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UNICORE – The Seamless GRID Solution Hans–Christian Hoppe A Member of the ExperTeam Group Pallas GmbH Hermülheimer Straße 10 D–50321 Brühl, Germany

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1 UNICORE – The Seamless GRID Solution Hans–Christian Hoppe A Member of the ExperTeam Group Pallas GmbH Hermülheimer Straße 10 D–50321 Brühl, Germany TERENA Networking Conference 2002, Limerick

2 © Pallas GmbH Outline UNICORE approach UNICORE architecture and implementation UNICORE projects Availability and outlook

3 © Pallas GmbH Approach Provide a uniform work environment for end–users –access and authentication mechanisms (client, certificates, …) –platform details (commands, data archives, batch systems, …) –user–level resource and job model (task graph, …) –job monitoring and controlling Intended UNICORE users –end–users in a specific domain –general HPC end–users –NOT application developers Intended usage modes –batch execution –interactive steering –NOT general purpose interactive

4 © Pallas GmbH Approach Degree of seamlessness –access and authentication –job model –resource model –job control and monitoring Security mechanisms –user authentication by X.509 certificates –authorization handled by the sites –data integrity and confidentiality by reliance on SSL/https Implementation technique –emphasize portability, rely on standards –use Java for client and server components –build protocols on top of SSL/https –use of XML for storing jobs

5 © Pallas GmbH Approach System integration and deployment –fit into common firewall configurations –integrate into existing system administration procedures –preserve site autonomy (authorization, quotas, billing, …) Extensibility –provide GUIs for particular applications (plugin mechanism) –extend set of supported resources, incarnation rules –configure third–party file transfers

6 © Pallas GmbH FZ Jülich LRZ Munich Resource Model UNICORE site(s) Virtual site(s) User submits jobs to a Vsite –soon: automatic resource identification Resources –capacity –capability Resources are advertised to the client –pseudo–dynamic mode T90 T3E–1200 T3E–600 Zampano Processors 256 CPU Time 14400 sec Memory 128000 Mbyte Permanent disk 200000 Mbyte MPI version 1.2 CPMD version 4.1 UNICORE Client SR8000 VPP 700

7 © Pallas GmbH Job Model Directed acyclic graph of –tasks (computational or data transfer) –sub–jobs (to be executed at another Vsite) –temporal dependencies Attach resource requests to tasks –capacity (CPU time, disk, …) –capability (MPI–2, profiling, …) –can do static tests of jobs –can do resource brokering … If Success Execute LM Model Import Model Data LM–Job T3E–1200 Process–LM Zampano Postprocess Export Data Notify user Transfer Data

8 © Pallas GmbH UNICORE Network Job Supervisor Architecture Client can run anywhere Gateway as single point of entry NJS incarnates and schedules jobs UDB (User Database) contains user login information IDB (Incarnation Database) contains resource information and job incarnation rules TSI (Target System Interface) interfaces to local batch system Cray NQEPBSPro TSI Network Job Supervisor Gateway Client(s) Insecure Internet IDB TSI IDB UDB FZ Jülich

9 © Pallas GmbH Security Model Authentication –Gateway requires user certificate to initiate SSL communication –pass (permanent) user certificate along with job description Authorization –Vsite maps certificate to local userid –authorization based on local userid –accommodate site–specific procedures Job and request integrity –each DAG is signed with the users private key –the Vsite executing a sub–job can verify authenticity Required trust –the user protects his/her private key –the CA is not compromised –NO transitive trust between Usites

10 © Pallas GmbH Technology Client and server components implemented in Java–2 Authentication using X.509 certificates –UNICORE Plus project uses own public key infrastructure (PKI) –software can work with any other PKI Coexistence with firewalls –gateway as single point of entry –can run outside firewall, in DMZ or inside firewall –user authentication at that point: rogue users cant go further Secure data transmission using SSL –additional data encryption considered in EUROGRID Modeling of computational jobs and resources as Java objects (AJO)

11 © Pallas GmbH Look&Feel See the demonstration at the UNICORE booth (exhibition area)

12 © Pallas GmbH Application Front–end Create GUIs that support important applications –UNICORE client has a plugin interface –GUI simplifies data entry for application –GUI can support application–specific resources –GUI constructs (complicated) job chains automatically GUI will use UNICORE client to –submit the application job –monitor and control the application job Helpful features –end–users concentrate on applications –extended consistency checks Existing front–ends –CPMD molecular dynamics code –Fluent, Gaussian, …

13 © Pallas GmbH UNICORE Projects UNICORE = GRID system for seamless access to (High Performance) computing systems ProjectObjectivesDurationFunded by UNICORE PlusSW development, deployment at HPC centers 01/2000– 12/2002 German govt. (BMBF) EUROGRIDEuropean HPC centers, scientific applications, industrial involvement 11/2000 – 10/2003 EU FP5 GRIPInteroperability of UNICORE and Globus 01/2002 – 12/2003 EU FP5 Application and deployment of UNICORE in new FP 5 projects Interest in participating in FP 6 IP and NoE –applications and deployment –extensions –integration into OGSA framework

14 © Pallas GmbH Availability and Outlook Current version: UNICORE 3.6 –available for project partners and on request –starting June 2002: access to full sources via UNICORE Forum web pages Upcoming production version: UNICORE 4.0 –supports control tasks (If, Repeat, …) –many improvements to the user interface –release in July/August timeframe –partners and source repository will be updated Results from EUROGRID and GRIP to be made available in a similar manner …

15 © Pallas GmbH Further Information Leaflets (see exhibition booth) WWW pages http://www.fz– Plus project http://www.unicore.orgUNICORE Forum http://www.eurogrid.orgEUROGRID project http://www.grid–interoperability.orgGRIP project UNICORE test GRID

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