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SIGACT Program Review SIGACT SGB Meeting March 8, 2010.

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1 SIGACT Program Review SIGACT SGB Meeting March 8, 2010

2 Financial Summary 2009 Fund Balance $743,628 –$134,969 required –$65,238 increase from 2008 –Using some funds for student conference travel 1,631 Current members (163 students) –Down 69 from 2008 Free membership to student conference attendees 8 Sponsored and co-Sponsored Conferences –Specialized conferences overseas 1/3 of time

3 SIGACT Member Benefits SIGACT News, quarterly, print & online Access to SIGACT proceedings in DL Reduced registration rates Reduced rate for membership in EATCS Notification of critical information through mail and the SIGACT electronic member mailing list Distinguished Service Award Member Plus: Sponsored Conference Proceedings

4 SIGACT Community Benefits Publicity: SIGACT web site, Theorynt E-mail Awards and Grants –Including Knuth Prize (joint with TCMFCS) and Gödel Prize (joint with EATCS) SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science –Funding & publicity; helps place theorists in NSF Sponsored new journals ACM TALG and ToCT Represents theoretical computer science community to the ACM and beyond.

5 SIGACT Goals Build Community Role of STOC as Flagship Conference –Competition with other meetings for time and money –Many attend conference only if one has a paper there –Need to rethink purpose and role of conferences No clean way to communicate with community –Problem cutting through the noise –Individual blogs and twitter taking this role Make SIGACT relevant in lives of community

6 SIGACT Goals Help Theory Community Funding –CATCS works with NSF and other agencies –Need better pipeline of theory into funding agencies Jobs - Help those stuck in tight market Promote theory outside community Preserve rich history of theory community Professional Development

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