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1 Master of Accounting Program Issues Alan Lord – Bowling Green State University Marv Bouillon – Iowa State University

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1 1 Master of Accounting Program Issues Alan Lord – Bowling Green State University Marv Bouillon – Iowa State University

2 2 Topics For Discussion What is the relevance of the GMAT to admission decisions in various graduate program formats? What can be done to improve the communication skills of our students? How can we provide more financial aid to our students that attend graduate school? Other topics from the audience?

3 3 Accounting Education Options Beyond the Four-Year Degree Complete hours as a non-graduate student Attend a school that does not offer students the option to get an undergraduate degree in accounting after four years but will offer the undergraduate and a graduate degree after five years Pursue a graduate degree other than a MAcc Complete a MAcc at a school that admits any background students into the MAcc Program Complete a MAcc at a school that only admits accounting majors into the program

4 4 Program Design Implications Upon Admission Policies Institutions offering undergraduate courses as the primary way for students to become CPA qualified typically only require satisfactory performance in the courses If a decision to admit students to a program leading to a dual undergraduate/graduate degree after five years is made after only two-years of undergraduate work, there are fewer courses to evaluate and GMAT may not be appropriate because students have not completed undergraduate degree MBA and MAcc programs that admit with any background may need to rely heavily upon GMAT to level the field of knowledge MAcc programs with only accounting majors have similar knowledge bases for applicants and GMAT may be less important

5 5 MAcc Program Admission Guidelines Formula Driven systems are used (a multiplicative factor using GPA and GMAT) Portfolio systems use essays, experience, or other judgmentally evaluated input

6 6 Predictors of Success in a MAcc Program Undergraduate Overall and Major GPA Averages Professional Experience and Certifications GMAT Examination Scores Recommendation Letters Essays

7 7 Questions to Consider? Does the GMAT add value to the admission decision? Do programs with higher average GMAT scores have better students? Is it equitable to require the GMAT for only some students? (Or to not require it for some students?) Is a student that invests dozens (or more) hours to retake the GMAT to get a higher score now a better candidate for graduate school?

8 8 How Do We Increase Writing Skills of Accounting Students? Traditional Approaches 1.Writing assignments in accounting classes 2.Separate course on communication skills taught by accounting faculty members Have these approaches been meeting the needs?

9 9 An Alternative to Consider Accounting Communications Class Staffed by the English departments Technical Writing faculty members Enrollment limited to Master of Accountancy students Offered in conjunction with Advanced Financial Reporting course

10 10 How Do We Increase the Financial Aid for Students? Educate your university about how to utilize your students talents to provide more value added to the universitys mission. Most universities have graduate students serving in various funded positions already Master of Accountancy students in your program can provide high talent at a lower cost to your university

11 11 Creative Financing at Iowa State University Two former athlete are on graduate assistantships with the athletic department One graduate assistantship given to me as chair Three graduate assistantships are funded by MBA funds One graduate assistantship is through the VP of Financing working with the Hockey Club Two other students are financed by Development/Scholarship funds from accounting

12 12 Examples at Bowling Green State University Office of the Internal Auditor Office of Campus Involvement (Responsible for Student Organizations) Treasurers Office Foundation Office United Way Campaign recordkeeping Student Advising in the College of Business Administration office Other university offices

13 13 Develop Grant Funded Internships Universities typically provide matching funds to grants from outside organizations Utilize this model to create funding for accounting students CPA Firms Local businesses Corporation Accommodations may be required in course offerings

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