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UNEP GEF–5 Expanded Constituency Workshop Belize March 1-3,2011.

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1 UNEP GEF–5 Expanded Constituency Workshop Belize March 1-3,2011

2 Part I UNEPs Comparative Advantage and GEF-5 Flagship Themes

3 UNEP alignment w/ GEF 4 of 6 sub-programmes Ecosystem Management Climate Change Hazardous Wastes Environmental Governance

4 UNEP – GEF Project Typologies as per Program of Work (POW) international cooperation and action, inc transboundary and south-south cooperation; norms and standards; Dev. and imp. of intl, regl and other environmental conventions; science-based inventories and assessments

5 UNEP – GEF Project Typologies as per Program of Work (POW) building capacity for env. info. mgmt and decision support systems, early warning of emerging issues; Env. policy advice based on sound science, through EAs, national and regional policy instruments, and stronger mainstreaming of environment into other sectors;

6 UNEP – GEF Project Typologies as per Program of Work (POW) Technology support and capacity building services in line with country priorities, including innovative methods, tools and technologies; institutional capacities; demonstrating best practices; barrier removal for market transformation; and awareness raising, knowledge generation/ dissemination & env. education.

7 UNEP/GEF-5 Biodiversity & LD Flagship Themes Protected Areas / SFM Ecosystem Services Migratory Species and Flyways (?) Biosafety & Invasive Alien Species Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Land Degradation (conserv.agric. and ecosystem restoration)

8 UNEP/GEF-5 Cimate Change Flagship Themes Low ODS/Energy Efficiency in refrigeration and A/C Energy Efficiency GHG reduction & RE from dump sites Enabling activities/TNAs Ecosystem based adaptation (LDCF/SCCF/AF)

9 UNEP/GEF-5 IW Flagship Themes High Seas (Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction – ABNJ) with BD Ridge To Reef (IWCAM-2) Blue Forests (with BD & CC) Marine Corridors (with BD)

10 UNEP/GEF-5 Chemicals Flagship Themes Environmentally sound management (ESM) and phase out, POPs chemicals in production and use. Demonstrate feasible and innovative technologies to achieve impacts in POPs releases reduction ESM of POPs wastes and contaminated sites Strengthen natl/regl & global capacities for effective POPs releases reduction and phase out Global processes: mercury management, SAICM, global monitoring

11 UNEP/GEF-5 Multi–Focal Flagship Themes Green Economy – incremental costs - various sectors assist governments in greening their economies by reshaping and refocusing policies, investments and spending towards a range of sectors, such as clean technologies, renewable energies, water services, green transportation, waste management, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and forests.

12 Regional Partners National Executing Agencies Regional Entities, and Centers of Excellence, for example: UWI, CABI, IICA, 5 Cs Center, CATIE CEHI, … Caribbean Development Bank CARICOM, OECS Secretariat

13 GEF-5 Caribbean Regional projects under preparation IW - IWCAM – 2 POPs - Integrated Chemicals Management in Caribbean SIDs inc. implementation of NIPs POPs – Improved Management of Agrochemical life cycles in Caribbean and Central America region CC/Ozone - Removing barriers to introduce low-GWP alternatives in the refrigeration and A/C sector

14 PART II GEF Fiduciary Standards UNEP Internal Project Cycle

15 Recommended Minimum Fiduciary Standards Audit, Financial Management and Control Framework External Financial Audit; Financial Management and Control Frameworks; Financial Disclosure; Code of Ethics; Internal Audit Project/Activity Processes and Oversight Project Appraisal Standards; Procurement Processes; Monitoring and Project-at-Risk Systems; Evaluation Function Investigations Investigation Function; Hotline & Whistleblower Protection

16 LIST OF ANNEXES TO THE UNEP PROJECT COOPERATION AGREEMENT (PCA) Annex 1Project Document (Appendices are listed as part of Annex 1) Annex 2CEO approval letter Annex 3Definition of terms Annex 4Contact details Annex 5Draft project supervision plan Annex 6AInventory of non-expendable equipment template Annex 6BEquipment transfer letter template Annex 7AThird Party Form template Annex 7BCash advance template Annex 8Progress report template Annex 9Project implementation review report template Annex 10Final report template Annex 11Quarterly expenditure statement template Annex 12Cofinance template

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