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1 Mobilizing Available Funds To Destroy Ozone Depleting Substances.

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1 1 Mobilizing Available Funds To Destroy Ozone Depleting Substances

2 2 Presented By: Mr. Samir Arora CEO, Industrial Foams Private Limited & Secretary, Foam sector working committee IPUA

3 3 RefrigeratorsAir-conditioners Foams Primary Sectors of ODS Banks

4 4 Technical Aspects: Collection of contaminated ODS logistics for storage and transportation. Selection of ODS disposal technologies and associated costs. Managing ODS Banks Capacity Development: Survey on the location, size and type of ODS banks. Prioritizing replacement programmes.

5 5 ODS end-of-life management strategies ODS Management.. The refrigeration /Air conditioners & the foam sector warrants the most attention in terms of developing in Article 5 countries.

6 6 Impact of existing ODS Banks ODS Banks must be recovered and destroyed before their emissions. Projected ODS Banks Emissions, 2009-2015 is 6 Emissions, Billion Tons Co2 Equivalent ODS can be thousand times more powerful then Co2 at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Source: TEAP

7 7 Firms should take responsibility to buy equipments (containing ODS). Engaging Scrap Dealers to collect equipments containing ODS and pay them x amount per equipment. Identification of Products, equipment containing ODS Recovery of ODS Banks

8 8 In India equipments Containing ODS such as appliances/ Refrigerators are normally sold or gifted and only dumped at a very later stage, so there will also be requirement of giving some incentive to person holding such equipments. Recovery of ODS Banks..

9 9 Recovery of ODS Banks Recovery of ODS Banks.. Companies manufacturing Foam products, such as refrigerators, Panels, appliances generate lot of Foam waste, which is presently going out as solid waste, ultimately crushed and the ODS is released in to the atmosphere, as there are no recovery and destruction facilities available in developing countries including India.

10 10 Awareness and Education There is a need to educate and create awareness that venting of ODS not only depletes the ozone layer but also creates global warming. It is also important to provide training and conduct outreach efforts for those who deal with equipment at end of life.

11 11 Program Funding and Economic Incentives Companies require funding to put up plant and machinery used specifically for recovery & destruction of ODS Banks. There is also a need to provide incentives to the enterprises dealing in recovery and destruction of ODS.

12 12 In India the management of used/unwanted ODS is still in its nascent stage, with initial programs for training technicians and disbursing ODS recovery equipment is underway, but procedures for the collection, reclamation, and destruction of ODS are not yet established. Indian Perspective

13 13 Commercial Firms in developing countries believe that there is a need to put up a demo project for recovery and destruction of ODS Banks. Indian Perspective Indian industry is ready to implement the recovery and destruction of ODS Banks.

14 14 Demonstration Project There is a need to establish a Multi-ODS destruction facility in a country like India that would ensure environmentally sound disposal of unwanted ODSs, As the appliances and equipment containing ODS banks are scattered all over the country, there is a need to establish a cost effective scheme to collect and transport ODS to the destruction sites, The demonstration project of this nature will establish Technical,Financial and Management Model for sustainable operation of destruction facilities,

15 15 Motivation among the Institutional Users in the Country The Indian Railways is currently implementing an aggressive programme to retrofit its CFC-12 based air- conditioning systems for rail cars which provide a large quantity of unwanted ODS, They had earlier been provided Training and some equipment support under the Servicing Sector project in India for proper recovery and even reclamation of ODS, In addition, there is a possibility in other public sector undertakings as well as the Defense sector to have similar approach for equipment retrofitting and ODS collecting programmes.

16 16 Energy Efficiency Leveling Programme as Deriver India has recently introduced mandatory Energy Efficiency Leveling Programme for refrigeration and Air- conditioning Equipment, It is likely to act as deriver for the appliance replacement programmes in response to this initiatives as well as saving in energy consumption, the waste stream flow from CFC and HCFC banks in appliances and equipment is likely to be accelerated.

17 17 Estimated CFC Banks in India Refrigerant Banks: ODP tonnes Refrigeration Appliances: 4000-6000 Mobile A/C and other vehicle A/C: 1500-2500 Chillers: 1000-1500 Transport Refrigeration: 500-1000 Food Processing and others: 1500-2000 TOTAL: 8500-13000 CFC Bank in Foams: Appliances: 16000-24000 Other Insulating Foams: 10000- 25000 TOTAL 26000-49000 Note: This does not include Banks of HCFCs and Halons

18 18 Business Model Development of business model covering: Establishing overall costs and investments needed Assessing operational costs Fund flows Structuring the financing requirements Projected revenue if any Investment returns analysis Management arrangements

19 19 Similarly Indian industry believes that the Recovery & Destruction of ODS Banks can also become a success if both financial and technical assistance are provided. Business Perspective In India the phase out of ODSs has been very successful as both financial and technical assistance were received from the MLF.

20 20 The Business units who participate in this program should also be recognized and rewarded. Business Perspective.. As there are no data available on the ODS banks in the country, there is a need to establish a reliable estimate of ODS banks sub sector wise. Manufacturing companies engaged in this programme should be exempted from direct/indirect Taxes.

21 21 Need Of The Day EnvironmentODS phase out can not be complete unless recovery and destruction of ODS banks are implemented.


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