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2 Sign In

3 Sign-in Screen

4 Password Help

5 Password Help Page

6 Members Area (main landing page after logging in) My Account

7 Edit your details or change your password here.

8 Click on My Groups

9 My Groups page Text Sign up for RSS alerts or personalize your page

10 My Groups page Choose a group in the pull-down menu

11 Group Home (Business Information Topic Committee workspace)

12 View current activity, recent documents, e-mails, and more. Group home (workspace)

13 Group Home - Subgroups (Business Information Topic Committee)

14 Workspace Tools Roster, Calendar, Documents, Comments, Ballots, Action Items & E-mail

15 Get roster contact information and reports. Note: Roster additions and deletions are managed through the NISO office. Group Roster

16 Add new events to your group calendar. These can be shared with other groups or with the public. Group Calendar

17 View your calendar in weekly format to have the system send you weekly reminders. Group Calendar

18 Setting up weekly reminders Group Calendar

19 Add folders, documents, and view documents from shared group folders. Clicking Replace will add a revision to a document; Details will give you more information. Group Documents

20 Clicking Replace on a document will add a revision to a document. The original document will be retained so a history of earlier drafts exists. Group Documents

21 When you add a new document, you can opt to have Comments turned on. This can be for commenting within the group or for public commenting on a document. Comments can be accessed in the workspace. Group Comments

22 Ballots might be created outside the group or can be created in the group. These can be official votes (e.g., approving a version for trial use) or more informal (e.g., voting on a logo). Group Ballots

23 Create action items for your working group or committee. Group Action Items

24 View your groups e-mail archives or send e-mail to your group through the web interface. Group E-mail

25 Click on the Help icon for more information on the system, or contact Karen Wetzel, NISOs Standards Program Manager, at kwetzel@, or Anna Martin, NISOs Membership Services Coordinator, at Having trouble?

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