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THE IMPACT ON PRE-KINDERGARTEN Common Core State Standards and Assessment.

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1 THE IMPACT ON PRE-KINDERGARTEN Common Core State Standards and Assessment

2 Agenda Review the Kindergarten standards and changes to PreK Review the Fall Profile Card Data for trends Define student mastery for the skills assessed on the Profile Card Authentic Assessment and how it can be used to assess for the Profile Card Essential Resource List for Pre-Kindergarten

3 Common Core State Standards Who? National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers What? Standards for ELA, Mathematics, and Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science/Technical Studies When? Began in September 2009 with final draft in June 2010. Where? 45 states and 2 territories have adopted the standards as of today Why? College and career ready Consistent expectations regardless of zip code Clear and focused guideposts (less is more!)

4 Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices (K – 12) Content (grade specific)

5 CCSS Content Organization Domain Cluster Standards Overarching ideas that connect topics across the grades Big Idea that groups together a set of related standards. Standards from different clusters may sometimes be closely related, because mathematics is a connected subject. Statements that define what students should know and be able to do at a grade level.

6 Kindergarten Standard Document Page 1 – Overview of the Domains and Clusters as well as the Mathematical Practices Page 2 (top) – Critical Area for Kindergarten Page 2 (bottom) – Standards Actual Standard Explanation/Examples (From AZ) Crosswalk comments Page 16 (top) – Mathematical practices defined Page 16 (bottom) – Displaced Concepts Page 17 – Table 1: Addition and Subtraction situations

7 Questions to Ponder What are the key changes? How do the changes in Kindergarten impact PreK? How are these changes represented in the new Profile Card?

8 Profile Card Data – District Fall Sorts PatternsCompares & Orders Counts Spatial

9 Mastery of Skills Importance of reaching consensus on what mastery of a skill looks like. One-to-One vs. Rote counting vs. Rational counting Sorting Reminder that the Preschool Assessment Framework advises a skill should be observed three times in different scenarios before it is considered mastered.

10 Demonstrating Mastery Activity 1 - Carousel Brainstorm What does mastery of this skill look like to you? In your small group, Write on the chart paper your ideas Use sticky notes for value-added comments on your colleagues thoughts Summary In looking at each skill, what is mastery? This will become part of our assessment document.

11 Authentic Assessment Why would we want assessment to be authentic? What does it mean to be authentic? How can we scaffold learning during an authentic task? How do we collect data during an authentic assessment? Activity 2 – Video Reflection Authentic Assessment in the Early Childhood Classroom

12 Authentic or Naturalistic Tasks They engage or evaluate children on tasks that are personally meaningful, take place in real life contexts, and are grounded in naturally occurring instructional activities. They offer multiple ways of evaluating students learning, as well as their motivation, achievement, and attitude. To the extent possible, assessments should be conducted as a natural part of daily activities rather than as a time-added or pullout activity. National Institute for Early Childhood Research, July 2004

13 Authentic Tasks for the Profile Card Activity 3 – Task Brainstorm In your small group, Make a list of 3 – 4 authentic tasks that could be used to assess your assigned skill. These tasks will be disseminated with everyone to be used as part of your Winter assessment. Choose tasks from the list to use to assess with your children.

14 Debrief Reorganize so that you are sitting with your school team of colleagues. Next steps in your building Evaluation

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