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CstM 301 - Management & Organization leading & leadership development.

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1 CstM 301 - Management & Organization leading & leadership development

2 what is leadership…

3 leadership & power… controlling - to ensure resultsplanning - to set the direction leading - to inspire effort communicate the vision build enthusiasm motive commitment/hard work organizing - to create structures pow·er [pou-er] - noun 1.the ability to get someone else to do something you want done make things happen the way you want

4 position power… reward coercive legitimate

5 personal power… expert referent

6 leadership & vision… vi·sion [vizh-uhn] - noun 1.the act of anticipating that which will or may come to be 2.a clear sense of the future vision + leader…

7 leadership as service… servant leadership empowerment servant leadership value people develop people build community display authenticity provide leadership share leadership

8 leadership traits… drive self-confidence creativity cognitive ability job-relevant knowledge motivation flexibility honesty & integrity

9 leadership behaviors… production centered employee centered

10 classic leadership styles… human relations people’s need building relationships democratic participation & support for a shared purpose laissez-faire minimum amount of work to get job done autocratic efficiency of tasks and operations types of leaders

11 better leaders… understand & implement situational leadership methods

12 path-goal theory… House leaders… clarify paths to goals remove obstacles to performance identify & fill gaps use a style that is appropriate to the situation

13 path-goal theory… directive leadership… communicate expectations &give directions schedule work maintain performance standards clarify roles supportive leadership… make work pleasant treat group members as equals be friendly & approachable show concern for workers’ well-being

14 path-goal theory… participative leadership… involve workers in decision making consult with workers ask for workers’ suggestions use workers’ suggestions achievement-oriented leadership… set challenging goals expect high performance levels emphasize continuous improvement display confidence in meeting high standards

15 path-goal theory… ambiguous situationsdirective supportive participative achievement oriented distasteful work, high stress task or low employee confidence most tasks…especially challenging ones most tasks…especially those that are outcome- oriented

16 situational leadership model… Hersey-Blanchard the model… builds on the leadership grid adds the notion of adapting your leadership style to match the situation tied to subordinate ability and/or willingness to perform the assigned tasks

17 situational leadership model… participating followers able, unwilling, insecure selling followers unable, willing, confident delegating followers able, willing, confident telling followers unable, unwilling, insecure guidance required support required lowhigh low

18 situational leadership model… if used correctly… help followers increase readiness help followers learn to manage themselves limitations… team management fails to consider other situational factors

19 leadership development… are leaders born? are leaders made?

20 charismatic & transformational… qualities such as… vision charisma symbolism empowerment intellectual stimulation integrity

21 emotional intelligence…

22 gender & leadership… gender similarities interactive leadership

23 moral leadership… good & right by ethical standards integrity authentic leadership

24 Drucker on leadership… “old-fashioned” wisdom define & communicate a clear vision leadership as a responsibility…not a rank surround yourself with talented people don’t blame others when things go wrong keep your integrity & earn the trust of others don’t be clever…be consistent

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