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Membership Promotion Lee Stogner IEEE Membership Development Committee John Day IEEE Membership Development Staff Qiana.

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1 Membership Promotion Lee Stogner IEEE Membership Development Committee John Day IEEE Membership Development Staff Qiana Harder IEEE Membership Development Staff IEEE-USA Annual Meeting September 1, 2007 Phoenix, AR

2 l Introductions l The Numbers - July 2007 Membership Stats l Recent history, realities and opportunities l The Sales Team l Resources and Tools l Present Action l Future State l Fall Membership Development Campaign l Open Floor Todays Discussion … Note: This is not a session to debate membership models. We are here to learn how to organize to sell what we have today.

3 July 2007 Stats By Region / Higher & Student Grade Net Gain Total Net Gain

4 Net Loss Total Net Loss July 2007 Stats Society By Division / Higher Grade, Student Grade, Affiliate

5 Recent History - 2007 Goals… l Engage all parts of the IEEE into a total Membership Development program l Regions l Sections l Societies l Chapters l Student Branches l The Member l Grow the IEEE by 5% over the 2006 year end total of 374,767 (18,738)

6 Dec 2006 – highest point in four years 2006 Terminator – lowest point in four years 2006 Comeback…

7 +19% +22% +9% -12%+10% +20% -34% -14% +20% -16% +3% +7% 2006 Comeback… 76,500 new recruits worldwide (most in 7 years) Higher-Grade Members

8 l IEEE lost a net of 75,321 members to dues arrears in 2006: l 46,599 HG Members l 28,722 Students l Plugging the leak is the major first step in growing our membership Leaking Bucket

9 It costs 5 to 15 times more to acquire a new member than to keep a current one. No matter what the membership effort is, there will be 10 to 25 percent of members who will not renew (moving, death, other personal situation) *Membership Development: An Action Plan for Results, Rich, Hines, © 2002 Real-World Realities

10 l 375,000 members including more than 87,000 students l 311 local Sections in 10 geographic regions l 1,570 Chapters l 39 Societies and 5 technical councils l 1,430 student Branches l 356 student Branch Chapters l 400+ conferences Real-World Opportunities

11 The Sales Team

12 The Sales Team Regional Activities BoardTechnical Activities Board 10 Regional Directors Vice Chair, Membership Activities Region MD Officers IEEE Membership Development Committee Section Chairs Section MD Officers 39 Societies Society MD Officers How were organized…

13 The Sales Team R3 - Lee Stogner R4 – Tarek Lahdhiri R8 – Rolf Remshardt R7 – Elmer Bouruque R9 – Enrique Alvarez R5 – Robert Shapiro R2 – Michael Cardinale R6 – Ed PerkinsR1 – Ron Tabroff R10 – Tan Tieniu The Regional MD sales team

14 The Sales Team l Society MD volunteers l More than 375,000 Members including more than 87,000 students l 311 local Sections in 10 geographic regions l 1,570 Chapters l 39 Societies and 5 technical councils l 1,430 student Branches l 356 student Branch Chapters The extended MD sales organization

15 The Sales Team Duties of an MD Volunteer / Officer… l Developing a local MD plan and/or plan of MD activities l Monitoring plans and goals for membership growth, retention, and recovery l Receiving / ordering membership materials from the IEEE Operations Ctr. l Communicating with MD partners within Region, e.g., Sections l Analyzing membership information and trends l Quarterly membership status reports w/ recommendations l Ensuring MD activities parallel headquarters programs and processes l Cultivate prospects lists for membership

16 Staff Support & Responsibilities… The Sales Team Membership Development l Membership recruitment kits ordering / fulfillment l MD Webcast coordination l Conference marketing liaison l Monthly progress reporting l Pre and post-Terminator list support l Monthly MD Progress Reports Membership Marketing / Communications l Membership brochures l Membership applications l Renewal campaign messaging and collateral l Advertising l Promotional supplies Member Services l General member inquiries l Pre-Arrears outreach l Arrears telemarketing campaign

17 Market(s) Membership(s) programs benefits marketing/ renewal Benefit / program utilization increases likelihood of renewal marketing utilization programs benefits Market researched benefits and programs increases likelihood of recruitment recruitment / sales marketing Making Membership Growth a Business Process… The Sales Team

18 Resources & Tools

19 Membership Development Home Page Resources & Tools

20 Prospect Brochure l Description: l Multi-page brochure listing benefits, services & features of membership l 1 version for all grades of membership l Usage: l Primary new member recruitment piece l Directs the prospect to the web to join online or may be used in conjunction with print application form (higher grade) NEW

