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CACM Is Dead, Long Live CACM Moshe Y. Vardi Rice University Feb. 11, 2008.

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1 CACM Is Dead, Long Live CACM Moshe Y. Vardi Rice University Feb. 11, 2008

2 HQ Activities 1.Hired Publisher: Scott Delman 2. Graphic re-design: Pentagram 3. Hired advertising manager and web editor.

3 Editorial Board: Section Co-chairs Research Highlights – Stuart Russell and David Patterson Contributed Articles- Al Aho and George Gottlob News – Marc Najork and Prabhakar Raghavan Viewpoints - William Aspray and Susanne Hambursch Web - Marti Hearst and James Landay Practice: Steve Bourne

4 Path to Launch (July 2008) Cannot wait for editorial board to form! Content pipeline must be primed! Solution: solo action by EiC (Sep. 2007)

5 Priming the Content Pipeline Engage SIGs to nominate RH articles. Solicit review articles Solicit opinion articles Plan interviews (Knuth)

6 Review Articles Jim Larus and Christos Kozyrakis: Transaction memories Madhu Sudan: Complexity theory Adnan Darwiche: Bayesian networks Tony Hey: eScience Jon Kleinberg: Social and information networks Mark Oskin: Crisis in computer architecture Luca Cardelli and David Harel: System biology Sharad Malik: SAT Solving Oren Etzioni: Information extraction

7 Opinion Articles Steve Andriole/Eric Roberts: CS Education (Point/Counterpoint) David Dill/Daniel Castro: e-Voting (P/CP) Rich Baranuik and Sidney Burris: Open educational resources Genevieve Bell: Technology and culture Lazowska: CCC Irving Wladawsky Berger: Science of Services Rich Rashid: The Image Crisis Maria Klawe and Telle Whitney: Gender Gap

8 Research Highlights Board Martin Abadi (UCSC and Microsft) P. Anandan (Microsoft India) Deborah Estrin (UCLA) Stu Feldman (Google) Shafi Goldwasser (MIT and Weizmann Inst.) David Harel (Weizmann Inst.) Maurice Herlihy (Brown U.) Norm Jouppi (HP Labs) Andrew B. Kahng (UCSD) Linda Petzold (UC Santa Barbara) Michael Reiter (UNC) Mendel Rosenblum (Stanford U.) Ronitt Rubinfeld (MIT) David Salesin (U. Washington and Adobe Systems) Guy Steele (Sun Microsystems) Gerhard Weikum (Max Planck Institute)


10 RH Selection Process SIG nominations EB nominations Discussion by RH board at EB F2F meeting on 1/15/08 in Houston Web voting by RH board Quality Breadth of interest Diversity

11 Selected RH Articles I Graphics: Hayes+Efros:2007 Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs (SIGGRAPH 07), PerpsectiveWriter: ? OS: Ramadan+al:2007 TxLinux: Using and Managing Transactional Memory in an Operating System (SOSP 07) MetaTM/TxLinux: Transactional Memory For An Operating System (ISCA 07) PerpsectiveWriter: Moir

12 Selected RH Articles II Network/Embedded: Levis+al:2004 "Trickle: A Self-Regulating Algorithm for Code Propagation and Maintenance in Wireless Sensor Networks." (NSDI 04) "The Emergence of Networking Abstractions and Techniques in TinyOS. (NSDI 2004). PerpsectiveWriter: Zhao Algorithms: Arora+al:2004 Expander Flows, Geometric Embeddings and Graph Partitioning (STOC 04) PerpsectiveWriter: Tardos

13 Selected RH Articles III ProgLang/Formal: Harris+al:2005 Composable memory transactions (PPoPP 05) PerpsectiveWriter: Shavit ProgLang/Formal: Blackburn+al:2006 The DaCapo Benchmarks: Java Benchmarking Development and Analysis (OOPSLA 06) PerpsectiveWriter: Pugh

14 Selected RH Articles IV Arch/DA: Shaw+al:2007 Anton, a Special-Purpose Machine for Molecular Dynamics Simulation (ISCA 07) PerpsectiveWriter: Colwell DistributedSys: Kuhn+al:2007 Tight Bounds for Distributed Selection (SPAA'07) PerpsectiveWriter: Papadimitriou?

15 Proposed Nomination Model Nominations by authorized nominators –Conferences covered (quality, ACM and non-ACM) –Selection process (e.g., CACM Nominating Committee) –SIGs invited to apply –Perhaps other organizations (e.g., AAAI?) Comments?

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