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Tony Hey Director of UK e-Science Core Program The UK e-Science Program and the Grid.

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2 Tony Hey Director of UK e-Science Core Program The UK e-Science Program and the Grid

3 e-Science and the Grid e-Science is about global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of infrastructure that will enable it. John Taylor Director General of Research Councils Office of Science and Technology

4 UK Funding Lines 2001-2004 E-Science Initiative $180M Research Equipment$100M Research Infrastructure$240M

5 UK e-Science Initiative $180M Programme over 3 years $130M is for Grid Applications in all areas of science and engineering $50M Core Program to encourage development of generic industrial strength Grid middleware Require $30M additional matching funds from industry

6 Research Equipment Funding -National Teraflop/s Supercomputer 2002 – 3 Teraflop/s 2004 – 6 Teraflop/s 2006 – 12 Teraflop/s -Joint Research Equipment Initiative Modestly parallel systems University/Departmental Clusters

7 Research Infrastructure Funding National Academic Network -SuperJANET4 plus MANs -UKLight lambda connection Research Support Infrastructure - AAA Initiative - Requirements Analysis - Digital Curation Centre (?)

8 Scotland via Glasgow NNW Northern Ireland MidMAN TVN South Wales MAN SWAN& BWEMAN WorldCom Glasgow WorldCom Edinburgh WorldCom Manchester WorldCom Reading WorldCom Leeds WorldCom Bristol WorldCom London WorldCom Portsmouth Scotland via Edinburgh YHMAN NorMAN EMMAN EastNet External Links LMN Kentish MAN LeNSE 10Gbps 622Mbps 155Mbps SuperJanet4, June 2002 20Gbps 2.5Gbps

9 UK e-Science Projects $130M for e-Science application pilots - span all sciences and engineering Particle Physics and Astronomy (PPARC) - $25M GridPP and $8M AstroGrid Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPSRC) - funding 6 projects at around $5M each Biology, Medical and Environmental Science - funding projects with total value of $35M

10 GridPP Presentation to PPARC Grid Steering Committee 26 July 2001 Steve Lloyd Tony Doyle John Gordon

11 reconstruction simulation analysis interactive physics analysis batch physics analysis batch physics analysis detector event summary data raw data event reprocessing event reprocessing event simulation event simulation analysis objects (extracted by physics topic) Data Handling and Computation for Physics Analysis event filter (selection & reconstruction) event filter (selection & reconstruction) processed data CER N

12 Moores law: capacity growth with - - a fixed cpu count - or a fixed annual budget

13 CERN's Users in the World Europe: 267 institutes, 4603 users Elsewhere: 208 institutes, 1632 users

14 Powering the Virtual Universe (Edinburgh, Belfast, Cambridge, Leicester, London, Manchester, RAL) Multi-wavelength showing the jet in M87: from top to bottom – Chandra X-ray, HST optical, Gemini mid-IR, VLA radio. AstroGrid will provide advanced, Grid based, federation and data mining tools to facilitate better and faster scientific output. Picture credits: NASA / Chandra X-ray Observatory / Herman Marshall (MIT), NASA/HST/Eric Perlman (UMBC), Gemini Observatory/OSCIR, VLA/NSF/Eric Perlman (UMBC)/Fang Zhou, Biretta (STScI)/F Owen (NRA) p13 Printed: 10/02/2014

15 AstroGrid: a Typical Challenge matching multi-λ survey data: Differences in angular resolution, s/n ratios, backgrounds, etc (Djorgovski et al, 2001, astro-ph/0108346) A rich and complex problem p14 Printed: 10/02/2014 Same sky, different wavelength

16 The Comb-e-Chem Project Goal is to integrate simulated and experimental data within a knowledge environment - Accumulate and model data using new combinatorial methods - Automate metadata annotation for provenance Southampton, Bristol, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, Pfizer, IBM

17 Comb-e-Chem Architecture X-Ray e-Lab Analysis Properties Properties e-Lab Simulation Video Diffractometer Globus Structures Database

18 The myGrid Project Goal is to develop workbench to support: –Experimental process of data accumulation –Use of community information Provide facilities for resource selection, data management and process enactment –Functional genomics, pattern database annotation Manchester, EBI, Newcastle,Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton, GSK, AstraZeneca, Merck, IBM, Sun, …

19 Functional Genomics Data Imminent deluge of data Highly heterogeneous Highly complex and inter-related Convergence of data and literature archives

20 myGrid Generic Technologies 1.Database access from the Grid 2.Process enactment on the Grid 3.Personalisation services 4.Metadata services 5.Development of Agent Services Grid Services + Ontologies Towards the Semantic Grid

21 The Discovery Net Project Data issues : Calibration –Diversity of resource: normalisation –Diversity of quality : Cleaning Information issues : Integration –Information structuring (XML/Schema) –Information abstraction Knowledge issues : Assimilation –Validation & Reference : knowledge schema –Management : discovery process

22 Discovery Deployment Batch processing Active Report Discovery Service Discovery Component Discovery Process Markup Language

23 Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment Partners: Universities of York, Leeds, Oxford and Sheffield Rolls-Royce, Data Systems and Solutions

24 In flight data Airline Maintenance Centre Ground Station Global Network eg: SITA Internet, e-mail, pager DS&S Engine Health Center Data centre

25 The GEODISE Project University Partners Simon Cox, Andy Keane and Nigel Shadbolt University of Southampton Mike Giles University of Oxford Carole Goble University of Manchester B Industrial Partners Rolls-Royce - Engineering Fluent - Computational Fluid Dynamics Microsoft - Software/ Web Services Intel - Hardware Compusys - Systems Integration Epistemics - Knowledge Technologies Condor - Grid Middleware

