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1 Science Technology and Innovation Indicators Jordan - Dos Presented by : Amjad Magableh Country : Jordan DOS Experience.

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1 1 Science Technology and Innovation Indicators Jordan - Dos Presented by : Amjad Magableh Country : Jordan DOS Experience In Sti Indicator THE HASHEMITE KHNGDOME OF JORDAN DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS

2 About DOS DOS has right to collect, classify, store, analyse and publish official statistics DOS has Coordination and technical authority over the other public bodies involved in statistical activities. Copyright ©2

3 Benefit of STI Statistics Information, Data, Indicators Enhance the effort to develop the information society. Build STI Data Base. Enhancing Decision making Process. Improving capacity building in statistics. Measure the progress achieved in STI. Copyright ©3

4 4 Statues of Sti at DOS STI Indicators Comes from family surveys Some Family Surveys Questionnaires contains Few indicators: Radio Television Computer Satellite Mobile The internet Access

5 The future looks very bright for the IT industry in Jordan for these reasons : Advanced infrastructure for information technology in all areas. an ideal business and sophisticated. The element of youth and qualified workforce and trained. Copyright ©5

6 Flexible government participation and good support after it has been providing the appropriate atmosphere to achieve success for local companies and foreign investors. Excellent financial return, which dates back to the manufacturer and producer. Copyright ©6

7 7 Case. The software industry in Jordan It must be pointed out that the great development witnessed by the world by the communications revolution and the information contributed to the development of this industry in Jordan. this industry is very large and it become as one of the most important future industries, it is the basis for the information and communication revolution in the world as a whole.

8 Copyright ©8 The challenges facing the St sector in Jordan, "the software industry" The cost investment in the production of programs "software industry" is big and it is a major investment That the production of programs needed for a long time to transform it from idea to prototype and at last a final product "program". Need a lot of effort, support, maintenance. more time and more money.

9 Elements that contributed to the promotion of technological progress and stability in general in Jordan 1 st element - political stability enhance the information technology sector, Play political stability in Jordan as a key role in attracting international attention by large IT companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Oracle. It must be said some of the figures to highlight the rapid growth of IT industry in Jordan, where the total income of the Kingdom of the information technology industry in 2004 to $ 440 million compared with $ 170 million in 2001 and arrived in 2008 to more than $ 900 million. Copyright ©9

10 Must be noted that sectors are telecommunications and technology solutions for banking and e-government applications, online commerce solutions website has solutions and multimedia, animation, call centers the most important investment in Jordan. Copyright ©10

11 2 nd element, the role of technical and administrative Software producers had to take the initiative to learn and practice of production management in a scientific. Control engineering and management. Provide a practical means of monitoring and accounting programmers and measuring the rate of production. Copyright ©11

12 Selection of tools and techniques appropriate must be aware of the real needs of the product. Criteria for evaluating the performance which represents a significant qualitative leap for the quality of production and for the consumer in the end. its capacity for expansion, and transmission of the computer work environment to another. Copyright ©12

13 To have a look at the future ability of companies producing tools for production to continue in the competition and provide the service. Arabization of the software technologies of interest, it took the attention of the energies of many specialists in previous years. Copyright ©13

14 3nd element : role of government and legislative Government's role is essential to advance the software industry through executive decisions. legislation must also encourage innovation to such an industry and without limits or restrictions. Copyright ©14

15 Attention to scientific research in basic research, is not expected to achieve scientific breakthroughs in information technology the development of work in basic research and Government to support the long-term projects in the field of physics, sports, language engineering and artificial intelligence, Copyright ©15

16 Promote Arabization software, that the requirement for government agencies dealing with the Arab or expressing software would greatly stimulate the Arab developers interesting question of Arabization. as well as from the fact that the foreign product of attention, especially in large software systems such as geographic information systems and aerial surveys and remote sensing systems. Copyright ©16

17 Development of legislation and attention to intellectual property rights that cover freedom of thought and opinion. several aspects of our lives and any talk of the Arab software industry is serious and successful Copyright ©17

18 Need to focus on the rehabilitation of my information to professionals, particularly in terms of law schools and the judiciary. the more Governments have understood the importance of laws that protect the rights and software licenses, the value of these programs increase, which affects positively on the one hand and users on the developers of the programs on the other. Copyright ©18

19 4rth element: The Role of Economic and Social Council Follow-up to economic and social changes and study the actual needs of the community. We must change the people's economic and social development. Copyright ©19

