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Collection Description Pat Stevens October 30, 2003.

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1 Collection Description Pat Stevens October 30, 2003

2 Team members Jenny Walker (Ex Libris) Pat Stevens (OCLC, NISO Chair) Andrew Black (Wiley) Larry Dixson (LC) Tim Shearer (UNC CH) Christine Willig (netTrekker) Paul Huf (Gaylord) Andy Powell (UKOLN)

3 Goal Information, information everywhere And not the drop I want to drink Search engines dont have everything Search all retrieves too much How do I locate and use the hidden web Integrate resource discovery into the users discovery process

4 For all sides Helping users find the best resources What the library has licensed Whats hidden in databases and special collections Along with whats been indexed by search engines Helping information providers -- like libraries Highlight useful collections Offer efficient access Metadata is a great marketing device! Make configuration easier – even automatic

5 Whats underneath Support for three functions Point, Search and Point, Search and Retrieve Open exchange of Collection description (what) Service access description (how) Requires Metadata definitions for both entities Schemas for exchange Services for exchange

6 Actions needed Define entities and develop semantic descriptions for these Develop schemas to support exchange of this information Define service descriptions to support exchange

7 Many related activities JISC (Collections and Service Access) ISO Library Directory Standards Dublin Core (Collections) ZING community – ZeeRex, Z39.50 XML Explain ISO ILL Directory (Collections and Service Access) Digital Reference Standard (Collections and Service) NCIP Implementers Group EAD community Digital Library Community (DLF)

8 Recommendations to NISO Joint working party with other players active in this arena NISO and JISC host meeting to define short term action plan 6 month and 12 month deliverables

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