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STI IN JAMAICA Donald A. S. Miller National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) UNESCO Grenada, February 1-3, 20111.

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1 STI IN JAMAICA Donald A. S. Miller National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) UNESCO Grenada, February 1-3, 20111

2 JAMAICA – Overview of a Caribbean Island LOCATION – Latitude 17 1/2 o and 18 1/2 0 north; Longitude 76 1/2 0 and 78 ½ 0 west AREA of 11,424 sq. km. POPULATION – 2.9m and multi-racial Out of Many, One People Major areas of ECONOMY – Tourism, Agriculture, Mining (Bauxite), Manufacturing Official LANGUAGE – English Major Asset – Its People

3 JAMAICA - Snapshots

4 Introduction Historical Perspective S&T Infrastructure The National Commission on Science and Technology STI Inhibitors to Progression Knowledge from UNESCO GRENADA OVERVIEW

5 Established in 1993 Umbrella, broad-based, cross-sectorial organization responsible for fostering and advancing the national policy and strategy for science and technology in Jamaica. Facilitates and provides guidance on government programmes/ projects and facilitates private sector projects relating to S&T. Chaired by the Honourable Prime Minister with Vice Chair the Minister with responsibility for S&T Members drawn from academia, public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations A LOOK AT THE NCST

6 Private Sector Manufacturing, Processing, Industries, Services, Trade, Testing Jamaicas S&T Infrastructure Prime Minister National S&T Commission Universities R&D Faculties Applied Institutions (Science Parks) Public Sector Organizations Research & Development Standards, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Minerals, Water, Marine, Government Ministries, Information Systems, Professional associations, Sciences centres Technology Investment Fund National S&T Foundation Advisors Office Foreign Investments & Technology Transfer Licensing Agreements

7 Strategic Objectives of the NCST Utilization of S&T for Competitive and Profitable Businesses Make S&T Efforts for National Development More Efficient, Impactful and Environmentally Sustainable Local S&T Competence and Capability Ensure that the Population Understands the Importance of S&T Broadly disseminate knowledge and Information on S&T

8 The Role of the NCST Guides, monitors and manages the development and application of science and technology Provides advice to the Government on S&T issues, national policy and facilitates implementation Catalyses and galvanises actions in areas of importance to national development Supports the development of local S&T capability Fosters collaboration

9 Role of the NCST … Identifies and develops mechanisms for funding S&T activities and provides financial assistance accordingly Creates linkages between users and suppliers of S&T for increased production and productivity Fosters development of human resources Promotes public awareness of S&T and its application to national development

10 S&T CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT Policy and Planning Science and Technology Biotechnology S&T Education Strategic Plan 2005-2010 S&T Indicators – human, expenditure etc??? - Contribution to the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica (ESSJ)

11 STI Information from the ESSJ Mobile penetration STI Financing Capturing broad expenditure on STI, not R&D only Patents ICT – ABM, International ICT Indices S&T Publications Standards

12 STI Information from the ESSJ (2009) Policy trends for STI Global Trends in STI for Analysis Annual Local R&D Analysis Teledensity - Mobile, Fixed Internet – Broadband penetration Indication indicators (GSAT and CSEC Low levels of Math and Science passes)

13 STI Information from the ESSJ CXC 2009 2006200720082009 Biology73.173.777.877.9 Chemistry60.360.965.976.3 IT56.974.878.386.4 Mathematics31.629.637.236.1 Physics50.747.877.774.6 FIGURE C: PERFORMANCE OF JAMAICAN CANDIDATES IN SELECTED SCIENCE SUBJECTS IN THE CXC/CSEC MAY-JUNE EXAMINATIONS, 2006-2009

14 HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT Training – students, teachers, researchers, engineers Information sharing Professional Associations Employment of S&T graduates Attraction to S&T professions – mentorship, internship/attachment Professional Associations – ASTJ, JSST, JYSF

15 HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT - INCENTIVES National Medal for Science and Technology NFDSTs Trophy for Schools Competition Tax Incentive Scheme

16 S&T CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT - Information And Knowledge Systems Websites – NCST and Childrens site being developed Profiles of S&T Institutions- inventory of mandate, programmes and projects

17 S&T CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT – Public Understanding of S&T National Public Education Programme Biosafety, Biosafety Clearing House Exhibitions, public fora, conferences, media (electronic, print) Publications – annual reports etc. Presentations – groups etc

18 S&T CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT - Sponsorships Training Competitions Visits, Meetings Workshops Policy and Planning Research Projects

19 Collaboration Local Committees Private Sector Liaison S&T Institutions International Partnerships – RICYT UNESCO, OAS S&T missions/visits Conferences, workshops etc. Collaborative research Projects- Caribbean Welcome Jamaican- Caribbean Diaspora

20 SOME CHALLENGES Small and Understaffed Secretariat Lack of Adequate Financial Resources Lack of S&T Culture Integration & Coordination of S&T not Embraced Jamaica as an adopter of Technologies

21 SOME CHALLENGES cont… Lack of Effective Partnership between the Providers and Users of S&T Knowledge National Strategic Focus for Growth and Development National Social Concerns and Confidentiality Globalization and Knowledge-based Economy Changes in Political Directorate and the long term goals

22 UNESCO Grenada, February 1-3, 2010 SUMMARY STI Human Expenditure ESSJ PROBLEMS Lack of Trust /Confidentiality Difficulty in obtaining data Changes in Political Directorate… 22

23 NUTT-TINS Novelty Understanding Testing and Training resulting from Technology Innovation and Science NUTTTINS + Decision Making = $OMETHING The value of Nutt-tins is never equal to zero. Its application will always be a positive influence in the advancement of STI.

24 THANK YOU Donald A. S. Miller National Commission on Science and Technology Office of the Prime Minister 1 Devon Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica Tel: 876 946.4448-9 Fax: 876 960 8407 Email:

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