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Career & Workforce Policy Committee (CWPC) 2009 Overview Chair – Henry J. Lindborg Vice Chair – Ed Perkins (Policy) Vice Chair – Tarek Lahdhiri (Outreach)

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1 Career & Workforce Policy Committee (CWPC) 2009 Overview Chair – Henry J. Lindborg Vice Chair – Ed Perkins (Policy) Vice Chair – Tarek Lahdhiri (Outreach) IEEE-USA Staff – Vin ONeill

2 CWPC Mission To advance the career-related policy interests of electrical, electronics and computer engineers and other information technology professionals with a specific focus on the professional careers of IEEEs U.S. members and the overall health of the U.S. engineering workforce – CWPC Charter 10-Feb-142

3 CWPC Focus of Activities Public and private sector policymaking that affects the education, credentialing, employment, compensation and utilization of engineers in the United States 10-Feb-143

4 CWPC Membership Regular Members (12) Resource Members (6) Liaison Members (6) Corresponding Members (32) 10-Feb-144

5 CWPC Meetings Meetings –Spring (May) in Washington DC –Fall (Oct) in Boston MA (tentative) Teleconferences Regular Intervals (4-6 Weeks) 10-Feb-145

6 CWPC Public Policy Priorities Innovation and Competitiveness* Education and Lifelong Learning Engineering Workforce Diversity Health and Retirement Security* High Skills Immigration Reform* Workforce Globalization (Off-shoring) * IEEE-USA Priorities for the 111 th Congress 10-Feb-146

7 Innovation and Competitiveness Goals – Promote enactment of federal legislation needed to sustain U.S. technological leadership, promote economic competitiveness and create high wage jobs for STEM professionals in the United States Legislative Focus – Key House and Senate Authorization and Appropriations Committees Partners – IEEE-USA technology policy committees and major competitiveness coalitions 10-Feb-147

8 Education and Lifelong Learning Goals – To promote th e enactment of federal legislation to improve the quality of K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and enable more Americans to pursue post-secondary and continuing professional education in STEM fields Legislative Focus – House Education and Labor/Senate HELP Committees; House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees; House and Senate Appropriations Committees Partners – STEM Education Coalition 10-Feb-148

9 Engineering Workforce Diversity Goals – To improve U.S. economic and technological competitiveness by increasing opportunities for women and other traditionally under-represented minorities to pursue post-secondary education and professional careers in STEM fields Legislative Focus – House Education and Labor and Science and Technology Committees/Senate CS&T and HELP Committees Partners – Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering 10-Feb-149

10 Health and Retirement Security Goals – To increase access to affordable health care for small businesses and self-employed individuals and to improve financial security in retirement for more Americans by strengthening tax-favored retirement savings programs, reforming Social Security and removing statutory impediments to phased retirement Legislative Focus – House Education and Labor and Senate HELP Committees/House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees Partners – Small Business Coalition for Affordable Health Care/Savings Coalition of America 10-Feb-1410

11 High Skills Immigration Reform Goals – To increase the availability of legal, permanent employment-based (EB) visas; facilitate the adjustment of foreign students with advanced degrees in STEM fields to LPR (Green Card) status; reform the H-1B and L temporary work visa programs; and expedite visa processing for short-term visitors to the United States Legislative Focus – House and Senate Judiciary Committees Partners – Employer, Educational, Immigrant, Labor and Professional Organizations 10-Feb-1411

12 Workforce Globalization Goals – To assess the impact of off-shore outsourcing on high tech employment opportunities in the United States and its long-term implications for Americas technological leadership, economic competitiveness and national security Legislative Focus – House Science and Technology Committee; Joint Economic Committee Partners – Economic Policy Institute; Labor Unions and Professional Societies 10-Feb-1412

13 Other CWPC Initiatives Member Communications Member Education Organizational Outreach Engineering Workforce Research Engineering Workforce Statistics Special Events 10-Feb-1413

14 CWPC Member Communications E-Books – Engineers Guide to Educational and Employment-Based Visas (New); Ten Tax-Favored Ways to Save for Retirement (Updated) 21 st Century Engineering Workforce Trends – Graphics Project (R.A. Ellis) Legislative Alerts and Todays Engineer Articles 10-Feb-1414

15 CWPC Member Education Career Survival/Career Makeover Workshops – in conjunction with CWPC meetings and in cooperation with local IEEE sections Engineering Careers Webinars (new) – in cooperation with IEEE-USAs Employment and Career Services Committee 10-Feb-1415

16 CWPC Organizational Outreach Meetings with local IEEE sections as well as with employer organizations and educational institutions in conjunction with CWPC meetings Liaison with the Engineering Workforce Commission (AAES); the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (AAAS); and a new Strengthening Professionalism in the Public Interest Coalition Cooperation with other IEEE and external entities on professional careers issues of mutual concern 10-Feb-1416

17 Multi-generational Workforce Research Project Purpose – To identify and describe key factors impacting the productivity and personal satisfaction of younger, mid-career and older engineers in todays multi-generational workforce 2009 Goals – To publish findings and conclusions based on survey research conducted in 2008 Next Steps – To develop policy recommendations based on research findings and conclusions 10-Feb-1417

18 Engineering Workforce Statistics Employment and Unemployment - BLS Education (Enrollments and Degrees) – EWC Foreign Participation – ACS Salaries and Compensation – BLS Employment Projections – BLS IEEE Member Demographics – IEEE-USA 10-Feb-1418

19 CWPC – Special Events Career Fly-In (High Skills Immigration Reform) – Mar 23/24 in Wash DC Career Survival Workshop (CWPC and SE Michigan Section) – Apr 18 in Dearborn MI STEM Measures Conference (R&DPC and CWPC) – Oct 21/23 in Wash DC 10-Feb-1419

20 Links to More Information –IEEE-USA : –IEEE-USA Policy Log –IEEE-USA Legislative Action Center –Career & Workforce Policy Committee x.html 10-Feb-1420

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