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ONIX and RDA Kathy Klemperer EDItEUR The Changing Standards Landscape – NISO / BISG Seminar at ALA 22nd June 2012.

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1 ONIX and RDA Kathy Klemperer EDItEUR The Changing Standards Landscape – NISO / BISG Seminar at ALA 22nd June 2012

2 About EDItEUR not-for-profit membership organisation develops, supports and promotes metadata and identification standards for the book, e-book and serials supply chains based in London, but a global membership of publishers, distributors, wholesalers, subscription agents, retailers, libraries, system vendors, rights and trade associations also provides management services to International ISBN and ISTC Agencies

3 About EDItEUR three full-time staff, two and a half FTE project staff, plus expert consultants from both the book and serials sectors member participation is vital to ensure that standards keep pace with evolving business requirements work closely with other standards and trade organisations, including both NISO and BISG, to ensure our standards meet the needs of their stakeholders too

4 A long and storied history MARC developed in the 1960s at the US Library of Congress conceived by Henriette Avran in a punched card world before iPads, even before ISBNs AACR2 has also stood the test of time well extraordinarily successful – MARC21 in the English-speaking world and UNIMARC across much of continental Europe


6 A new hope RDA set to replace AACR2 as the content standard for library bibliographic data Retrofitting MARC to be a communication format for RDA is decreasingly relevant The new bibliographic framework project will be focused on the Web environment, Linked Data principles and mechanisms, and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a basic data model. A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age

7 I bring fraternal greetings from the commercial world

8 EDItEUR s ONIX standards ONIX for Books is the dominant and truly global metadata framework for commercial book and e-book supply chains ONIX for Subscription Products ONIX for Publication Licenses XML schemas, codelists, documentation matched to real-world use cases optimised for communication of product details between publishers, distributors, other intermediaries, and retailers

9 ONIX for Books Origins in 1997 BIC Basic standard in UK, a simple list of 15 key metadata elements 1998 project, and W3C XML spec 1999 Online Information Exchange initiative from AAP Digital Issues working party ONIX developed by EDItEUR, in collaboration with BISG and BIC 2000 ONIX v1.0 and v1.1, both retired 2001 ONIX v2.0, also retired

10 ONIX for Books Current status managed by EDItEUR, and free to use June 2003 ONIX v2.1 – most widely deployed April 2009 ONIX v3.0 – growing in importance widely used in North America, Western Europe, Japan, Russia, parts of Eastern Europe, with early implementations in China and Egypt used by small and large organizations alike supported by many off-the-shelf applications and services for publishers

11 1 A01 16 0000000121479135 Maj Sjöwall Maj Sjöwall is a poet. She lives in Sweden. 3.0



14 work manifestation item FRBR ONIXMARC item work expression manifestation ONIX for ISTC expression fixation abstraction

15 Mapping ONIX and MARC OCLC, Library of Congress use publishers ONIX data to create CIP and MARC records earlier and more efficiently OCLC has developed and published a set of ONIX to MARC21 mapping rules not purely syntactic mapping – semantic rules large parts of ONIX irrelevant – marketing collateral and supply chain detail beware – publishers are not interested in cataloguing rules – they provide metadata because it helps sell books

16 com.globalbookinfo.onix.01734529 03 01 9780007232833 00 BC 01 01 Roseanna A01 Sjöwall, Maj A01 Wahlöö, Per B06 Roth, Lois 01 eng 02 swe 00 245 03 10 2011 FIC050000 FICTION / Crime HarperPerennial 04 01 20060807 008 g eng 1 020 01734529 024 #3 9780007232833 100 $a Sjöwall, Maj $e aut 700 $a Wahlöö, Per $e aut 700 $a Roth, Lois $e trl 245 $a Roseanna 260 $b HarperPerennial $d 2006 300 $a 245 p. 072 $a FIC $x 050000 $2 bisacsh ONIX is verbose MARC is cryptic 04.pdf

17 Mapping ONIX and RDA RDA/ONIX Framework for Resource Categorization 2006 common ontological method for creation of controlled vocabularies, demonstrated via categorization of content and carrier RDACarrierType termlist and ONIX Product form codelist 150 more interoperable further work not carried through, but approach is visible in other areas of ONIX

18 Mapping ONIX and RDA going to be simpler, at least in principle, but no RDF expression of ONIX data yet URIs for terms not yet published let s not pretend that this will be simple there no significant interest in linked data from commercial sector publishers or retailers yet but here s how it might work…

19 1 A01 16 0000000121479135 Sjöwall, Maj 3.0


21 "Sjöwall, Maj" A01 (List 17) has contributor has name has role "0000000121479135" of type 16 (List 44) has name identifer product 40366

22 harpercollins.onix. product.40366 ference/Contributor genid:A96837 ference/PersonNameInverted "Sjöwall, Maj" genid:A96837 ference/ContributorRole x/codelists/17#A01 genid:A96837 ference/NameIdentifier " 0000000121479135 " of type x/codelists/44#16

23 <skos:notation rdf:datatype=" 2001/XMLSchema#token">A01 By <skos:exactMatch rdf:resource="http://rdvocab. info/roles/authorWork"/> 100 $a Sjöwall, Maj $e aut authorWork Sjöwall, Maj product 40366

24 rda:authorWork Sjöwall, Maj product 40366 aacr2:aut Sjöwall, Maj product 40366 onix:A01 Sjöwall, Maj product 40366



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