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18 June 03 IEEE Online Job Listings Preliminary Findings of Ad Hoc Committee Jean Eason Ad Hoc Cmte Chair Director, Region 5.

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1 18 June 03 IEEE Online Job Listings Preliminary Findings of Ad Hoc Committee Jean Eason Ad Hoc Cmte Chair Director, Region 5

2 18 June 03 Brief History 1994 – Launched by IEEE-USA EAC 1995 – Moved to web 2000 – Spectrum begins to post ads online 2001 – IEEE-USA joins Spectrum for single IEEE jls 2002 – IEEE-USA and RAB resolution for jls member-service orientation 2003 – IEEE-USA resolution – return the member service jls

3 18 June 03 Ad Hoc Committee Members l Jean Eason, Region 5 Director l Celia Desmond, Com Soc Pres, Past Reg 7 Dir l Jim Isaak, Division VIII Director l Anoop Alazhathu, GOLD Chair, Reg 10 mbr l Gary Johnson, IEEE-USA ECSC mbr Charter l Nature and content of IEEE's Job and Career Services l Business practices of the Institute-wide Job and Career Services to ensure their financial viability and equity in relationships with IEEE OUs

4 18 June 03 Issues IEEE-USA Resolution: Member Service before Revenue l Lack of job postings l Emphasis on revenue over member service l Grassroots complaints and competing services l Ergo – if issues cannot be resolved, IEEE-USA wants to re-start its JLS Need for Institute-wide service Financial viability Cooperative relationships with OUs Note: passed 19 June with 6 mo. to work for solution

5 18 June 03 Findings: Record Unemployment (EE/CS - USA) Unemployment 3/03: - EE 7% - CS 4.9% - CHW Eng 6.5% - CSE 7.5% - Natl 5.8%

6 18 June 03 Findings: Job Postings Record Low Just Before Member Unemployment Record High

7 18 June 03 A Practical Member Service? 30,000 members registered l Members are increasingly aware of service l Large database of talent to present to advertisers 30,000 members registered l 30K actively searching for jobs l ~ 150 jobs posted per month l 200 months to post enough jobs to satisfy these members

8 18 June 03 Findings: Revenue Remains High Despite Low Postings

9 18 June 03 Findings: High Costs Drive Deficit Partial Data – Marketing expense will drive net lower

10 18 June 03 Findings: Cost Per Posting Too High Partial Data – Marketing exp will increase cost per posting

11 18 June 03 Revenue Generator? Conflicting goals when economy is poor Advertising down, revenue down l Increase price, improve marketing Unemployment high, members looking for jobs l Increase the number of jobs posted l Reduce/eliminate price, restrictions on ads

12 18 June 03 Types of Postings Types of postings do not represent membership l Acad/govt placements transitioned from print to online l IEEE-USA industry customers lost in move to Spectrum Recruiters l Current rules make service unattractive Consulting, contract positions l Employment moving this direction in future l Need to make allowances for these types of ads

13 18 June 03 Independent Review of Site – CareerXRoads Annually rated among top 500 But, they say: You folks are almost always included among the 500 best but nearly always a disappointment because we know how dominant you could be- but aren't. The association we hoped would "get it" when it comes to providing services for the profession is still searching for the right lightning bolt.

14 18 June 03 What is Purpose of JLS? Member Service or Revenue Generator Current System is Neither! l Not enough jobs for members l Runs at a deficit Can it be both? l We need to try to get there

15 18 June 03 Need for Institute-wide Service Most unemployed members are US Most online job boards are in the US l Activity in UK, Australia, Canada, Germany Region 7-10 Directors indicate interest in some specific areas of their regions This could increase in the future Questions: Do we need an Institute-wide service? Should we sacrifice $$ to achieve this goal? Is IEEE-USA the appropriate place for JLS at this point in time?

16 18 June 03 Relationship with OUs OUs partner in the jls l Retail sales (single sales, not multi-posting contracts) l Agree to exclusivity of IEEE jls l Share in the revenue from their sales l Sections: Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago l Societies: Computer, EMBS Several Sections host local job sites with free postings as member service Questions: Should we require exclusivity at this time? Do we want to insist on non-compete? Is there an easy way to roll up the local job sites into the one IEEE site?

17 18 June 03 Discussions and Conclusions 1. We want both member service and revenue l Wrong Business Model for the Current System –Net loss –Not enough jobs posted l Increase No. of Jobs Posted –Lower price –Discount retail price (single posting) –Offer free trial posting –Offer free postings while unemployment is problem –Offer free postings and pay for position –Relaxing restrictions on who can buy postings –Recruiters, job aggregators, etc. l Improve net –Increase revenue – price, volume –Decrease expense - $400K+ annually

18 18 June 03 Discussions and Conclusions 2. One Institute-wide service l Single service is desirable l Must satisfy the (diverse?) needs of the OUs 3. Need for Standing Committee l Yes – at this time –This problem will out-last the ad hoc committee –Because of member service component, we need volunteer input and oversight

19 18 June 03 Discussions and Conclusions 3. IEEE Career Services More than just online job listings l BDO sited lack of single source for career services as a problem l What is the appropriate home?

20 18 June 03 Next Steps Continue discussions and address questions: l JLS that is both member service and revenue generator l Working with OUs l How to address IEEE career services (in general) Quickly do what we can to increase job postings Present recommendations requiring PSPB consideration in November

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