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Holly Springs High School Positive Behavior Intervention & Support March 20, 2012 Building a Partnership.

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1 Holly Springs High School Positive Behavior Intervention & Support March 20, 2012 Building a Partnership

2 Desired Outcomes Demographics/EOC DataPBIS at Holly Springs High SchoolStaff/StudentClear ExpectationsPBIS School-Wide InitiativesRewards & Reinforcement

3 Purpose Traditional Calendar Students Staff Black -16.3% White- 65.6% Hispanic-10.8% Other- 7.4% 123

4 Nikia Davis-AdministratorLashonda Mellette-PBIS Co-Chair/ English Teacher Sherry Brown-PBIS Co-Chair/Science Teacher Matthew OConnor-Counselor Stacey Potter- English Teacher Paula Heidrick- CTE TeacherRenee Macneil- English TeacherLaura Bateman-Intervention Prevention Coordinator Marya Wagner-Math TeacherMarsha Jackson- BST Teacher

5 PBIS at Holly Springs High School

6 EOC Data PBIS\HollySpringsHS- WakePBIS.xlsx Discipline Referrals SWIS Surveys Staff Input

7 Professional Development Classroom Management Training Pyramid Intervention Training BST/PBIS Support Re-teaching Expectations Classroom Management and Intervention Plans

8 PBIS\Classroom Matrix_School Matrix 2011_2012.docx PBIS\Classroom Matrix_School Matrix 2011_2012.docx

9 School House Chats Administrative Team First 10 Days of School Advisory Lessons Modeling Expectations Student Recognition


11 Hawks on Time- 2009-2010 Team used multiple sources of data to identify areas of concern. Excessive Tardies Skipping Loss of instructional time Brainstormed possible solutions-Start On Time Visited schools with successful programs Conducted staff surveys to gauge interest Implemented 3 rd period pilot program 3 rd Period Highest number of tardies Greatest loss of instructional time

12 Parent & Student Students watched a video in HR explaining the new tardy policy Parents received letters explaining changes and information was posted on the school website Staff PBIS explained implementation process, expectations and reviewed roles and responsibilities of each staff member Duty roster created involving all staff members Results After 9 weeks there was a significant decrease in tardies which resulted in maximized instructional time. Program continued until the end of the year with 84% of the staff interested in a full day implementation 3 rd Period Pilot Program

13 Hawks on Time: 2010-2011 Student, Staff & Parent support Data Full Implementation

14 Hawks on Time Tardy Bell 7:25, 9:51, 11:36, 12:59 (Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs, & Fri) 7:25, 9:13, 11:35, 12:59 (Advisory Wednesday) Definitions Tardy> Entering the classroom any time during the first 5 minutes AFTER the tardy bell. Skipping> Entering the classroom anytime AFTER the first 5 minutes of class. Sweepers> Staff that direct students to Sweep Station Sweep Station> Location designated to pick up tardy slip. (1700,2700,3700 Locker Bay) Teachers LOCK doors AFTER tardy bell rings. Students who are not in their class when the bell sounds, are considered tardy. Students left in the hallway will be swept by a hall sweeper to the sweep station. This is located in the 1700, 2700, and 3700 locker bay. Students will receive a tardy slip to enter class. Students that come to class after five minutes without a pass will be allowed in class and referred to Administration for skipping. Process Tardy Consequences 1st- Written warning - Parent Contact 2nd-Teacher Detention - Parent Contact 3rd- Referral to Administration - BCR/Suspension of LP 4th- Referral to Administration - CLC/Suspension of PP 5th- Referral to Administration - Saturday Detention

15 Student nomination is based on various criteria, not just based on academics. Collaborated with PTSA and PBIS Team to implement Hawks of Excellence Focused on increasing overall student recognition

16 Students receive a letter from the Principal and Recognition by the PTSA To be recognized, a student must receive a nomination from two of their four current teachers Teachers nominate 2 students per class

17 Each staff member receives 10 tickets Staff members are asked to reward students for demonstrating positive behavior in the school, hallway, classroom, cafeteria or locker bay area. Staff and Students receive instructions about the E-ticket Collection location. PTSA and local businesses are contacted about donations for the Reward System Weekly prizes will be awarded to the student and the referring teacher during the morning announcements on each Friday. High 5 for Hawks


19 Contact Information Nikia Davis Assistant Principal Lashonda Mellette English Teacher

20 Thank you again!

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