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A Huffin and Puffin Good Time! Connecting Reading and Writing.

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1 A Huffin and Puffin Good Time! Connecting Reading and Writing

2 2 Historically, reading and writing have been taught as independent subjects. The reading-writing connection states that reading and writing are two parts of the same whole.

3 3 Research demonstrates that the reading-writing connection increases comprehension. It also leads to more authentic teaching, improved reading and writing, and higher scores on test. (Routman, 2005)

4 4 There is overlap between what readers and writers do (Tompkins, 2006): Generating ideas Organizing Monitoring Problem solving Revising

5 5 Writers engage in reading activities: Generate ideas Proofread and revise Talk to the text

6 6 Readers engage in writing activities: Take notes Organize information – webs, outlines, summaries Prioritize information – highlight, underline Reflect/respond to the text

7 7 The reading and writing processes have comparable activities in each stage. In both reading and writing, the goal is to construct meaning. (Tompkins, 2006)

8 8 Reading-Writing Relationship Created By Matthew Raymond ReadingWritingBoth Stage Pre-reading/ Prewriting Predict, Ask questions Preview Choose content and anticipate readers questions Set appropriate physical environment Establish respective purposes for reading and writing Spark interest Activate prior knowledge Construct mental images Active reading/ Writing Ask questions Predict content Verify content Mentally converse with the text Provide answers and verification by writing coherently Talk to reader during composition Construct images and meaning Think logically React to the ideas being presented Post reading/ Revision Check comprehension Organizes texts information Edit and revise text to make information comprehensible Evaluate the text

9 9 Reading and writing are integrally connected. For both readers and writers, meaning does not reside solely in the texts; instead they engage themselves actively in the texts, interpreting and constructing meaning at the same time. (Lee, 2001)

10 10 The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig By E. Trivizas Pictures courtesy of

11 11 The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig Journal with puzzles Sequel

12 12 Once Upon a Fairy Tale by the Starbright Foundation Pictures courtesy of

13 13 Point of View

14 14 Music to My Ears

15 15 Dear Little Wolf by Whybrow Pictures courtesy of

16 16 Advice Letter

17 17 Wanted Poster Pictures courtesy of

18 18 Newspaper Story Pictures courtesy of

19 19 Post Card

20 20 Comic Strip

21 21 Court Room Drama

22 22 Readers Theater

23 23 Pictures courtesy of

24 24 And more books because I have a book buying issue! Pictures courtesy of

25 25 Thank you for joining us today!

26 26 References Barr, M. (2000). The reader in the writer. Reading, July, 54-60 Elbow, P. (2004). Writing first! Putting writing before reading is an effective approach to teaching and learning. Educational Leadership, October, 9-13. Gredler, M. (2005). Learning instruction: theory into practice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Routman, Regie (2005). Writing Essentials: Raising Expectations and Results While Simplifying Teaching. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Sarmecanic, L. (1996). Making meaning through a dialectical journal. In V. Whiteson (Ed.), New ways of using drama and literature in language teaching (pp. 43-45). Tierney, R. (1983). Writer-reader transactions: defining the dimensions of negotiation. In P.L. Stock (Ed.), Forum: Essays on theory and practice in the teaching of writing (pp. 147-151). Upper Montclair NJ: Boynton/Cook. Tompkins, G. (2006). Literacy for the 21 st Century: A Balanced Approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Truax, P. (2000). Readers that cant write … writers that cant read. Dominican University of California, 2-9.

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