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2011 SOUTH EAST ASIAN REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION INDICATORS Hanoi, Vietnam [5 th to 8 th December 2011] Anita Bahari Malaysian.

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1 2011 SOUTH EAST ASIAN REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION INDICATORS Hanoi, Vietnam [5 th to 8 th December 2011] Anita Bahari Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC) Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) MALAYSIA

2 10-Feb-14 Outline of presentation Introduction Usage of S&T Indicators Malaysias Performance in S&T Indicators Development Collecting R&D Statistics Malaysias Experience

3 Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC) S&T INDICATORS DATABASES Set up in 1992- one of the recommendations under National Action Plan for Industrial Technology Development (TAP) One stop centre for the collection and dissemination of S&T management information in Malaysia

4 MASTICs main activities Conduct surveys, produces reports, develops S&T and R&D databases and provides essential facts and figures on Malaysian S&T and R&D. S&T Indicators reports– trends in selected indicators reflecting Malaysias achievement in S&T (1994 – 2010) Survey of Research and Development – comprehensive information on status of R&D activities and the R&D growth in Malaysia; Survey of Innovation – reports on status of technological innovation in manufacturing and services sector Bibliometrics study – national citation report Public Awareness of S&T Malaysia – Malaysian public awareness, attitude, interest and understanding towards S&T – once in every 5 years

5 5 S&T Indicators Time series Trends Benchmarking Describes the input and output S&T activity. The purpose is to contribute to an overview of country knowledge infrastructure, its national and international status, its products, impact and productivity, cooperation and use of knowledge. Provides an overall picture of performance of country and focus on long term trends

6 S&T Indicators It cannot be denied that statistical STI indicators have been of increasing interest to the government, industry and public as a whole. They serve as one of the important inputs in assessing STI system of a country so that national competitive advantages could be maintained and promoted. Human capital R&D&C Enhance collaboration and networking, etc

7 7 R&D Survey Innovation Survey Public Awareness in S&T Survey Bibliometrics study Malaysian Research and Development Classification System – 6 th edition S&T Indicators Report S&T Indicators Measurement

8 8 How we gather the data? Type of data Primary MASTIC conducted own survey National R&D Survey Innovation Survey Public Awareness on S&T Bibliometrics study Secondary Data obtained from various related agency MOE Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) Bank Negara Malaysia Other government agencies

9 9 What are the Main S&T Indicators? Input Education in S&T Research and Development Human Resource in S&T Output –Patents –Bibliometrics Impact –Public Awareness on S&T –Balance of Payment and Trade in Technology –Innovation in Industry and Technological Innovation

10 1992 to 2008 and way forward MALAYSIA PERFORMANCE IN R&D

11 10-Feb-14 provide official statistics on Malaysian R&D. Input to the National S&T Policy Benchmarking Importance of R&D Collecting R&D Statistics Series of biennial surveys - since 1992 until 2008. Starting from 2009, data collection is done every year.

12 1 Gross Expenditure on R&D (GERD) 2 Human Resource 3 Source of funds 4 Performance Sectors 5 Type of Activity 6.6. Field of Research Indicators of R&D

13 EXPENDITURE ON R&D (GERD/GDP), 1992-2008 EXPENDITURE (RM million) 199219941996199820002002200420062008 GERD550.7611.3549.31,127.01,671.52,500.62,843.83,646.71,739.7 Private Sector246.3292.5400.1746.1967.91,633.12,033.63,096.4535.5 Government Research Institute 253.7164.9108.7247.3417.5507.1296.9189.5431.3 Institute of Higher Learning 50.7150.940.4133.6286.1360.4513.3360.8772.9 Ratio GERD/GDP (%) 0.370.340.220.390.50.690.630.640.24 Note : GERD - Gross Expenditure on R&D GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 2008 : RM 738,667 million Source: MASTIC, R&D Survey report 2008* 3,139.3 1,935.1 431.3 772.9 0.44