21 Benefits Brochure l Description: l Lists all benefits, services & features of membership + societies l Usage: l Distributed to all new member with their 2008 member card l Directs new members to go to for more information on individual

22 Poster l Description: l 17x22 folded down to 8½x11 l Incorporates testimonials l Main call to action: l Usage: l Distributed with Membership Development kit for use at meetings, events and general postings on campus, etc

23 Product Sheets l Description: l Product overviews for l myIEEE l l IEEE Mentoring Connection l Usage: l Distributed with Membership Development kit, select conferences and on demand

24 Member-Get-A-Member l Description: l Brochure – program explanation with tips for recruiting l Pass along business card – includes space for name and member number l Usage: l Distributed with Membership Development kit l Peer to peer recruitment

25 Membership Development Manual l Description: l The must-have resources for MD officers l Advice for developing new members and retaining old l Also available in PDF format l Usage: l Summary of duties l Membership development guidelines, calendar l Correspondence templates l Concise list of member benefits l How to respond to objections

26 Membership Reporting & Analysis… Resources & Tools Monthly Progress Report l Statistical pulse l Membership Trends l MD-related announcements, activities Quarterly Prospectus l Sales & marketing orientated l New member recruitment l MD calendar

27 Membership Arrears List Support Resources & Tools l Pre- and Post-Terminator lists l Provided to Region MD Chairs l Coordinated retention strategy w/HQ

28 Membership Recruitment Kits l Mailing now to all MD Chairs worldwide l Make sure your MD Chair status is up to date or you will not receive the kit l More supplies always available on demand Resources & Tools

29 l John DayIEEE l Qiana Harder IEEE l Lee StognerIEEE MDC l Ron TabroffR1 l Michael l Lee StognerR3 l Tarek LahdhiriR4 l Robert ShapiroR5 l Edward PerkinsR6 l Elmer BourqueR7 l Rolf RemshardtR8 l Enrique l Tieniu The Region Membership Support Team MD Resources

30 l The web page to join the l The web page for MD l The MD Virtual Community l l Your Region web l Your Section web l Your Chapter web l Your Conference web l Your Student Branch web Online MD Resources MD Resources

31 Present Action What can you and I do together

32 Frequent & Reinforcing Communications Action! l Sustained communications from IEEE MDC to local, MD volunteers worldwide l Normalized activities to the MD calendar (MD Manual) spread the word whos your MD Chair membership value improved

33 l Began in Autumn 2006 l 1 hour session l Standing agenda l Sharing of best practices l Guest speakers l Webcast slides posted in MD virtual community Present Action MD Webcasts…

34 Membership Development Virtual Community Present Action l All MD officers can gain access l Repository of MD documents l Discussion strings l Sharing of best practices l Time-sensitive alerts l Recordings of past MD webcasts

35 l Communicate IEEE benefits and values l Presentations l Articles (Create Why I joined the IEEE) l One on one l Work directly with Section Chair / MD Chair l Communications / planning / goals l Resource material l Training l MD initiatives such as MGM and Senior Member l Plan for, not react to Renewals l Motivation / support Steps 1 & 2 Present Action

36 l Develop the student Member pipeline l Student Advisors need to be supported and motivated to do their job l Explain to students why Membership is important at the beginning of their careers l Periodic joint Section / Branch meetings to promote networking l Engage the Gold Members to help l Encourage use of the IEEE alias and change of address after graduation Step 3 Present Action

37 l Develop new Members through Society conferences, seminars and publications l Make it a requirement that if you want to host a IEEE branded event, a Membership function will be included l Harvest potential Member data and do the sales follow-up l Make sure we have the IEEE IT systems, staff and local volunteers to complete the new Member sales cycle Step 4 Present Action

38 l Integrate Membership and Industry Relations efforts Step 5 Present Action

39 l Provide incentives l Others ? Step 6 Present Action

40 Future State New IEEE HQ support for Membership growth

41 Retention Benefits of Membership primer – Primary objective is benefit education, to jump-start utilization. Mailed to all members, with membership card, upon joining IEEE Recruitment Membership Brochure – Primary objective is sales- support for grassroots recruitment efforts, and marketing at conferences. Included in worldwide shipment of membership development kits, and available on-demand throughout year Membership CollateralIncreased value emphasis, member testimonials, visual introduction to benefits … * Can be re-purposed as a sales-support tool 2008 Tactical Upgrades

42 Updated - New - myIEEE, Mentoring Connection Consistent formatting Included in MD-Kit shipment Product Sheets… 2008 Tactical Upgrades

