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2 Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Spring 2009 issue Spring 2009 issue 4.

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4 Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Spring 2009 issue Spring 2009 issue 4

5 Best practice, guidelines; Can be leading edge, exceptional model, or proven industry practice; Discretionary: can be used whole or partially; Modifiable to suit user needs. Faster to produce and update.

6 Your input is welcome!




10 Identifying information + Title history Identifying information + Title history 1528-9001


12 Inaccurate citation Missing title history: American cartographer Vol. 1 - 16 Cartography and geographic information systems Vol. 16-25

13 The primary way researchers become aware of articles 13


15 ISQ Spring 2009 p.22 ISQ Spring 2009 p.22 15

16 16 No one can erase all printed citations




20 Consult appropriate ISSN center Title changes may require a new ISSN Implement at start of volume or year


22 Users appreciate as full a journal title history as possible to show clear relationships such as previous or later titles. C Archie McPhee

23 Title History


25 Each title over time needs a separate ISSN Each format (e.g., print, online) needs a separate ISSN Apply for any needed ISSN to the appropriate ISSN Center (an ISSN appendix is provided) Display all appropriate ISSN on each format Further information in the ISSN appendix

26 Enumeration system Use one, even if only year Keep it simple Parallel across formats Publication information Include about information including editors and boards Link to title history Include distinctive issue-level information

27 Provide means to display and access both current and former content Ensure former titles are in browse lists and searchable Retain all published content

28 Digitize all content, even blank and nearly blank pages Digitize front and back covers Digitize advertisements (part of the historical record) Digitize all available content even if some is missing Indicate any missing content

29 Finish getting feedback Finalize and publish document Distribute and publicize content Print + online versions NISO U.S. ISSN Center? Subscription agencies? Enlist help from KBART? Ask publishers to sign-on like KBART? Develop symbol: PIE-J Compliant?

30 Co-Chairs: Cindy Hepfer, University at Buffalo (SUNY) Bob Boissy, Springer Working Group Interest Group (email reactors) NISO: infrastructure support 30

31 Taylor & Francis Harrassowitz Serials Solutions IEEE JSTOR/Ithaka Sage EBSCO Hein Publishing Technology APA Library of Congress (CONSER, ISSN) National Library of Medicine Cranfield U. Press (UK) University of Washington University of Chicago UCLA 31

32 In Search of Best Practices for the Presentation of E- journals, ISQ, spring 2009 Journal Title Display and Citation Practices, Serials Librarian, Jan. 2009 NISO workroom page 32

33 PIE-J Co-chair - Cindy Hepfer Co-chair - Bob Boissy Group member - Regina Reynolds Group member - Steve Shadle


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