20 Draws attention to the problems and realistic solutions moved to the center of attention and careful consideration of the alternatives available to carry the innovative solutions that seek to great successes. Copyright ©20

21 Global partnerships, that the companies shared global experience successfully exercised by India and Brazil according to national plans studied. there are a number of major international companies willing to cooperate with Arab companies will raise distinct from the burden of Arabization and needs. Copyright ©21

22 will ensure a huge Arab market, and will carry a lot of work at an acceptable cost In contrast. the Jordanian guarantee more friction scientific and technical, to the Arab market will ensure that programs reflect the actual needs of making top professionals. Copyright ©22

23 Interest in the joint Arab production, this is long overdue and is expected to achieve Arab cooperation / joint Arab unforeseen successes. as producers can give to the Arabs is the search for non- traditional sources of funding interest. open the field of marketing and advertising through the software. the large companies can create a cross market trends in each Arab country. Copyright ©23

24 Outlook Tax exemptions should be linked to intellectual and scientific value-added and innovative financing mechanisms to support the IT industry. especially for start-ups and find a fundamental pillar in the development and meet the challenges of a competitive market that characterize this industry. Copyright ©24

25 Need to create a general atmosphere of a booming industry and interest in global marketing. this falls to the governments and stakeholders in the situation of scientific and industrial community to prepare to run in this experiment. set an example to the India, which reached its exports of software and electronics, including more than ten billion dollars in 2004 is expected to reach 28 billion $ 2010 after that they did not exceed 1.5 billion dollars in Copyright ©25

26 Compliance with the laws of intellectual property protection contributes to the promotion of software industry. in addition to acquiring the confidence of the major institutions working in the field of human development programming need of attention from the education of Arab children to have access to an integrated strategy for the acquisition of skills. Copyright ©26

27 The most important indicators of the use of technology in Jordan Most households (86%) have mobile phones, two-thirds of families have more than one line. More than one third of households (36%) have computers. About half of the individuals aged 5 years or more (46%) use the computer, the majority of whom are the age group (10-19 years). Copyright ©27

28 The percentage of males of age (5 years and over) and use the computer (56%) compared to (44%) for females. Use of PC is for personal purposes (73%) and least for work purposes (17%). two-thirds of households) 64% (they do not have a computer because of physical ability. About half of the individuals who do not use a computer because of the lack of knowledge of how to use. Copyright ©28

29 About (16%) of households have Internet service at home and have varied the ratio between urban and rural areas and most Internet users were male. Prepaid cards are the most commonly used to connect to the Internet (68%), and use of the Internet via ADSL in rural areas is still low (10%). the highest rate of Internet use in the houses were once daily or at least once a week at least, but not daily (about 37% each). Copyright ©29

30 About one third of individuals (35%) of the age (5 years and over) use the Internet for less than two years. The main reason for not using the Internet at home is the high cost, especially in rural areas. The owners of bachelor degree or higher, the highest percentage of computer users and the Internet. occupied homes (53%), schools and universities (47%) Percentage Top places to use the Internet for individuals aged 5 years or more. Copyright ©30

31 greater use of the Internet is to send and receive (58%), and less for the purchase or sale of goods and services (5%). About one person out of every five individuals who use computers and about two-thirds of Internet users have e- mail. About (21%) of individuals (15 years or older) have information about e-government services. Copyright ©31

32 The largest percentage of households (25%) want to use SMS or surf the Internet via cell phone to take advantage of e-government services. Jordanian private mail delivery service to provide the salaries of national aid for families. About two-thirds of households (67%) use e-Jordan for the purposes of payment of bills. Copyright ©32

33 Average monthly household expenditure on mobile phones is around (28 KD) and on the phone lines around (23 dinars). Average monthly household expenditure on the Internet about (16 dinars). Copyright ©33

34 Copyright ©34 Suggestion & Recommendation. More Awareness. Activate using STI indicators. Conduct STI survey Build comprehensip Data Base. Improving capacity building, training, technology, experience Cooperation involved agencies.

35 Copyright ©35 The Results None specialized survey in STI in Jordan. some indictors can picked up from different Surveys. General Data collected from Household units. Data collected by interviewing.

36 Copyright ©36 Future Of STI More Awareness. Not enough awareness. Activate using STI indicators Indicators approval Collaborate other agencies Carry out STI survey. Enhance capacity building, training, technology, experience

37 Copyright ©37 Collaboration DOS & Ministry of STI Memory of Understanding. Running special STI survey 2009 Using STI oHousehold Units oEstablishments

38 Thank you for your attention Copyright ©38

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