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Pathways: An Alternate Route to Graduation December 1, 2010.

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1 Pathways: An Alternate Route to Graduation December 1, 2010

2 Patricia Horton-Albritton Pathways Director 252-946-5382 2

3 Are you behind in school? Have you already dropped out? Its not the end of the road. You still have time to choose your Pathway to success. 3

4 What is Pathways? Pathways is a Beaufort County Schools initiative designed to increase the number of students who graduate from high school. 4

5 Funding for the Pathways program is provided by a grant from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the Joint Legislative Commission on Dropout Prevention and High School Graduation. 5

6 Under age 21 who have dropped out of school, or have earned less than one-half of the credits attempted since entering high school. 6 Pathways is a program designed for individuals:

7 What are the program requirements? Pathways students must meet all state requirements for a high school diploma that applied in the year they first entered ninth grade. 7

8 The following course sequence is typical although electives will vary: English I, II, III, and IV 3 Mathematics credits, including Algebra I A Physical Science, Biology, Earth/Environmental Science Civics and Economics, U.S. History, World History 1 Health/PE 7 Elective credits 8

9 Electives Some elective courses may be taken at Beaufort County Community College or other Beaufort County high schools. Transportation to these classes is provided during the regular school day. 9

10 How does the program work? Classes utilize a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. The Pathways Director helps students develop a personalized learning plan that will lead to a high school diploma. Transportation is provided during regular school hours. Breakfast and lunch can be purchased in the school cafeteria. Free and reduced-cost meals are available to qualifying students. 10

11 11 Where is Pathways located? Pathways is located at the Beaufort County Educational Technical Center, the districts alternative secondary school. Beaufort County Schools established the Learning Resource Center (LRC), its first nontraditional secondary school, in July 1995.

12 12 The LRC was a technology-rich environment that fully integrated computer and Internet-based activities into instruction. The LRC was relocated to a larger facility on Harvey Street in September 1997 and was renamed the Beaufort County Educational Technical Center (BCETC).

13 13 The Ed Tech Center moved to its current location on Bridge Street in June 2008. The school serves approximately 100 students, some referred by the Superintendent and others who have chosen to complete their high school education through the Pathways program.

14 14 24 Pathways students graduated from the Ed Tech Center in June 2009. 18 Pathways students graduated from the Ed Tech Center in June 2010. 25 Pathways students are scheduled to graduate from the Ed Tech Center in June 2011.

15 How do students enroll? 15 Applications are available from high school guidance counselors, on the Beaufort County Schools website, or from the Pathways Director at the Ed Tech Center.

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