43 Membership Promotion Plan

44 l Advertising – Paid public and impersonal communication utilizing the mass media. Intent is to educate, convince, remind. l Sales promotion – Consists of various types of incentives, including discounts, rebates, contests, etc. Intent is to produce a positive response from consumers. Can be combined with other promotional activities. l Direct marketing – Business to consumer communications that could include direct mail, telemarketing, and/or e-marketing. Intent to solicit a direct consumer response. l Personal selling – Developing personal, long-term, one-on-one relationships, dependent upon an organizational sales force. Intent is to close the deal. Quick review – Standard promotion mix / definitions …

45 ADVERTISING – increased focus to retention-oriented message, placement in IEEE publications … l Member-testimonial driven l Retention value, post student experience l Target publications Spectrum, Potentials, The Institute Society flagship pubs (Computer, Communications, and Power Engineering Societies) RETENTION

46 Getting the most out of membership - ……. ……. ….. …....… ….. ………. Getting the most out of membership - ……. ……. ….. …....… ….. ………. ADVERTISING – Monthly benefit alert … l Objective: Increase benefit awareness and utilization with existing members l E-mail based l Showcase 3 benefits monthly RETENTION

47 DIRECT MARKETING … Annual HQ Renewal Campaign Single, largest membership campaign at IEEE Collateral l Updated membership pricing on all collateral, print and web l Updated membership card Campaigns l Monthly, and compounded over time beginning 1 September through 28 February Pre-Terminator List Support l Generated and disseminated to Region MD chairs five and three months before membership termination date l Template letters provided RETENTION

48 Membership Development Manual l Updated w/ BMS tutorial, additional communication templates Member-get-a-Member (MgM) Program l Brochure and business cards Membership Development Kits l 2,000 Kits shipped globally to all IEEE sections, student braches, and society MD officers l Brochures, posters, product sheets, CDs, giveaways, MD Manual l MGM supplies l On-demand, online ordering of supplemental supplies Global MD Webcast / Conference Call l Monthly, standard agenda, MD tactics and best practices PERSONAL SELLING … RECRUITMENT

49 Conference-targeted campaigns… l Objectives l Membership/conference campaigns occurring in IEEE Regions experiencing membership decline l Region 1 – Stony Brook Symposium (Sep) l Region 2 – GlobeComm (Nov) l Region 5 or 6 – tbd, finalizing DIRECT MARKETING … Authors Outreach … l Objective: l Identifying authors who are not members, solicit their joining IEEE RECRUITMENT

50 Official Launch

51 Retention – Positioned as a new benefit included with IEEE membership. Emphasis targeting of Student and 1 st -year members Channels… l Print Ad placements l IEEE distribution channels l Direct outreach marketing Visits > Advertising Position availability of Public Access programming, and as a new benefit included with IEEE membership Channels… l Business Wire l Targeted online ads Campaigns Recruitment – Leverage the official product launch of as a new reason to join IEEE. Piggyback in all communications the other benefits of membership Channels… l Business Wire l MD Kits l Direct outreach marketing l Targeted online ads Two-fold focus … membership growth & visits/viewing minutes…

52 Collateral l Inclusion in membership brochures l Product Sheet l Conference display l Takeaways l Mailing Inserts l Advertisements l Collateral included in worldwide shipment of MD kits

53 Retention l Alert appears beginning 1 January l Member-supported IEEE theme l Gives member option of continuing experience, or renewing at that time l Alert disabled after renewal Recruitment l Prompts sign-in to access members-only programming, encourages non-members to join IEEE – Agent for MD Membership commercial

54 Program Season SALES PROMOTION – value sequencing … l Schedule and pre-market value-rich offerings available in March/April, accessible only with renewal l Coming in March message to Jan & Febs past-due members First-time Tactic ! – Agent for MD

55 l Get the team in place now and update the IEEE database l Organize around IEEE volunteers, staff resources, the MD Kit and upcoming events l Make a plan (resources, activities, schedule, budget) l Welcome back the Sections, Chapters, Students Branches in your area l Promote networking amongst all members (higher and student too) l Promote Senior Member upgrades l Put Member Get A Member cards in everyones pocket l Put a MD Desk at local conferences, seminars, meetings l Put a meeting notice up at work (ask first) l Put PR in the local media l Make IEEE a part of the upcoming 2008 Engineering Week activities IEEE Fall Membership Development Campaign

56 In Summary…

57 l Made great progress to date. Create the foundation first l Plan is to take present activities to the next level by better integrating tactics l Key is our ability to leverage new BMS system for lead storage and follow-up l The extended IEEE team needs to support the Membership Growth plan In Summary …

58 Thank you!

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