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Positive Behavior Intervention & Support Program.

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1 Positive Behavior Intervention & Support Program

2 West Lumberton is … – Small city school located in Robeson County – Population of 167 students 45% African American 40% Native American 11% Caucasian 4% Hispanic and Multi-race – 94.44% receive free or reduced lunch

3 Our Mission Statement

4 Why we started PBIS… Teachers were frustrated Existing school discipline procedures were ineffective: – Punishment – Exclusion – Counseling

5 Training December of 2004 – In-School Coach was trained on the modules Spring of 2005 – Buy-in activities for staff: Book study on How Full is Your Bucket? In-school coach provided overview of PBS – Completed Matrix Behavior Levels and Consequences Routines and Procedures PBIS Team received – Module 1 training in the Fall of 2005

6 West Lumberton Elementary Student Matrix I will: All SettingsClassroomHallwaysCafeteriaBathroomPlaygroundBus Be Kind Include and help others Be a good friend Use good manners Be a friend Walk quietlyUse good manners Have Pleasant conversation Be helpful Wait your turn Respect privacy of others Take turns and share Ask others to join in Accept skill differences Use good manners Use polite words Be Safe Report hazards or problems Ask permission to leave any setting Keep hands and feet to myself Follow directions Walk at all times Face the front Keep hands and feet to myself Walk in a straight line Place trash in trash can Use water properly Use proper hygiene Use equipment properly Keep hands and feet to yourself Keep sand, rocks and sticks on the ground Seat to seat, back to back Use quiet voices Be Respectful Treat others as you want to be treated Use polite words Good listener Accept each other Respect personal space Respect others property Eat only your food Talk quietly at your table Remain seated Follow directions Use quiet voices Respect privacy of others Use appropriate language Follow teacher directions Follow drivers instructions Obey bus safety rules Be Responsible Follow directions Treat all materials and equipment properly Make good choices Ask questions Demonstrate self- control Keep eating area clean Select healthy choices Eat promptly Be conservative Clean up after myself Return to class promptly Treat equipment properly Follow game rules Solve problems positively Be on time Keep belongings in place Keep bus clean

7 Kick-off Celebrations Fall of 2005 Awards Program – Each student and staff member received a lanyard with a Super Dolphin tag – Recognized the Teacher of the Year and Teacher Assistant of the Year PTO Program – In-school coach presented an overview of the program to the parents

8 PBIS at our school… Recognizes Good Behavior We recognize students and staff during the morning announcements. We have a star student bulletin board for those students that have been recognized in the mornings. Each Friday these students sit at the PBIS table with a community volunteer.

9 Star Student Bulletin Board

10 Lumberton Police Officer PSRC Assistant Superintendent Dr. Linda Emanuel PBIS Lunch Table

11 DOLPHIN Store Students receive dolphins for good behavior. Once a month students are able to purchase items from the West Lumberton PBIS Store with their dolphins.

12 Awards Program Each nine weeks students are awarded academic and behavior tags to wear on their lanyards. All students and staff wear their lanyards on Fridays.

13 Support Systems LEA – Start up cost – Financial support – Superintendent attended kick-off celebration Administration – Attends monthly meetings – Provides support for staff PBIS Team – Attends monthly meetings held by in-school coach – In-school coach reports to staff at weekly meetings – Monitors progress of PBIS

14 Training in 2005-2006 PBIS Team received – Module 2 & 3 training in the Spring of 2006 Re-teaching Activities – Book study on Johnathon – Review the goals of PBIS – Completed Staff Matrix

15 West Lumberton Elementary Staff Matrix I will: All SettingsClassroomHallwaysCafeteriaBathroomPlaygroundBus Be Kind Use a positive toneTalk in a professional and positive tone Use a calming voice Greet, Smile; be positive to everyone Talk professionally Use positive tones and words Wait your turn Respect privacy of others Give positive directions Use positive language towards students to and from the bus Be Safe Monitor students at all times Be aware of surroundings Walk on the right pick up hazardous debris Move swiftly Walk in a straight line Give others enough time to get their food Place trash in trash can Walk with students to the restroom Watch for water/paper on the floor Monitor students at all times Daily review of video to ensure positive behavior Be Respectful Be positive with your words and actions Use the questions: What are you doing? What should you be doing? Show me how. Correct behavior positively and respect students needs Use inside voices Acknowledge and stop for pledge of allegiance Clean table and area Treat student in a positive manner Make sure students turn off water, flush commode, and pick up paper towels Encourage students to engage in physical activity within their limits Bus duty attendants be prompt and prepared with dolphins for students Be Responsible Be on time and complete all assigned duties Be prepared with supplies, dress professionally Handle discipline with PBS strategies Display rules & work Take pride in a clean hallway Correct and reward hallway behavior of all students Keep eating area clean Watch the time Use time wisely Clean restrooms everyday Have students participate in a structured activity and then reward with free play Be on time Accompany all students to the bus daily

16 What has PBIS done for our school? Increased teacher morale and retention Decreased the number of office referrals which allows more instructional time Improved EOG test scores Improved community involvement Increased parent participation

17 Staff Retention

18 Total Office Referrals for the year 2005-2006 162 Total Office Referrals for the year 2006-2007 79 Total Office Referrals for the year 2007-2008 71 Total Office Referrals for the year 2008-2009 56 Total Office Referrals for the year 2009-2010 47 Total Office Referrals for the year 2010-2011 50

19 EOG Average Growth Students with Disabilities

20 Treyvon- Individual Student Data

21 Community Involvement PBIS solely supported financially by community organizations, businesses, and elected officials Attends monthly PBIS meetings Has lunch with star students each week Volunteers time reading and listening to students read

22 Parent Participation PBIS has implemented Parent Summit Night – Involves teachers presenting a variety of topics from technology to helpful EOG tips – Provides meal for parents and students – Students participate in Fit Kids – Door prizes – Guest speakers

23 We are PROUD of our PBIS School!!

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