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Information Systems/ Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Sections January 11, 2008 – Redondo Beach, CA Sue Haka, President-elect

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1 Information Systems/ Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Sections January 11, 2008 – Redondo Beach, CA Sue Haka, President-elect ( )

2 Challenges & Opportunities Lack of adequate data about accounting programs & faculty, about the profession, and for purposes of research; Decrease in full-time faculty positions in accounting and PhD shortage; Increased challenges to accounting as an academic discipline Impact of technology on development and distribution of intellectual property, teaching, and conducting scholarship Globalization, associated regulations, and impact on accounting

3 Future of Accounting Faculty and Programs Project Data collection project on the accounting academic workforce –Status and comparisons Partnership with the AICPA Final report – January 2008 Based on data from National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF) Next steps – information on programs, curricula, faculty

4 AAA and AICPA commissioned research by David Leslie using the National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF) data base shows: The total number of accounting faculty (all institutions, all ranks) declined an estimated 13.3% between 1993 and 2004. Most serious loss of full-time faculty has occurred at 4-year, non- doctoral-granting universities – amounting to 31% of the 1993 total. Student (undergraduate) enrollment has increased 12.33% over the same period. (Based on testimony by David Leslie at Treasury Department Hearings December 2, 2007 finance/acap/submissions/12032007/ ) finance/acap/submissions/12032007/


6 In contrast, business fields other than accounting have added substantial numbers during the same period (also see Fogarty & Markarian, IAE, 2007).

7 During the same time, the aggregate number of students per faculty member in accounting has increased from 20.5:1 to over 28:1.

8 Does Your Classroom Look Like This??????????mine is packed!

9 U.S. Accounting Academics -- 53.4% are 55 or older Per birth date estimate analysis – J.R. Hasselback 2007 (n = 3082 represented in this data analysis exercise)


11 Demographics of Professoriate Show: The number of accounting faculty are declining A large majority of current faculty are near retirement The number of students enrolled in accounting is increasing What about the supply side of the professoriate

12 Ph.D. production has remained relatively steady at roughly 140 per year (with annual fluctuations) over the past 10 years.

13 Additional data from (Fogarty & Markarian, IAE, 2007, 153)

14 Conclusion by David Leslie to Treasury committee: Demand for replacement faculty in accounting is estimated at roughly 500 per year for the next 5 – 10 years, while available supply is estimated to be about half of that.

15 Accountings place in the academy is in question--Tuttle and Dillard (2007, p. 396, Accounting Horizons) show a drop in diversity of accounting research:

16 More evidence (2007, p. 398)

17 Publishing in the Majors… Swanson (Contemporary Accounting Research 2007 p. 247) shows accounting research productivity is lower than other disciplines

18 Other Related Business School Issues: Dominance of the MBA Accountings role in the MBA Financial pressures (and accounting salaries are relatively high) Minimization of PhD support (Fogarty & Markarian 2007)

19 Faculty Demographics PhD Demographics Business School Factors Accounting Research Issues

20 How to move forward?

21 A new AAA long-run strategic initiative starting with a common vision

22 Our mission is straightforward... We bring together the academic community to further accounting education and to advance the discipline and profession of accounting. Developing a Shared Vision AAA Executive Committee Council/Section/Region Leadership

23 We achieve our mission through four focused areas of activity Expanding Knowledge and Idea Development Promoting Effective Learning Informing and Influencing Policy & Practice Advancing Faculty Careers

24 Three Related Major Strategic Initiatives: Membership Growth Member Value Proposition AAACommons Platform




28 Supporting discovery development and dissemination of knowledge and ideas through scholarship Advocating innovation and development in accounting education Using ideas and knowledge to inform and influence policy and practice Support and Foster the Origination of Ideas and Knowledge Teaching Research Administration Interaction with Practice Principal Sources for Member and Institution Development and Career Success


30 AAACommons Integrated Platform Plans AAAJournalsAAAPubsAccountingCommons AAA Journals Assoc-wide & Section New journals – CIIA and MAS Cases Experimental journals ProceedingsPodcasts Working papersCollaborative tools MySpace for Faculty Case databaseTeaching materials database Interactive Social Networking Platform Connecting the accounting education community Full AAA brandActive AAA brandVariable brand In partnership with the AAA Subscription Open Access

31 From publications to interactive platform Three Association-wide journals Electronic access now AAA member default 10 Section journals (3 electronic only) Renewing monograph series (Studies in Accounting Research-contact Arnie Wright ) New journal platform launched in 2006 Launch of new format electronic journal Current Issues in Auditing – Auditing Section partnership

32 Advancing dialogue between academics and practitioners on current issues facing the auditing practice community. Short papers authored by academics, practitioners, and regulators Addressing timely, substantive, relevant issues Maximum 2,500 words of text and should not include complex statistics or models. Effective, concise writing style

33 More strategic projects Environmental Scanning Task Force- focusing on International Issues Joint FSA/AAA Subcommittee to develop financial valuation teaching materials –Chaired by Mary Stone Expanding Placement services Developing relationships to secure access to data for research Research Impact Task Force

34 Annual Meeting Attendance Growth Trend OrlandoSan FranciscoWashington DCChicago

35 Breadth in the Annual Meeting Program Sessions 2002 San Ant. 2003 Hawaii 2004 ORL 2005 SF 2006 DC 2007 CHI Papers XXXXXX Panels XXXXXX CPE XXXXXX Research Forum* XXXXXX Effective Learning Strategies Forum XXXXX New Scholars Concurrents XXX Ed Comm Sessions XXX E&I Research Forum XX Expanded practice/educ. panels XX

36 You Can Make A Difference The strategy is intended to benefit current members of the AAA and those who will join us in the future ( ) Its ultimate success will depend on you to: –Share ideas –Contribute to the strategic initiatives –Support and drive implementation –If you are asked to participate, please do. Better yet, volunteer to help where you have the interest and the skills to make a contribution. How to get involved: –Contact your Section or Region leadership –Contact AAA Headquarters –Contact any member of the Executive Committee


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