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Activities of Ethiopian R&D Survey 2007 Presented at Harmonization workshop Nov. 30-3, 2009 Johannesburg, South Africa.

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1 Activities of Ethiopian R&D Survey 2007 Presented at Harmonization workshop Nov. 30-3, 2009 Johannesburg, South Africa

2 1. Uses of R&D Survey STPs primarily a policy making and management tool in R&D and STS Monitor the evolving scientific and technological potential at the institutional or individual R&D level Gathers information at micro level and thereby supply accurate information for policy makers

3 Explore the characteristics of the national scientific and technological potential The flow of national S&T budget from the sources to end users The scientific research activities The requirements for scientific and technological research based on priority objectives Indicate coherence of research activities in line with the socioeconomic development The production of R&D and STS units

4 2. Status of Ethiopia S&T Information oChallenges Organizational Set-up Low status of national S&T information system No organizational set up was in place till recently (no national coordination body in the country). Regional institutions are not available. Human and financial resources are scarce. Laws governing S&T information are limited. Low level of awareness of the need of S&T information. Cultural limitation in keeping and updating S&T information &

5 Opportunities The need for S&T information is being felt (S&T information users are increasing) Institutional set-up is in place. Laws are being issued Policy Mandate Available International collaboration like ASTII & UNESCO Budget Government is allocating budget. Investment is on the rise requiring S&T information

6 3. Preliminary Activities This challenges and opportunities has given rise to undertake S&T survey in Ethiopia for the 1 st time. Experts in the area are scarce We had to start from the scratch. We started low with Government institutions. Proposal development and management approval Government budget secured Hiring of personnel Identification of institutions –Government higher learning institution –Government R&D institutions & centers –Government S&T service institutions

7 Contd. Questionnaire design as per international standards Guideline development Logistics for the survey secured Undertake the survey with what we had at hand and learn in the process.

8 4. Performed Activities 1.Survey Details 1.1 Sampling Datas were obtained from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and registered governmental institutions. Since the frame is very low census method was followed. 1.2 How the survey was undertaken Data collection was undertaken through direct interview & filling of questionnaire by the responsible personnel.

9 1.3 Response rate Type of Institutions Surveyed ResponsePerc. Government Higher learning institutions9 9100. Government R&D centers 55 55100. Govt S&T Centers 43 43100 Total 107 107 1.4 None responsive survey None 1.5 Edit and amputation practice None

10 2.Questionnaire design (Amharic English) 2.1 Topics covered ( Hyperlink questionnaire) Human Resource in Governmental Institutions –By level of education (PhD, 1st degree, 2 nd degree tech, Aux) –By field of specialization –By sex

11 R&D expenditure in Governmental Institution –Government –Foreign grant –Own fund 2.2 Consultation during question development International standards (Frascati manual) Country experience (bench marks) Other ministries

12 2.3 Questionnaire design Respondent guideline development (Hyperlink the guideline) 2.4 Questionnaire testing None

13 3. Reporting plans. Descriptive statistics - Human Resource in Government Institutions Table 1 Human Resource Profile by Level of Education in S&T Service Centers PhD2 nd Deg 1 st Deg TechAuxTotal Federal STS Centers 1217839091719563453 Regional STS Centers -4680172441739 Total12224470108923974192

14 Summary of Human Resources of Higher Learning Institution NoNo Higher Learning Institutes PhD2 nd degree1 st degreeTechnicianAuxiliaryTotal MFMFMF MFMF 1Universities 942.75107.59.525.753.2534.755.7518.523.25325 2Colleges 3.5-4.25-0.75 ---0.259.5 Total 983112102743561924335 Table 2 Contd.

15 Summary of Human Resource of Government R&D Centers NoResearch Institute PhD2 nd Deg1 st DegTechnAux.Total MFMFMF 1EIAR914187312151329815272369 2ARRARI10-6351349137537895 3ORARI14-62211711807151091 4TARI5-27-2953735138 5SRARI11-24-48483233403 6SORPARI--11-34-1745107 7MoARD8-2211024196180 8GARI/C1-31131 537 9Inst in around A.A 21-56143713131222497 TOTAL1617455546374793734155717 Contd. Table 3

16 Field of Science PhD2 nd Deg1 st DegSub Total Total MFMFMFMF Natural Science 211 63 1043712718145 Engineering & Technology 2-7-13122123 Medical Science 4215584271138 Agricultural Science 132 4 358 3856034 1050 761126 Social Science 2 - 12 1131 27 229 Humanities - - - --- - -- Others/not specified - - - --- - -- Total1617455546374712531081361 Table 4 Human Resources in Govt R&D Centers by field of studies

17 Field of Sciences PhD2 nd Deg1 st DegSub total Total MFMFMFMF Natural Science 7634935-1306 136 Engineering & Technology 73245113-1313 134 Medical Science 15184830412913 142 Agricultural Science 101-1101041325213 265 Social Science 39284614613714 151 Humanities 8027100351 36 Others/not Specified -------- - Total3128399291031381450864 Summary of Human Resources by Field of Sciences of Higher Learning Institutions Table 6

18 - Government R&D Expenditure (Birr) R&D Expenditure of Government S&T Service Institutions GovernmentForeign Grant Own FundTotal Federal STS Centers 448,875,653.15 8,524,651.45 21,807,500.00 479,207,804.6 Regional STS Centers 18,350,899.00 3,116,888.51 - 21,467,787.51 Total 467,226,552.1511,641,539.9621,807,500.00 500,675,592.11 Table 7

19 Summary of Financial Resources of R & D and Higher Learning Organization NONO R & D Institutions Governme nt Foreign grant Foreign loan Own fundOthers Total 1 R & D org. 199,707,738. 89 46,826,648.691,579,739.46570,000.001,306,773.00 249,990,9 00.04 2 Higher Learning 12,781,750.6 9 33,128,774.17-125,000.00148,042.96 46,183,56 7.82 Total 212,489,4 89.58 79,955,422.86 1,579,739.46 695,000. 00 1,454,815.96 296,174,4 67.86 Contd. Table 8

20 Government R&D Expenditure (comparison with Previous Year) NoResearch Institute Source of Finance Year 2005Year 2007 Perc TotalGovernment123,522,576.00199,707,737.00 Foreign36,053,890.0047,850,841.00 Own fund0570,000.00 Others01,836,318.41 Total159,576,466.00249,954,898.00 Contd. Table 9

21 Analysis of key issues (what are they) None

22 International comparisons

23 4. Principal Findings Government R&D expenditure/GDP = 0.2% No. of researchers/million = 20

24 Conclusion O utput of the Survey Updated information collected Developed R&D profiles, STS and higher education Comparison of R&D 2007 data with 2005 was made Awareness creation and raising draft of the report developed First draft of the report developed Challenges Shortage of trained personnel to interpret the result of the survey. Table 10

25 The Way forward Identify the number of researchers by their field of specialization Profile of lab equipment Inclusion of Development institutions, Private sector, NGOs. Regular budget allocation for the Survey Employing professionals on permanent basis Updating the information regularly Profile of S&T activities Create mechanisms of incentive for surveyor and data supplier to increase the availability & allocability of S&T information. Avail the analyzed of the survey for the meaningful\ decision of policy makers.

26 Analysis of key issues (what are they) None International comparisons None 4. Principal Findings Government R&D expenditure/GDP = 0.2% No. of researchers/million = 20

27 5. Resource Allocation for the survey Over 200,000.00 Birr

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