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Integrating Informatics Competencies into the Curriculum at TCOM Daniel E. Burgard, MSLIS, AHIP Catherine Rhodes, MLIS June 2005.

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1 Integrating Informatics Competencies into the Curriculum at TCOM Daniel E. Burgard, MSLIS, AHIP Catherine Rhodes, MLIS June 2005

2 Informatics in the Curriculum Orientation Year 1 Year 2 Years 3 & 4 Residencies

3 Clinical Skills Clerkship 2 weeks MS III Problem-based scenario Pre- and post-test Competencies

4 Objectives Improve students search skills Improve librarians teaching Assess PBL as learning model

5 Competencies Ability to... recognize info need construct an effective search query select appropriate database use search interface effectively manipulate and retrieve search results

6 Measures Set combination Explode vs focus Limiting results MeSH specificity Using MeSH

7 Measures Searching with MeSH vs. keyword MeSH as main point Emailing results Search history with results Saving search for later

8 Problem-based Learning Problems arising from typical situation No up-front instruction Scenario creates a learning situation Build knowledge from problem solving

9 Learning Activities Search scenario 3 sequential segments MEDLINE review Pre- and post-test

10 Search scenario Three part, timed release MEDLINE searching (Ovid) Patient ed searching Email results to librarian Include search history

11 Scenario Excerpt


13 Review Session Instruction after scenario searching Proper methods of searching MEDLINE and locating reliable patient education information Common searching mistakes Demonstration of correct techniques

14 Terminology Problems No Explode - 7 Explode - 52 Big difference in retrieval for emotions.

15 Not Exploding = Missed Articles


17 Combination Problems Psa and Mass Screening = 103

18 Combination Problems Ovid MEDLINE requires boolean operators

19 Combination Problems Talking nice to Ovid MEDLINE doesnt help.


21 The Single Best Starting Point for Patient Education Info MedlinePlus


23 Healthy Web Sites: Evaluation Criteria: Currency Credentials Content Disclosure Privacy/security Accreditation/Seal of Approval

24 Awards

25 Holding it Together in the Face of Adversity Award


27 Pre- and Post-Test Self-reported search knowledge survey Anonymous numbers Linked to actual search performance Camtasia

28 Records screen activity User initiated Opt out Librarian review Counterpoint to self-reported skill

29 Camtasia Sample Observed performance

30 Pre- and Post-Test Survey

31 MEDLINE Test Search What is the evidence for preferring watchful waiting over the use of antibiotics for treating otitis media in pediatric populations? -- search for articles where antibiotics is a main focus -- articles must be in English -- save your search temporarily on Ovid to re-run later

32 Pre-Test

33 Post-Test

34 Areas of improvement how to include search history in email 1.462.961.5 importance of MESH headings1.662.911.25 how to find patient ed materials1.702.931.23 how to add comments to email1.452.661.21 use MESH headings1.752.901.15 how to email results1.832.961.13 difference between and/or1.822.861.04 PrePost Diff

35 Results Perceived competence higher than demonstrated competence Initial perception of the level of their searching skills was greater than performance of those skills for the sample search. The pre -survey perceptions = post -intervention observed performance PBL is effective The intervention was effective in raising: self-reported knowledge demonstrated skills Students and librarians like PBL

36 However... After the intervention... Students believed that their searching skills had improved to a far greater extent than what was actually demonstrated in the second search attempt post-intervention.


38 Student Feedback Most useful: Searching on own with final review session Real-life scenario Repetition of skills required by time- released case Least useful: Lack of initial instruction Busywork Nothingall was useful

39 Conclusions Students have limited ability to judge their own MEDLINE skills Problem-based learning raises both perceived and actual searching skill levels.

40 Conclusions Librarians should continue to instruct students in MEDLINE and to refine their teaching to help close the gap between perceived and actual skills.

41 References Problem-based learning Eshach H. et al. From case-based reasoning to problem-based learning. Academic Medicine. 78(5):491-6, 2003 May. Wood DF. Problem based learning. [Review] BMJ. 326(7384):328-30, 2003 Feb 8 Camtasia:

42 Contact Dan Burgard – Cathy Rhodes – 817-735-2070 Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library 3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard Ft. Worth, TX 76107

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