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Granville County Schools Innovative Services

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1 Granville County Schools Innovative Services
Dr. Timothy J. Farley, Superintendent Presenters: Dr. Michael A. Myrick, Director Mr. Wade Lowry, Principal – Center for Innovative Learning

2 Granville County Schools Mission Statement
In partnership with the community, we will continually improve all educational services to prepare our students today for a successful tomorrow.

3 Vision of Granville County Schools
Every Student Actively Learning Accepting Others Achieving Every Teacher and Staff Member: Leading Learning Loving Children Every Parent and Our Community: Invited Invested Involved

4 Innovative Services Innovative Programs Center for Innovative Learning
Dropout Prevention GCS Virtual Enterprise International Juvenile Attendance Council (JAC)

5 Granville County Schools Online Services Offered Through The Center for Innovative Learning

6 Center for Innovative Learning
The Center for Innovative Learning is a comprehensive learning facility designed to reduce dropouts while increasing the graduation rate through flexible learning opportunities. Services provided are part of a continuum that focuses on increased academic achievement and social growth and development for students receiving short or long-term suspensions.

7 CIL provides A safe environment where students can make progress academically, behaviorally, and socially Encouragement for students to keep off the streets and out of trouble Interventions that reduce a student’s likelihood of being suspended again The opportunities for students to return to their home school and perform with success.

8 Short-term Program Description
Middle school and high school students suspended short-term for a period of three to ten days will be required to attend the Center for Innovative Learning. Students will be allowed to complete their school assignments and receive credit for attending school. The Center for Innovative Learning staff will help students identify goals and strategies to help them find success when they return to their home school environment.

9 Short-term Program Description
Interventions will be designed to prevent repeat occurrences of inappropriate, school suspendable behavior. Students will be provided a structured, working environment that acts as a deterrent so that students will not want to return. The number of days a student is assigned to the Center for Innovative Learning will be at the discretion of the home school’s administrator. Students will be counted present at their home school and therefore will not have to make up days to satisfy the districts attendance policy.

10 Short-term Placement Procedures
Students being suspended for repeated offenses will be referred to the Center for Innovative Learning by the principal or assistant principal at their home school. OSS referral form indicating infraction and number of placement days is completed and sent via fax or to CIL Principal/Assistant Principal signature required Home school informs CIL if student is on medication at school and faxes required medication form completed by health care provider

11 Short-term Placement Procedures
Home school informs parent and student about placement at CIL Students refusing to attend the CIL Educational Services will not return to home school until placement obligation is completed If student fails to comply, superintendent can place student in the long-term program at CIL Any missed days will result in added days at CIL

12 Transportation to CIL Bus transportation is set up by the home school
Student violation of bus rules will result in suspension off bus Student will have to be transported by car for term of bus suspension.

13 Student Intake Interviews
Principal/counselor interviews all students placed at CIL CIL policy and procedures are reviewed Behavior and academic expectations are reviewed Student agreement is reviewed and signed by student

14 Student Intake Interview
Student participates in orientation with principal or counselor Behavior goals are set and expectations for assignment completion is reviewed Counselor assigns student to teacher and distributes school work Student signs Student Agreement

15 Student Agreement Students will be required to sign an agreement stating that they will attend the Center for Innovative Learning and abide by its rules, expectations, and requirements. A condition for attending the Center for Innovative Learning is that the student signs the contract and abides by its provisions.

16 Student Assignments Home school teachers should provide work assignments for each day student is enrolled. Teachers from the students home school may send assignments via, the student, fax, or with the bus driver.

17 Student Assignments If no student work is given from home school, CIL will supply assignments for the first day of placement. Students will be required to complete their school assignments. The teachers will also need the approximate goals and objective and/or course pacing guide which the student is presently working.

18 Student Assignments Students will be required to bring necessary work materials with them on day of arrival. During the student’s stay, all school assignments and behavioral expectations relating to the cause of the suspension must be completed before returning to their home school.

19 Exit Interview All course assignments assigned by CIL or home school must be completed to exit the program Extra days up to but not exceeding 5 days will be added until academic obligation is completed Continued failure to comply can result in recommendation by principal of CIL to the superintendent for long term placement

20 Student Opportunities
The Center for Innovative Learning may only be used six times by one particular student during the course of the school year. If appropriate, the home school may begin the referral process for the long-term suspension at the Center for Innovative Learning.

21 Short-term Placement Data
1st Semester 1st Semester 719 – students served 3,239 – instructional days saved 892 – students served 3,900 – instructional days saved

22 Short-term Data continued…
1st Semester 1st Semester 153 – Females 566 – Males 429 – African American 233 – White 43 – Hispanic 12 – Multicultural 2 – Asian 0 – American Indian 0 - Hawaiian 241 – Females 651 – Males 534 – African American 278 – White 63 – Hispanic 11 – Multicultural 3 – Asian 2 – American Indian 1 - Hawaiian

23 Short-term Data continued…

24 Short-term Data continued…
1st Semester 1st Semester Middle School 423 - Students High School 296 – Students Middle School 391 - Students High School 501 – Students

25 Short-term Data continued…

26 Long-term Recommendation
Students that do not fulfill obligation at CIL for 3 suspended occasions can receive recommendation for long-term placement to CIL Major offenses resulting in long-term suspension, will be referred by the principal to the superintendent or designee for approval to be placed at the Center for Innovative Learning. For students receiving long-term placement, the program is designed to provide academic and virtual courses in an evening or home setting

27 Long-term Placement Data
1st Semester 1st Semester 25 – students served 23-Males 2-Females 19– African Americans 6 – White 0– Multiracial 9 – Middle school 16 – High school 32 – students served 29-Males 3-Females 24 – African Americans 7 – White 1 – Multiracial 9 – Middle school 23 – High school

28 Contact Information Dr. Michael A. Myrick, Director of Innovative Services, - (919) Mr. Wade Lowry, Principal – Center for Innovative Learning, - (919)

29 Q & A

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