26 Geodise will provide grid-based seamless access to an intelligent knowledge repository, a state-of-the-art collection of optimisation and search tools, industrial strength analysis codes, and distributed computing & data resources Geodise-K

27 UK Grid Core Program 1.Network of e-Science Centres UK e-Science Grid 2.Generic/Industrial Grid Middleware 3.CS/e-Health Grid Grand Challenge 4.Support for e-Science Applications 5.Outreach/International Activities 6. Grid Network Issues

28 Cambridge Newcastle Edinburgh Oxford Glasgow Manchester Cardiff Southampton London Belfast DL RAL Hinxton UK e-Science Grid

29 Access Grid at EuroPar 2001 Access Grid

30 Timescales for Exploitation? IBM see early adopters of Grid technology coming from pharmaceutical, engineering and petrochemical sectors UK program confirms this picture (AstraZeneca, GSK, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, RR, BAESystems, Schlumberger) IBM see Grid middleware being adopted by mainstream commerce and industry in 2003/2004 timeframe

31 Grid Computing is one of the three next big things for Sun and our customers Ed Zander, COO Sun The alignment of OGSA with XML Web services is important because it will make Internet-scale, distributed Grid Computing possible Robert Wahbe, General Manager of Web Services, Microsoft

32 Collaborative Industrial Grid Projects Grid Application Projects have more than $15M industrial input -mostly major pharmaceutical and engineering companies Around $24M allocated for collaborative industrial projects for middleware/tools -at present $8M allocated with matching industrial funding

33 E-Science Centre Projects Example Industrial Projects: E-Science Portal (with Sun) OSCAR-G (with Intel and Compusys) Tele-Medicine (with Siemens, Cancer Trust and Regional Hospitals) Molecular Informatics (with Unilever) GRIDmist (with HP) Grid Data Services (with IBM,Oracle)

34 Databases in the Grid Computational Complexity Data Complexity

35 OGSA – Data Access and Integration Project -Key middleware area for UK Program - Develop high-quality data-centric middleware capability - Total Budget $5M (CP $2M) - Three Centres: Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle - Industrial partners: IBM US, IBM Hursley and Oracle UK.

36 Equator: Technological innovation in physical and digital life AKT: Advanced Knowledge Technologies DIRC: Dependability of Computer-Based Systems MIAS: From Medical Images and Signals to Clinical Information e-Health Grand Challenge

37 e-Health Grid Projects Grid-Enabled Knowledge Services for Medical Informatics - Triple Assessment in Breast Cancer: Fusion of Clinical, Radiological and Cytological data Grid-based Medical Devices for Everyday Health - Patient sensors, mobile wireless communication

38 E-Science Project Support Grid Support Centre - User support for Grid middleware deployment - Operates Grid Certification Authority Supported Grid Middleware - Initial Release: Globus 2.0, Condor, SRB - Maintain library of Open Source Grid m/w UK e-Science Grid - Leading Engineering Task Force - Building persistent UK Grid

39 E-Science Project Support Training Courses -Courses on Globus, Web Services, OGSA, … National e-Science Institute in Edinburgh -Research Seminar Program - Multidisciplinary workshops – Blue Gene, China N+N, Grid Performance Engineering, … See

40 International Involvement GridNet funding - supports participation in the Global Grid Forum Grid Fellowships in Geneva and US - call for both CERN and iVDGL fellows Establishing links with major US Centres - San Diego Supercomputer Center and NCSA Joint UK-NSF N+N Meeting on e-Science - held in San Fransisco August 2001

41 Grid Network Team Expert group to identify end-to-end network bottlenecks and other network issues - e.g. problems with multicast for Access Grid Identify e-Science project requirements Funding £0.5M traffic engineering/QoS project with PPARC, UKERNA and CISCO - investigating MPLS using SuperJanet network Funding DataGrid extension project investigating bandwidth scheduling with PPARC

42 Scotland via Glasgow NNW Northern Ireland MidMAN TVN South Wales MAN SWAN& BWEMAN WorldCom Glasgow WorldCom Edinburgh WorldCom Manchester WorldCom Reading WorldCom Leeds WorldCom Bristol WorldCom London WorldCom Portsmouth Scotland via Edinburgh YHMAN NorMAN EMMAN EastNet External Links LMN Kentish MAN LeNSE 10Gbps 622Mbps 155Mbps SuperJanet4, June 2002 20Gbps 2.5Gbps

43 e-Science Demonstrators Dynamic Brain Atlas Biodiversity Chemical Structures Mouse Genes Robotic Astronomy Collaborative Visualisation Medical Imaging/VR

44 Research Challenges Building a Future Infrastructure -Developing a Semantic Grid -Trusted Ubiquitous Systems -Rapid Customized Assembly of Services -Autonomic Computing Putting the Infrastructure to work -Support for New Forms of Community -Socio-Economic Impact

45 Future Initiatives? An All-Ireland Grid? -QUB E-Science Centre with SFI funding Joint Project with NSF Middleware Initiative? -Grid and Internet2 activities Joint JISC/EPSRC R&D Programme? -Semantic Grids/Autonomic Computing

46 UK Technical Reports Globus and Associated Grid Middleware Databases and the Grid Towards the Semantic Grid The UK e-Science Programme Available from National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh

47 UK Grid projects emphasize data federation as much as computation Metadata and ontologies will be key to higher level Grid services UK e-Science program unique in concentrating on middleware and exploitation of the Grid by industry Summary

48 e-Science, e-Business and the Grid e-Science will change the dynamic of the way science is undertaken. John Taylor The Grid will change the future of e-Business as profoundly as Linux and the Web Tony Hey

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