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From Dream to Reality Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy.

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1 From Dream to Reality Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy

2 The definition of Entrepreneur is unique to the United States l The word comes from the Old French entreprendre, to undertake. l Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, use the word Businessman

3 Entrepreneurs l Entrepreneur - A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. l Intrapreneur – A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation. l Intrepreneur - One who sets up, maintains and assumes the financial risks of an Internet business venture.

4 The impact of Entrepreneurs l Services based Entrepreneurs l Create jobs l Manufacturing based Entrepreneurs l Create jobs l Can create exports l Technology based Entrepreneurs l Create technical jobs l Create exports l Maintain competitiveness l Incubate more entrepreneurs

5 Why is IEEE interested in entrepreneurs? Growth of Nonfarm Employment by Size of Payroll SmallMediumLarge Recession

6 l U.S Economic vitality needs scientific and technical innovation l US science and technology building blocks are eroding. l Other nations (particularly Asian) are gathering strength. Rising Above the Gathering Storm

7 l 200 large companies surveyed are now moving white-collar jobs to Asia l Most companies not deterred by security or IP concerns when outsourcing to Asia CIBER Survey

8 Entrepreneurs l Entrepreneurs impact is limited by the size of the companies they create, but more so by the required conditions: l Personal risk taking l Tenacity to work through the process l Being in the right place at the right time l Entrepreneurs are motivated but they need: l Environment (Capital, Resources, Regulations) l Opportunities (Markets, Technology) l Support (Mentors, Consultants, Services)

9 Intrapreneurs l Intrapreneurs have the potential for the largest impact: l Large number of people work in corporate America l Available resources l Global marketing channels l Intrapreneurs need: l Rationale to take risks l Corporate support for Innovation

10 l Started a company in Tokyo late 1990 with 2 Japanese Entrepreneurs l Demolished competitors and aptured over ¾ of the Market l Tried to start a Skunk Works in US company and had no takers An Anecdotal Experience

11 Stimulating Technology entrepreneurship l Research on a national scale (research, not development) l Available capital l Corporate environment for intrapreneurs l Manufacturing Infrastructure l Support services l Government support (export, technology)

12 IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs Activities Committee Entrepreneurs Village l Current Resources l Tech Databases l Mentor Databases l Discussion Groups l Chat Rooms l Bulletin Boards

13 IEEE –Entrepreneurs Activities Committee Entrepreneurs Village l New Portal Page l Dynamic Information Update l Searchable by Search Engines l Maintains access to all Ramius Community features


15 IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs Activities Committee Entrepreneurs Village l The Art of the Start l Available at IEEE TV l web/membership/IE EEtv/about.html

16 IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs Activities Committee l TechMatch l First Event planned in Minneapolis/St. Paul l Partnering with MedTech and LifeScience Alley l Focus on Medical Devices l First meeting with local Technology Players l Section can provide vital support

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