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11/12/98SCDA Overview1 STUDENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES (SCDA) IEEE-USA - Student Professional Awareness Committee and RAB/SAC Student Professional.

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1 11/12/98SCDA Overview1 STUDENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES (SCDA) IEEE-USA - Student Professional Awareness Committee and RAB/SAC Student Professional Awareness Activities Subcommittee

2 11/12/98SCDA Overview2 SCDA OBJECTIVES Increase Student Focus On Non- Technical Aspects Of Engineering Prior To Entering The Real World Engage Students In Non-Technical Aspects During Organization Of Conferences Encourage Gaining And Maintaining IEEE Membership

3 11/12/98SCDA Overview3 SCDA TOPICS Career Growth Working Self Management The Engineer & Public Policy Role of the Professional Society Professional Ethics & Societal Responsibilities

4 11/12/98SCDA Overview4 SCDA STUDENT BENEFITS Develop Skills In ã Team Building ã Project Management ã Marketing/Sales ã Finance ã Communications Build Self-Confidence Connect With Industry

5 11/12/98SCDA Overview5 STUDENT PROFESSIONAL AWARENESS CONFERENCES (S-PAC) Visit Our Web Page At and proceed to Careers and Education

6 11/12/98SCDA Overview6 WHAT IS AN S-PAC? Structured Conference Planned And Run By Students Presentations Of Non-Technical Career Issues By Highly Qualified Volunteer Speakers Conference Funded By Many Sources (IEEE, School, Industry)

7 11/12/98SCDA Overview7 S-PAC PLANNING STEPS 1. Get Connected! 2. Begin Planning 3. Select Speakers 4. Budget S-PAC 5. Publicize And Sell Tickets 6. Prepare For S-PAC Day 7. Submit S-PAC Final Form

8 11/12/98SCDA Overview8 6-Oct-05SCDA Overview8 GET CONNECTED! R5–Kristi Hummel R5–Kristi Hummel R6–Erin Hogbin R6–Erin Hogbin R4–Kristi Hummel R4–Kristi Brooks R3–James Howard R3–James Howard R2–John Paserba R2–John Paserba R1–Vishnu Pandey R1–Vishnu Pandey

9 11/12/98SCDA Overview9 GET CONNECTED! R7 – Joey Duvall R7 - Canada R8 - Europe & Africa R10 - Asia R9 - Central America & South America

10 11/12/98SCDA Overview10 BEGIN PLANNING Organize S-PAC Planning Committee Select Date/Agenda Identify Location Refer To Time-Line on S-PAC Web Page S-PAC Day 1998

11 11/12/98SCDA Overview11 SELECT SPEAKERS Use S-PAC Web Page To Select Speakers/Topics Contact S-PAC Coordinator To Discuss And Approve Speakers/Topics Invite Speakers Identify Audio/Visual Requirements For Speakers

12 11/12/98SCDA Overview12 BUDGET FOR S-PAC Download Budget Planning Worksheet From S-PAC Web Page Submit Worksheet With Expected Attendance, Expenses, And Income Receive Approval From RAB/SAC/SPAA Chair

13 11/12/98SCDA Overview13 S-PAC FUNDING SOURCES S-PAC Funding - RAB - PACE - Sections Industry School - Branch - Department - Faculty - University - Student Govt Ticket Sales IEEE

14 11/12/98SCDA Overview14 PUBLICIZE & SELL TICKETS Advertise - Bulletin Boards, Computer Accounts, And School Newspapers To Maximize Exposure Request Faculty To Announce Event And To Attend Invite Students From Other Organizations, Departments, And Colleges

15 11/12/98SCDA Overview15 PUBLICIZE & SELL TICKETS Post Advertisements Three Weeks Before Conference Make Classroom Announcements One Week Before Conference Use Word-Of-Mouth, Tell Your Friends Sell Tickets Starting One Week Before Conference

16 11/12/98SCDA Overview16 S-PAC DAY Check Logistics (Food, Location Setup, Picking Up Speakers, etc.) Check Meeting Assignments Enjoy The Conference Collect Feedback Forms Have Fun!