14 Trend Total R&D Expenditure, series data 1992 - 2008

15 10th Malaysia Plan Objective GERD /GDP 1.0% by the year 2010 Trend GERD/GDP, Series Data 1992 – 2008

16 200420062008 Researchers (FTE)12,669.59,694.2312,541.6 Researchers (Headcount)23,09219,02124,991 FTE per researcher0.550.510.50 Human Resource in R&D Note; FTE : Full Time Equivalence 199820002002 Researchers (FTE)3,415.86,422.77,157.5 Researchers (Headcount)6,24915,02217,790 FTE per researcher0.550.430.40

17 Number of Researchers per 10,000 Labour Force

18 Malaysia :Number of Researchers per 10,000 Population

19 Trend Gross Expenditure in R&D (RM million) by Type Of Activity

20 Trend Gross Expenditure on R&D (RM million) by Sector



23 R&D PERSONNEL All persons involved directly on R&D include administrators and clerical staff 3 ways measuring of R&D personnel Headcount FTE Qualification

24 Measurement of FULL TIME EQUIVALENT (FTE) Best estimate – total amount of R&D work done by one person in one year (for a given period) FTE = 1 (maximum) Measurement in person-years : a)A person who spends 75% of their time on R&D would be considered as having an FTE of 0.75 b)A full time R&D workers is employed at R&D unit for 6 month, the FTE = 0.5

25 SURVEY RESPONDENT Public sector Head of project Researcher Private sector R&D manager Accounting Personnel unit

26 PROJECT ORGANISATION Development of questionnaire & endorsement by Steering and Technical Committee Carry out preliminary survey – public sectorpreliminary survey Database development – mailing list & data entry Launch R&D Survey send out survey kitsurvey kit Carry out briefing/ road show to coordinators project leaders researcher Data collection/ QA Analysis and report writing

27 Preliminary survey For IHL and GRI only To get basic data regarding R&D activities in organisation - this will be used to measure response rates in the actual survey Information requested : Name of Coordinator of institution Project title Head of project Project status Year expenditure

28 SURVEY KIT Questionnaire Guideline to Questionnaire - A simplified set of instructions to be read by the researcher in order to guide them to fill up the survey form. MRDCS MRDCS – Malaysian Research and Development Classification System MSIC MSIC – classify the type of industry for the private sector

29 Type of questionnaire General Person responding Project title FOR & SEO R&D personnel Expenditure Factors hampering Private sector Main industry activity – MSIC Present status of the company Full time employee Capital & sales Type of R&D unit Incentives

30 DIVISION 1 :NATURAL SCIENCES, TECHNOLOGIES AND ENGINEERING F1010000MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES F1010100Mathematics F1010101Approximation theory F1010102Calculus of variation F1010103Category theory, K-theory and homological algebra F1010104Combinatorics F1010105Control theory F1010106Difference, differential, integral, integro- differential and functional equations F1010107Dynamical systems F1010199Other mathematics DIVISION CATEGORY GROUP AREA MRDCS Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS) – 6 th edition

31 MSIC – Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification

32 STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY - private sector- Information provided by your organisation is strictest confidence. MASTIC does not disclose, release or publish any identificiable information on individuals, individuals companies, business unit or R&D units from the survey.

33 Why the drop in GERD and GERD/GDP ratio? 1992 to 2008 and way forward

34 Response Rates for the Public Sector from 2002 to 2008

35 Response rates for the private sector from 2002 to 2008

36 Some Research Issues Definitions Standard definition in methodology used Best estimate in measuring R&D expenditure Duration of research project carried out Financial year reporting Data collection Data held confidential Reported as per project or per institution R&D survey on line: Collecting data per project Manual : Collecting data per institution

37 National R&D Survey, 2009-2011 Preliminary survey Full Survey of R&D Data collection Sept 2010 Kick - off 29 Nov 2011 29 Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

38 R&D survey on line



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