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Link Resolver Commercial Solution Selection, Implementation, Usability, Statistics, Development, Maintenance Frances Knudson Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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1 Link Resolver Commercial Solution Selection, Implementation, Usability, Statistics, Development, Maintenance Frances Knudson Los Alamos National Laboratory Library Without Walls October 29, 2003 LA-UR-03-7968

2 LANL Research Library LinkSeeker version 1.0 Nov. 2000 8 locally loaded databases Science Server – SDOS - 8 publishers Ejournals – 5,800 titles LANL electronic reports

3 Vocabulary Source – starting point Target – what you use to get somewhere (ejournal, database, web) Object – journal – book – entity Services – actions Knowledge base – Stores connections between sources, targets, services, and objects.

4 Selection – Electronic Portfolio Databases – A&I, OPAC Ejournals Other types – books, reports, patents Ejournal listing products Proxy server Rank the sources and targets

5 Selection – Services What services do you want to provide? Full text linking, ILL (document delivery), OPAC look up Do you provide some of these services with other tools?

6 Selection – Level of Involvement How much customization do you want/need/desire? How much control? What is acceptable turn around time? Analyze computer skills of staff

7 Questions for Vendors Coverage of electronic portfolio Level of involvement Services Request current user names What are steps to add new sources, targets, objects? Update cycle for knowledge base

8 Implementation Assemble a team – ejournal/database, customer service, system staff, testers. Use the list of top ranked sources and targets. Determine cut off point for roll out. Determine what services are required for roll- out.

9 Oct. 2000 menu Services we required for roll out We were offering full text links via another method

10 Implementation Start training staff Develop processes to move smoothly to normal work flow Allow user access in test mode Test, test, test Market, train Roll out

11 User interaction Focus groups – one on one & group sessions. First round was mid-2000. Every user suggested a special service. Links to Mathematical Reviews – links to their special web pages – BibTeX output - configurable menus. Continues on a daily basis – customer service staff visit staff, attend group meetings, gathering user feedback

12 Statistics During implementation phase – determine what you what to count – does resolver provide – if not – figure out how Usage – sources, targets, services Number of users


14 Statistics After 6 months – review Services – what are the most popular? What is their position in the menu? Sources, Targets – used – not used – good clues for training/marketing Users – is the number growing?

15 No document delivery service due to Full Text service Access to JCR – new service User requested service – download to EndNote


17 SciSearch Plus14359 INSPEC2014 Default1421 PubMed874 CAS436 EngIndex359 DOE Energy295 Biosis239 Science Server144 NSA122 Cambridge (CSA)61 MathSciNet16 getFullTxt12589 getDocumentDelivery787 getCitedReference721 getCitedJournal350 getCitedAuthor186 getHolding166 getReference114 getAuthor110 getWebSearch108 getReport86 getFullTxt238 getAuthorEmail26 getLibrarian19 getAbstract17 Top sources and services for Sept. 2003

18 Development – Phase n + 1 After initial rollout, rank remaining sources, remaining targets. Activate, test, move to production. Focus on refinements, new services, etc. Employ logic for services – if full text is available mask document delivery. Display preferred full text sources.

19 Development – Phase n + 1 Review team Review assignments Refine processes created during implementation. Move to normal work.

20 Maintenance Monthly update from Ex Libris. Daily changes due to changes in collection Changes due to publisher changes Responding to users – links that do not work; do not work well enough, new services.

21 Maintenance Interconnected-ness (or interconnected- mess) If a link from the Link Resolver menu does not work, it is a problem of the Link Resolver. Browser problem, Acrobat problem, target site problem DOI – not registered

22 Developments at LANL Added OpenURLs to output from locally loaded databases. Services travel with the database record. Aug. 2002 One lab group is using LinkSeeker in a local genome database. Mining LinkSeeker web logs for recommendation systems

23 Alert Email with OpenURL Article: 6102&date=2003&volume=40&issue=3&spage=332&atitle=S tructures+of+%28Omega+Omega%29%280%2B%29+and+% 28Xi+Omega%29%281%2B%29+in+extended+chiral+SU%28 3%29+quark+model&aulast=Zhang&auinit=ZY Title: Structures of (Omega Omega)(0+) and (Xi Omega)(1+) in extended chiral SU(3) quark model Author: Zhang, ZY; Yu, YW; Dai, LR Journal: COMMUNICATIONS IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS; SEP 2003; v.40, no.3, p.332-336 6102&date=2003&volume=40&issue=3&spage=332&atitle=S tructures+of+%28Omega+Omega%29%280%2B%29+and+% 28Xi+Omega%29%281%2B%29+in+extended+chiral+SU%28 3%29+quark+model&aulast=Zhang&auinit=ZY

24 OpenURL included in all forms of output. Due to feedback, a flag was added. Default is to include OpenURL. Need to accommodate intended use of output.

25 Enhancements Article level linking to Conference proceedings & books Archives – ever changing thresholds Ability to add local objects without impairing integrity of Knowledge base Statistics – source to service ratio – why?

26 Enhancements Databases – some are still not OpenURL aware Bibliographies – need more with OpenURLs Electronic books – OpenURLs in bibliographies

27 Frances Knudson

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