hierarchical structure… not made good use of rdf to date zAgents – representing separately avoiding duplication zDo we have a requirement to represent dc-education structure… what does this amount to…

13 zLimits of a flat datamodel and cramming everything into the 15… Should extensions be qualifiers to 15 or additional A technical bumping into political issues. Namespace vs namespace… Pidgins vs complex languages; needing a name for those richer multi-namespace languages. We expect, hope, want additional constructs beyond the 15. Dc-education, agents…

14 … zCan we avoid verbosity of multiple namespaces… why import 6 or more namespaces to get simple job done. zGranularity: versioning at element level, at namespace level, both, either etc confusion… zHow can we mix for eg dublin core with Biztalk zResolve the painful versioning discussion z(is this an engineering or policy question)

15 zTerminology mess: what do we mean by namespace… zDo we mean xml namespaces, ie modularity construct, unique names

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