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Vietnams country report on National S&T Statistics Dr. Dang Duy Thinh NISTPASS, Vietnam.

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1 Vietnams country report on National S&T Statistics Dr. Dang Duy Thinh NISTPASS, Vietnam

2 Content S&T Statistics 1980s S&T Statistics 1990s S&T Statistics 2000-2003 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Conclusion

3 S&T Statistics 1980s Report Method for collecting data for S&T Statistics : 14 S&T Indicator groups for Government and Higher Education sectors 04 S&T Indicator groups for Industry sector Some R&D Indicators (only limited done) No innovation indicators Report method was not successful at that time for collecting data

4 S&T Statistics 1990s Survey Method for collecting data for Statistics: 233 State R&D institutes R&D activities in 52 provinces The indicators mainly included Input indicators No Indicators of FTE, Intra/Extra Expenditure for R&D, type of R&D activities Output Indicators were very simple No innovation indicators

5 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Survey Method for collecting data for S&T Statistics : Trail Project (S&T indicators of China) ASEAN-ROK project (S&T indicators of OECD, ASEAN) Conducting the test survey for fostering the Indicators system Conducted the survey on national R&D institutions from August to December 2003 Results of survey published in ASEAN- Documents (as Results of Projects)

6 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 R&D indicators proposed for VN: National R&D - financial resources/human resources Business Enterprises R&D - financial resources/human resources Higher Education R&D - financial resources/human resources Government R&D – financial resources/human resources Patents and Articles

7 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Coverage and new Indicators introduced Coverage covers 4 sectors: Gov; HE; Non P; BE (before: only Gov and HE sectors) Introduced some new indicators in the survey: Personnel: included Headcount, FTE Expenditure: included intramural/extramural expenditure R&D activity: divided into basic research, applied research and development

8 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Test survey Questionnaire and sample survey The first sample survey applied for 15 institutes The second ones applied for 45 institutes Correcting the questionnaires based on the donor experience and abroad experience of China, and ASEAN for Vietnams national R&D survey

9 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Conducting the survey: Institutional arrangement NISTPASS was responsible for methodology, questionnaires NACESTI was responsible for implementing the survey The survey was based on Units not based on R&D Projects

10 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 NoSectorsSent Questionnaire Respond Questionnaire Percent 1Total44627361 2Research Institutes 19914472 3Education: - Universities - College 197 76 121 116 62 54 58 81.57 44.6 4Non-profit organization 501326 5Business Enterprises 7233

11 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Results of the R&D survey: The coverage of the survey up to 80% total R&D performance of Vietnam Generating to 5 general table for Vietnam (as attached in the annex), detailed divided by sector, by performance, by source... Resulting by practical situation of Vietnam, so we only applied the survey by unit, not by project so hardly generating for FTE indicator, especially in the Higher Education sector

12 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 GENERAL GERD (mil. VND)1032560.90 GERD (1000 USD)*67744.45 GERD / GDP (%)0.23 Total R&D personnel47651 Female R&D personnel 17585 Tab 1. DOMESTIC R&D EXPENDITURE * Average Exchange Rate in 2002 (1US$=15242 VND)

13 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Tab 2. GROSS DOMESTIC EXPENDITURE ON R&D (GERD) BY SECTOR OF PERFORMANCE AND SOURCE OF FUND GERD by source of funds) 1,000,000 VND1000 USD% Business enterprises186478.00 12234.4818.06 Direct Government736165.25 48298.4771.30 Higher education29013.70 1903.542.81 Private non-profit5756.00 377.640.01 Funds from abroad65397.95 4290.646.33 Other6753.00 443.050.65 Total GERD1032560.90 67744.45100.00

14 Tab 3. GROSS DOMESTIC EXPENDITURE ON R&D (GERD) BY SECTOR OF PERFORMANCE AND TYPE OF ACTIVITY GERD by type of research 1,000,000 VND1000USD% Basic research 226229.2414842.4921.91 Applied research 544303.5135710.7752.71 Experimental development 257562.1516898.1924.94 Total GERD 1032560.9067744.45100.00 S&T Statistics 2000-2003

15 Tab 4. TOTAL R&D PERSONNEL BY SECTOR OF EMPLOYMENT OCCUPATIONHEADCOUNT% Researchers/Scientists/Engineers (RSE) 41117.0086.29 RSE with Doctor degree 4466.009.37 RSE with master degree 8369.0017.56 RSE with bachelor degree 28282.0059.35 Technicians 2973.006.24 Other supporting staff 3561.007.47 Total R&D personnel 47651.00 100.00

16 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Tab 5. TOTAL R&D PERSONNEL FEMALES BY SECTOR OF EMPLOYMENT OCCUPATIONHEADCOUNT% Researchers/Scientists/Engineers (RSE) - females 14409030.24 RSE females with Doctor degree 9061.90 RSE female with Master degree 34077.15 RSE females with Bachelor degree 1009621.19 Technicians females 13852.91 Supporting staff females 18063.79 Total R&D personnel females 1758536.90

