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IRA Webinar: Core Standards and State Literacy Teams July 14, 2010.

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1 IRA Webinar: Core Standards and State Literacy Teams July 14, 2010

2 2 Key issues for states Core Standards –Most states will need to redefine their standards –Lots of pressure – Federal money tied to adoption State Literacy Teams –Age 0 to grade 12 program –Federal Funds/Plans

3 Core Standards Issued – still lots of issues State Education Agencies doing Gap Analysis Two Assessment teams working on assessment processes – using $300 million federal funds 35 states expected to sign on by August 1st

4 What are national groups doing? NEA & AFT are working with six schools to figure out what is needed to implement Teacher Ed group (AACTE) working on performance criteria for pre-service NCTE/NCTM working on a secondary level program IRA working on publication with a team of state leaders and nationally recognized scholars

5 What should IRA state councils do? Look for opportunities –States will be defining terms –States will be planning professional development –States will be using much of the old standards –States will need to be more specific concerning high need students (ELL & Handicapped)

6 Continued Find committees at State Ed Agency who are working on: –The gap analysis? –Defining how are professional development programs going to be developed What is important to be stressed? Do you want them as part of your state council meetings? State council webinars?

7 Issues to keep in mind Resources are limited Standards are baselines not ceilings Much work needs to be done on definitions Decisions on what to emphasize in PD Assessment issues – how and what Not supposed to be reading lists

8 State Literacy Teams Part of the 2010 Appropriations Bill signed into law in December 2009 $10 million for State Literacy Teams $230 million for 8 – 12 states to have projects What the state literacy teams do is spelled out in LEARN Act & will be the subject of guidance

9 What should you do? Read the Legislation – it is short and will be on the IRA website this evening under advocacy Talk with your state education agencys literacy or reading person Develop a set of recommendations –Remember the core standards issues Offer to meet with SEA members who are deciding who will be on the state team

10 Key points Specific work is being done in your SEA on these two items –Right now more on Core Standards –Soon on State Literacy Teams –Talk with them Think about what issues your teachers will have –Need information –Need to know what is flexible and what isnt –Need statements from the Council

11 Youre not alone IRA can and will –Help you with analysis –Letters –Testimony –Ideas and alternatives –Access to nationally known names –AND, we can keep you up to date nationally Contact info: –Rich Long, or

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