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CACM: Past, Present, and Future Moshe Y. Vardi Rice University.

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1 CACM: Past, Present, and Future Moshe Y. Vardi Rice University

2 The Past: Great Research Journal R.L. Rivest, A. Shamir, L. M. Adleman: A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems. CACM 21(2): 120-126 (1978) R.A. Demillo, R.J.Lipton, A.J. Perlis: Social processes and proofs of theorems and programs. CACM 22(5): 271-280 (1979).

3 The 1980s Redesign: Journal to Magazine Huge backlog (12-18 months) Transactions series initiated Growing numbers of practitioner members

4 The 1980s Redesign: Satisfy Everyone Regular columns News analysis Hot technologies Interviews Case studies Tutorials Research articles: mainly MIS

5 The 1990s Redesign: Further Magazination Shorter articles Stronger focus on applications More responsibility to professional staff

6 Why Another Redesign? Pervasive dissatisfaction with current CACM Current design over 20-year old Evolving membership Internet, WWW, Digital Library Queue (2003)

7 Proposed New Design 2005 Task Force Options: –Minor change –Fully professional magazine (a la IEEE Spectrum) –ACMs Science Preferred: Science

8 The Science Model Extensive news section Premier research journal Perspectives (scientific or news) Other features (book reviews, policy, education, etc.) 51 issues per year, staff of 100.

9 CACM as A Research Journal? No! –CS research is conference driven –Journal review process problematic Solution: Best of Best section with perspectives.

10 A New CACM? News Columns Computing Practices Best of Best (w. perspectives)

11 Questions Is Best of Best idea viable? Can CACM be all things to all people? Can/should ACM have a flagship publication?

12 Why I like Best of Best Fight fragmentation of CS Unlike JACM: be conference driven Prestige to selected articles Prestige to CACM

13 Next Steps This discussion Three focus groups (Feb. 12- NYC, Mar. 16 – Palo Alto, Mar. 23- London) Goal: Content and business models Deadline: Early June – Council Meeting

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