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Western Indian Ocean – Marine Turtle Task Force

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1 Western Indian Ocean – Marine Turtle Task Force
IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU / Nairobi Convention Douglas Hykle Coordinator / Senior CMS Advisor IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU Secretariat, Bangkok

2 IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding
Geographic scope: > 40 States of the Area (+ others) IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding An agreement of interested Governments, working in partnership with other relevant intergovernmental and nongovernmental actors Coordinated by a Secretariat based in Bangkok Operational since 2003

3 IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU
27 Signatory States Largest intergovernmental agreement focusing on sea turtle / habitat conservation

4 Northwestern Indian Ocean
IOSEA divided into four sub-regions Northern Indian Ocean Northwestern Indian Ocean South-East Asia + AU, JP, CN, KR Western Indian Ocean

5 Conservation and Management Plan (CMP)
Reduce mortality Six main objectives: Protect Habitat Education Awareness Participat’n Inter- National Cooperat’n Research / Monitoring Promote Implement- ation

6 IOSEA National Report System
Standard template: 80 specific questions about actions that contribute to sea turtle conservation Linked to the provisions of the CMP Objective assessment of SS performance



9 Performance Matrix X-axis: IOSEA Signatories
Y-axis: 80 activities consolidated into 24 programmes of work (eg. collaborative research, beach management, public participation etc) Six colour-codes: eg… White = no information, no action Orange = partial implementation Blue = full/near full implementation Each colour corresponds to a numeric value from having scored each question/activity in the report Strengths & weaknesses: country / across programmes for the region


11 Photo credits: Juergen Freund Asghar Mobaraki
R. Hooper Douglas Hykle Sergio Ortiz Kartik Shanker

12 Marine Turtle Task Force for the Western Indian Ocean (WIO MTTF): A Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee Ronel Nel NMMU for MCM South Africa

13 Objective CMS/IOSEA MoU:
to protect, conserve, replenish and recover sea turtles and their habitats in the (sub)region. Nairobi Convention: “…broader scope of management of East Africa’s coastal and marine environment”

14 Composition Membership: Countries
Signatories & non-signatories to both agreements Plus countries with an interest in the region to be considered (e.g. Arabic states/Maldives) Membership: Individuals Nominated Technical/Scientific Experts by country; appointment by IOSEA AC Ex Officio Members – International NGOs & IGOs (e.g. WWF, WCS, IUCN) Observers from regional programmes (e.g. SWIOFPs, ASCLME, IOTC) 1. South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Comoros, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, France/Reunion, UK/Diego Garcia.

15 Organization Chair & Vice Chair: 11 Members:
Election: To be elected from/by members Term: 3 year term; rotational Function: Principle point of contact between IOSEA, MTTF Members, 11 Members: Election: Nominated by country, selected by IOSEA AC Term: 2 year / “2 meeting years” of IOSEA & WIO MTTF. Can be reappointed Function: Advice to own govs./IOSEA focal point/national turtle committees/NGOs + to WIO MTTF

16 Meetings & Communication
-based committee Meetings Per IOSEA SS meetings (where relevant) Special meetings arranged Working group meeting opportunities eg WIOMSA conferences

17 ToR: Tasks & Mandate 5 Themes:
Strengthen (sub)regional cooperation and coordination Review and report on status Coordinated Planning, Conservation & Management Capacity Building Facilitate Communication

18 Expertise required Agreements, International Legislation & Policy
Biological/Ecological/Pathology Husbandry, Hatcheries & Rehabilitation Genetics & Lab techniques Numerical / Statistical Spatial Analysis, DBs Management & IT Fisheries Management Coastal Zone & Conservation Management Community conservation, Awareness and Education Fundraising & management

19 Implementation Progress
Approved as Informal Working Group at IOSEA SS4 South Africa - Interim Chair Call for nominations – Dec ’06 Received 16 nominations from 8 countries IOSEA AC completed (current) selection - 8 members WWF EAME Programme to sponsor first WIO MTTF Meeting ~Feb ‘08 (Nairobi) Agenda for first meeting: ToR to be completed Election of officers to take place Work Programme for to be drafted

20 Thank you!

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