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DGEF-CC Focal Area Strategy GEF V 2011 – 2014. CC Pipeline & Portfolio.

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1 DGEF-CC Focal Area Strategy GEF V 2011 – 2014

2 CC Pipeline & Portfolio

3 Strategy - Guiding Factors 1.UNEP-GEF comparative advantages 2.DGEF & UNEP CC experience 3.UNEP future priorities 4.GEF priorities - CC Objectives DGEF CC Strategy

4 UNEP Comparative Advantages Provide the GEF with: range of relevant experiences proof of concept testing of ideas best available science & knowledge …on which to base investments convening power

5 UNEP CC Experience & Plans 1. Experience: Partnerships & Initiatives UNEP Assessments: GEO series; Green economy; Bio-fuels assessment… Partnerships: RISO CD4CDM; Cities Alliance…. 2. Plans: Flagships & PoW Clean Tech Readiness Ecosystem Based Adaptation UN REDD

6 Portfolio experience Energy efficiency Buildings & industry Renewable Energy Hydro & Co-gen; geothermal bio-fuels; CSP; RE resource mapping Transport 3 Bus Rapid Transit + 1 st GEF city-wide project Enabling Activities Excellent evaluation for UNEP in 40 countries Finance Innovative finance mechanisms/ insurance Adaptation NAPAs – Follow-on just starting

7 DGEF CC Strategy GEF CC ObjectivesDGEF Strategy 1. Tech. transferTech innovation; assessment 2. EE Buildings & Ind.Tech demo; norms 3. RE technologiesDelivery models 4. Trans. & Urban SystemsEE urban systems 5. LULUCFSupporting role only 6. EA & Carbon marketsEnabling activities 7. AdaptationEcosystem based adaptation

8 DGEF Project Ideas GEF CC ObjectivesProject Areas 1. Technology transferTNA; bio-energy; CSP; ocean currents; pico-hydro; power dispatch 2. EE Buildings & Ind.Performance buildings; certification 3. RE technologiesRE islands; after-sales support 4. Trans. & Urban SystemsIntegrated urban plans; investment demos; china; SE Asia 6. EA & Carbon marketsNational Communications; 7. AdaptationLDCF: EBA SCCF: GEF IV proposals; observation

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