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Book Port Plus Getting Started Presented by Maria E. Delgado.

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1 Book Port Plus Getting Started Presented by Maria E. Delgado

2 APHs Book Port Plus Electronic Book and Document Reader High Quality Digital Recorder Music and Audio Player Measures approximately 4 ½ x 2 ¼ x.5 inches Rechargeable Battery Supports multiple book, audio and music formats

3 In the Box Book Port Plus SD Card (Inserted in the device) Rechargeable Battery AC Adaptor with Braille label Earbuds USB Host and Client Cables CD-ROM and Quick Start Instructions

4 Edge of Device Top –Microphone and Earphone Jacks Left –Mini-SD Card Slot Right –Volume Control and Key Lock Controls Bottom –USB port and AC Charger Jack

5 Charging the Device Insert battery following the Quick Start Instructions Charges in approximately 4 hrs. Battery lasts 8 to 10 hrs. Recharges via AC Adaptor Or via computer and USB cable (Only after using the Safely Remove Hardware option)

6 Front of Device Top Left –Record Key (Red) Top Right – Power On/Off (Green) Bottom 12 Keys – Telephone-like Keypad

7 Front Mid Section of Device Center –Play/Stop (Large Round Key) Around Center Button –Arrow Keys Left Top –Go To Key Left Bottom –Bookmark Key Right Top –Menu Key Right Bottom –Title Key

8 Learning the Key Functions Press the Menu key for 5 seconds This turns Key Describer on Press any key to listen to its function(s) To Deactivate Key Describer, press Menu key for 5 seconds

9 Accessing the User Guide Press the 0 key (Help On) This opens a DAISY format guide Press the 0 key again to exit the guide (Help Off)

10 Navigation Within the User Guide Play/Stop, starts or stops reading Key 8, selects how to move (Level 1-4, or phrase) Key 7, moves back by the amount selected Key 9, moves forward by the amount selected

11 Power On/Off Not necessary to turn it on or off when using it frequently BPP is Similar to a cell phone After 2 min. of inactivity, it goes to sleep Press any key to wake it up Remains charged for approximaely 20 days on sleep mode

12 Key Lock Use Key Lock when transporting BPP Slide up to turn Key Lock on Slide down to turn Key Lock off Alternative to using the Power On/Off button Use Power button only when not using BPP for a while

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