17 11/12/98SCDA Overview17 SUBMIT S-PAC FINAL FORM Download And Complete S-PAC Final Form From S-PAC Web Page Submit With Speaker Evaluation Forms To Receive IEEE Subsidy Reflect On S-PAC Results - What Went Right Or Wrong Provide Information To Help IEEE Maintain Quality Of S-PACs

18 11/12/98SCDA Overview18 STUDENT PROFESSIONAL AWARENESS VENTURES (S-PAVe) Visit Our Web Page At and proceed to Careers and Education

19 11/12/98SCDA Overview19 WHAT IS AN S-PAVe? Projects/Activities Conceived By IEEE Student Branches To Develop Awareness Of Engineering Professionalism Activities Based On SCDA Topics Free-Flowing Format Enables Students To Be Creative

20 11/12/98SCDA Overview20 S-PAVe PROGRAM GOALS Develop Activities/Materials To Enhance Professional Awareness And provide Service To Members Enable Student Branches To Gain Experience In Project Conception, Planning, And Organization Increase Student Membership (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors)

21 11/12/98SCDA Overview21 S-PAVe FORMATS Activities Not Duplicating S-PAC Suggested Formats: - Service- Video - Workshop- Simulation - Resource Materials Can Span Days, Weeks, Or Months, Within One Semester

22 11/12/98SCDA Overview22 S-PAVe EXAMPLES Make A Video Tape Depicting Ethical Dilemmas Develop An In-House Training Program That Instructs Students On How To Run A Meeting Arrange For Mock Interviews

23 11/12/98SCDA Overview23 S-PAVe EXAMPLES Establish A Resume Evaluation Service Create A Computer Package to Give Basic Ideas On Starting A Company Develop A Financial Planning Or Communications Workshop

24 11/12/98SCDA Overview24 S-PAVe SERVICE EXAMPLES Keys to Success Know Your Market Resume Writing Service Working with pre-teen kids on weekends to show role of engineers in society Information or Assistance to Student Branch Members Service to Non-Engineering Public u Make It Affordable

25 11/12/98SCDA Overview25 S-PAVe WORKSHOP EXAMPLES Keys to Success Planning - Coordinate Logistics Effective Workshop Leader/Facilitators Contact With S-PAC Coordinator Taught by Workshop Leader with help of Facilitators Participants break into small groups and do exercises Groups work under direction of Facilitators How to handle a job interview How to run a meeting

26 11/12/98SCDA Overview26 S-PAVe VIDEO TOPICS Develop A Skill Or Expertise ã Ethical Dilemmas ã Oral Presentations ã Job Stress And How To Handle It Provide To IEEE Members, Students, Or Public-At-Large Use Creativity To Select Topic, Audience, Players, And Script

27 11/12/98SCDA Overview27 S-PAVe SIMULATIONS A Professional Awareness Skill Is Acquired By Playing In It Usually Part Of A Workshop Mock Interviews Engineer as expert witness in courtroom

28 11/12/98SCDA Overview28 S-PAVe RESOURCE MATERIALS Produce Handouts For Audience Describe Professional Awareness Skill Or Idea (Written Materials Or Software Package) Select Audience And Use Accurate Information Sources

29 11/12/98SCDA Overview29 S-PAVe PLANNING STEPS 1. Get Connected! 2. Select Activity Of Highest Interest By Student Members 3. Discuss With SPAC Coordinator 4. Submit Proposal To IEEE 5. Conduct S-PAVe Activity 6. Submit S-PAVe Final Report

30 11/12/98SCDA Overview30 S-PAVe PROPOSAL Venture Description/Milestones Venture Support Letters From University, Department, And/Or Industry Venture Budget, Including Local Financial Support Examples of S-PAVe Proposals Are On The S-PAC Web Page

31 11/12/98SCDA Overview31 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION AND REVIEW PROCESS Submit Completed Proposal To IEEE Proposal Funding Based On: ã Activity Goals To Be Met ã Likelihood Of Success In Meeting Goals ã Originality ã Available Funding Receive Results Within 2 Weeks

32 11/12/98SCDA Overview32 S-PAVe BUDGET Itemize Income Sources/Expenditures RAB Base Funds - Up To US$200 Additional RAB Matching Funds - One Dollar Of S-PAVe Funds For Every Dollar Committed From Other Sources (IEEE Section, University, Industry) Maximum RAB Funding is US$500

33 11/12/98SCDA Overview33 S-PAVe FINAL REPORT Final Report Form Similar To S-PAC Review Form, But More Extensive (Download From S-PAC Web Page) Results Of S-PAVe Documented And Submitted To IEEE Just Like Report Submitted In The Real World Report Helps IEEE Evaluate S-PAVes For Future Ventures

34 11/12/98SCDA Overview34 FOR MORE INFORMATION… Regions 1 - 6 Ms. Ann C. Hartfiel Manager, Professional Activities IEEE-USA Office 1828 L Street N.W. Suite 1202 Washington D.C. 20036-5104 tel: 1-202-785-0017 fax: 1-202-785-0835 e-mail:

35 11/12/98SCDA Overview35 FOR MORE INFORMATION… Regions 7 - 10 Ms. Laura Durrett IEEE Student Services Manager IEEE Services Center Regional Activities Department 445 Hoes Lanes/P.O. Box 1331 Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 tel: 1-908-562-5523 fax: 1-908-463-3657 e-mail:

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