17 S&T Statistics 2000-2003 Advantages and difficulties of survey: Advantage The high respond rate in the GOV, BE sectors Incorporating ROK-statistical Project with Government R&D statistical Project (using oversea experiences) Difficulties Survey with 4 sectors and new indicators Lack of law framework for statistical performance Calculation of FTE only available for Gov. sector

18 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Law on Statistics 2003 For imple. the Law ( Gov. Degree 40/2004 ND-CP ): - National Indicators System (NIS), - NIS: Indicators, sectors/groups, time Survey method for collecting data for statistics - National Survey Programs (NSP) - General Directorate for Statistics organizing NSP - Survey beside the NSP: for the policy of Ministries - Ministries are responsible conducting one part in NSP - Gov. Budget for implementing NSP (important)

19 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 For imple. the Law …(cont.): Statistic Report Method: - Grassroots level (St. Agency, S&T inst… who using State Budget, FDI, do report), - Centralized level (Ministry, Province to compilate) Statistic Organizations: - General Directorate for Statistics - Statistic Unite at Ministries, Provinces - Statistic Unite at Cities, Districts, Communities

20 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 National Indicators System (part for S&T) (Decision of Prime-Minister No 305/2005) 1.No of S&T institutions 2.No of Personnel working in the S&T Field 3.No of R&D Projects 4.No of Patents 5.No of National and International Prizes 6.Expenditure for S&T 7.Expenditure for Innovation in Enterprises 8.Paying and selling the technologies 9.Paying and selling the patents

21 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Tables for Statistic Report which are to provide by MOST (according to Decision of Prime-Minister No 111/2008) 1.01B/KHCN: No of S&T institutions 2.02B/KHCN: No of Persons working in the S&T Field 3.03B/KHCN: No of R&D Projects 4.04B/KHCN: No of Patents 5.05B/KHCN: No of National and International Prizes 6.06B/KHCN: Finance for paying and selling the technologies and the patents

22 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Statistics on the S&T Field (according to the Gov. Degree 30/2006 ND-CP): Statistic S&T Indicators are: a) Indicator group of S&T Personnel (4 Indicators) b) Indicator group of Finance for S&T (3 Indicators) c) Indicator group of Infrastructure for S&T(4 Indicators) d) Indicator group of Capability for Tech. Innovation (4 Ind.) e) Indicator group of Results of S&T activities (7 Indicators) f) Indicator group of Impacts of S&T (4 Indicators) g) Indicator group of Others

23 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Statistics on the S&T Field (cont.) Institutions to make the statistic report : State S&T Institutions State agencies State Enterprises Politic Organizations, social Organizations,… which using the National Budget for the S&T activities S&T Statistic Survey: Institutions, agencies to be surveyed which do not make the statistics report or survey to be done extra for statistic report or for issues which not planned to do or in the emergency case.

24 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Statistics on the S&T Field (cont.) S&T Statistic Survey: Incorporated in National Survey Programs MOST conducts the S&T part in National Survey Programs Ministry extra S&T survey for own purpose Other ministries and Provinces can do S&T surveys for their purposes and reported to MOST MOST is responsible for set up extra S&T Indicators (beside the S&T Indicators in National Indicator System) for its statistic purpose.

25 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Statistics on the S&T Field (cont.) Network for colleting data for S&T statistics: S&T Statistic Organization of MOST Statistic Organization of Ministries, Agencies of Gov. Statistic Organization or Personnel responsible for S&T statistic in Provinces, Cities, Districts, Communities Personnel responsible for S&T statistics in S&T institutions, Enterprises,…(in the grassroots level)

26 S&T Statistics 2003-2008 Indicator System in S&T Field In Process for setting up this Indicator System by MOST The Indicator System in S&T Field comprises of (draft): S&T Personnel S&T Finance S&T Infrastructure S&T Cooperation S&T Publication Patents Capability of technological Innovation Activities of Assessment, Evaluation of Technology Activities of Standardization, Measuring, Quality Management Activities for Management of using Nuclear Power for civil purpose Activities of Inspectors in S&T Field

27 Conclusion VN had along time ago dealing with report method in S&T Statistics but it was not successful VN tried to collecting data for S&T and specially for R&D in some cases but until now only in form of research activities (not legally) prior 2003 VN uses legally 2 methods (report and survey) for the collecting the data for S&T Statistics. It promises to provide reliable data for the S&T statistic purpose VN is now on the wage legally to set up the mechanism and the indicators for the S&T Statistics and hopefully it is finished in this year and can conduct the statistic activities in the next years One weakness of the VN S&T indicators system is not clear about R&D indicators and Innovation Indicators. It can be amended, revised before to be approved by Government and MOST.

28 Thanks for your attention

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