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SIGAPL Special Interest Group for Array Programming Languages Back Up 5.0.

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1 SIGAPL Special Interest Group for Array Programming Languages Back Up 5.0

2 SIGAPL Mission Foster a culture of Array Programming Languages and make it possible for more people to approach and use this technology. Extend the SIGAPL interest to all the languages that perform solid array manipulation techniques, including APL, J, K, A+, Matlab, Octave, Gauss, NumPy (Numeric Python) and IDL (Interactive Data Language), etc.

3 SIGAPL Executive Committee Chairman: Dr. Guy R. Larocque Vice-Chairman: Robert G. Brown Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Steven H. Rogers APL Quote Quad Editor:Dr. Manuel Alfonseca Members at Large: Lynne C. Shaw James Korn Devon McCormick

4 SIGAPL Chronology of Events recent history slate of officers elected (July 2005) SGB EC communicates with Chairman Antonio Annibali (Antonio is unresponsive), SGB EC does not communicate with rest of SIGAPL Executive Committee until it is too late (leadership is questioned; SIGAPL is placed in transition February 2006). Guy Larocque appointed to lead transition. SIGAPL Strategic Plan written. Small SIG Advisor, Janice Sipior, reports … I am extremely happy to see the progress you're making! It is evident that you are a core group of passionate members. … (April 2006) Antonio resigns. Guy Larocque assumes chair. (February 2007).

5 SIGAPL Chronology of Events continued Small SIG Advisor fails to report complete SIGAPL status to SGB EC (motion to dissolve SIGAPL brought by SGB EC Feb. 2007). dissolution notice published in April 2007 issue of CACM. SIGAPL membership successfully challenges dissolution delaying SGB EC decision by 6 months (April 2007). SIGAPL Status Update and Strategic Plan (July 2007) communicated to SGB EC. Joe Konstan reported Thank you; I'll forward this report to the SGB EC, and we'll review it next week at our pre-SGB meeting conference call. I'm delighted to see such strong progress. SIGAPL Status Update and Strategic Plan (December 2007) communicated to SGB EC and discussed with V.Hanson and B. Walker (January 2008).

6 SIGAPL 2006/2007 Business Plan summary Get APL Quote Quad back on schedule and publish backlog issues. Update the SIGAPL web site. Reinstate the annual APL conference and the presentation of the Kenneth E. Iverson award. Develop a volunteer effort plan. Keep SIGAPL members informed on a regular basis. Conduct a membership survey. Return SIG to viability.

7 SIGAPL Accomplishments (publications) Five issues of APL Quote Quad (the SIGAPL newsletter) were published.* Two more are in production. Publication is back on a quarterly schedule. The SIGAPL Executive Committee met on a regular basis (a minimum of bi-monthly). A Letter to the Members was published bi- monthly. * note: only 2 issues were published in the 4 years prior

8 SIGAPL Accomplishments (conferences) APL2007: Organized jointly with OOPSLA in Montreal and held in October 2007. (Kenneth E. Iverson award presented.). Strong academic focus*. The APL vendors were contacted to get them involved. They participated in APL2007. Introductory tutorials were provided at APL2007. Other conference activities in 2007: SIGAPL was represented at the annual meetings of Dyalog APL and APL2000 and the Minnowbrook APL Implementers workshop. *Presentations on the integration of object oriented languages features in APL.

9 SIGAPL Accomplishments (community) The SIGAPL web site was continuously updated and continues to be updated. SIGAPL will host the Waterloo archives, an APL community resource. A coordinator for volunteer efforts was recruited and volunteer plans put in place. Contacts with other Array Programming Languages user groups were established. A membership survey was conducted and results published. The Kenneth E. Iverson Award was relaunched.

10 SIGAPL Consolidation with Another SIG? Guy Larocque discussed this with Kathleen Fisher, Chair of SIGPlan. The possible merger only raised questions, not answered them. Neither person saw a fit. Feedback of SIGAPL membership through special panel at APL2007 and responses challenging dissolution indicates the membership does not want this. It is not clear that there would be any benefit.

11 SIGAPL Summary This is not your SIGAPL of the period prior to April 2006, but it is for the period since: member benefits (conferences/publications/Kenneth E. Iverson award, etc.) are back on track. future plans have been laid and are in process (web site, community outreach, volunteer development, etc.) We cant speak for the past, but we can for the future. Thank you in advance for your vote of confidence (and against dissolution).

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